AboutShri Hari Ashram

is a registered religious public trust, formed on 12th June, 1978. It is a nonprofit organization with the fundamental aspirations to attain and indoctrinate the religious codes and values in everyone life so as to take a step forward in the course of reveleation of divinity in one’s persona in the lap of Almighty.

The principle of a harmonious co-existence termed in Hindu philosophy as "Vasudhaiv Kutambakam " is akin to "Love thy neighbour as thyself" - as advocated in the holdy book The Bible. This revelation is articulated as "Suhradbhav" (Universal Brotherhood and fraternity) in Swaminarayan philosophy.

Swaminarayan Faith epitomizes "Service unto Mankind and Devotion unto God " as the means of attaining the ultimate liberation, with no discrimination of caste, color, creed or sect that accentuates the universal appeal of this Faith.


our missionDivine Vision For Missionary Aspirationss

To promote the maxim of ‘Harmony-Brotherhood-Unity’ by inspiring noble ideals in the community to raise it from its material existence to a spiritual experience.

To generate morality in society, especially in the youths - where individuals are free of addictions, abstain themselves from non-vegetarian food, and vices like gambling, stealing and adultery.

To create a harmonious community - where individual and communal differences are transcended and people work together with mutual understanding, acceptance and co-operation towards a common goal; where thousands of families dedicated to “Satsang”(the holy fellowship) and devotional service to God, realize the spiritual experience of “Atmiyata” - spiritual harmony (transcending the emotions of stubbornness, ego and envy).

To indoctrinate and uphold Indian culture and Hinduism in the hearts of the people in India and abroad through festivals, exhibitions, conventions and spiritual congregation.##

The Enlightened Souls (Sadhus)To Enlighten The Humanity

The domicile of humanity is at such a critical catastrophe where the survival of earth is at stake and intact human existence needs concord. The enmity of immorality, brutality, and natural or manmade calamities have seized the human race in their vicious grip that it cannot escape the hideous fortune over hanging with an undreamt apprehension and ambiguity. Furthermore, to be saved from total moral annihilation, we necessitate the God ordained saint’s blessings hence 137 ascetic ‘Sadhus’ (Saints) and 120 ‘Sahishnu’ (Brahmchari) are ordained by H.H. Hariprasad Swamiji who incessanty yearns for goodness of humankind. Tthey are the staunch followers of the precepts of saintliness as laid down by Lord Swaminarayan. Their Spiritual goal is to attain union with Brahman and forge a devotional relationship with Parabrahman – the Supreme Godhead by austerely observing the vows of the renunciation of women, wealth, name and fame. ‘Sadhus’ perform all the institutional chores themselves. The devotional and spiritual life of these ‘Sadhus’ spreads the fragrance of their Master’s divinity.vv