Mostly all prominent festivals are celebrated in the temple and other centre to cultivate the religious sanskars in the society; few of them are briefly hereby described.


The bright half of the ninth day of the month chaitra is the day on which Lord Ram and Lord Swaminarayan incarnated on earth.

  • Lord Ram incarnated for the upliftment of society and to show how one has to perform his prescribed role ideally in the society.
  • The divine purpose of Lord Swaminarayan’s incarnation is the upliftment of the masses from their illiteracy and superstitions and made them aware of the pure form of devotion and righteous conduct as the essence of ‘Bhagvat Dharma’.
  • The day of Ramnavmi is also the day of image-installation ceremony of the temple at Haridham, Sokhada(Gujarat). In 1981 on the same day images were installed by P.P. Hariprasadswamiji. This day has a paramount significance for SHRI HARI ASHRAM.


કવિ કાલિદાસે લખ્યું છે, ‘ઉત્સવપ્રિય:ખલુ માનવા:’ માણસો ઉત્સવપ્રિય હોય છે. ઉત્સવો આર્ય સંસ્કૃતિનું આગવું લક્ષણ છે. પ્રતિવર્ષ અષાઢ-શ્રાવણ માસની વરસાદી મૌસમમાં હિંડોળાનો ઉત્સવ ઉજવાય છે. અષાઢ વદ બીજ સુધી મંદિરોમાં સંતો - મુકતો કલાયુક્ત હિંડોળા બનાવે છે. ઠાકોરજીને હિંડોળામાં પધરાવી સાયંકાળે આરતી બાદ હિંડોળાનાં પદો ભક્તિભાવપૂર્વક ઝીલે છે અને ઝુલાવે છે. ચાર્તુમાસમાં ભગવાનના હિંડોળાનો ખૂબ જ મહિમા છે. મંદિરોમાં ભગવાનને લાડ લડાવવા વિવિધ હિંડોળા શણગાર કરવામાં આવે છે. ભક્તોને હેતથી ઝૂલવાનો અવસર એટલે હિંડોળા.

વડતાલ ગામમાં નિષ્કુળાનંદસ્વામીએ બાર બારણાંનો સુંદર હિંડોળો બનાવ્યો હતો જેમાં બારેબાર દ્વારમાં બાર સ્વરૂપો ધારણ કરી શ્રીજીમહારાજે ઝૂલીને સંતોની ભક્તિને હૃદયથી સ્વીકારી હતી


Kartik Sud Padvo. The first day of the Hindu New Year.

On this day rich and varied delicious, made from the freshly reaped crap of the New Harvest are offered tothe Lord, in the form of a decorative Annakoot. This symbolises our gratitude to God for providing us with the basic necessities required to sustain Life.

In HaridhamMandir very Large Annakoot of nearly 1500 items display is been arranged before every murti. Annakoot is the display of wide variety of foods in an attractive and artistic way. Over different varieties of food are decoratively arranged across feet wide. Sadhus, Sadhvis and dedicated devotees make these dishes early morning in Mandir. Very large no. of about 30,000 devotees every year come to participate celebration and for darshan of Annakoot and Prasad.

Prasad Vitran :- 
These prasad is then packed in small boxes and small plastic bags in about lacs of nos. This prasad is then distributed to satsangis and may related people of cities and villages by the saints. It takes 10 to 15 days to cover all the areas.


Gurupurnima is the pillar of Hindu Dharma, Its culture and civilization survived so gloriously through thousands of years. It is because of great saints and sages who have continuously blessed the land. They have protected the Hindu Values, evolved them and planted them into the heart of every new generation making Hindu Dharma a living religion as relevant today as it was a millennium ago. In Haridham; in divine presence of P.P. Swamiji, all saints and devotees perform Gurupujan with bhakti in their heart. Nearly 25,000 people visit the temple for darshan and blessing of H. H. HariprasadSwamiji.


Hindus through out the world celebrate Diwali. It is a time for rejoining & giving. But more important it is a time to awaken and reinforce our spiritual mission.

The Diwali period is celebrated by a series of festival days each with its own special significance and each providing an opportunity to introspect and progress spiritually.


Lord Swaminarayan mentions that Lord incarnates on earth, He does so with his abode Akshardham, released souls and divine powers. During his life revealed that Gunatitanand Swami was his abode. His choicest and ideal devotee.This day has its significance for devotees of Swaminarayan faith as Gunatitanand swami was born.On the Asosudpoonam in the year VikramSamvat 1841 abode of Lord Swaminarayanincarnets himself in the form of GunatitanandSwamiji.

The day of SharadPurnima has its significance in the life of HaridhamSadhakas because it was on this day P.P.YogijiMaharaj gave BhagwatiDiksha to his most ideal devotee and his eternal abode P.P.HariprasadSwamiji.

On this auspicious day nearly 20,000 devotees get darshan, blessing and prasad every year. The day was celebrated at night. P.P.Swamiji, Saints and devotees offered Arti five times to Lord and Gunatitanand Swami. Thus they pay their homage for Gunatitanandswami