ActivityMoral & Spirituals

Morality and spirituality in an individual and in the community can be nurtured and sustained only with the guidance and blessings of the Brahmaswaroop (divine) Saint H.H. HariprasadSwamiji as the inspiring and guiding force behind all its activities and projects. Shri Hari Ashram have been organizing weekly assemblies in all its centers for devotees, youths, and for children as well.

The youths dwell in the heart of H.D.H. Hariprasadswamiji whose chief concern is to protect them against the Kaliyug - the era of immorality, evils and sins. Swamiji is concerned rather more about the youths than their own parents. He firmly believes that if this young generation is saved, Gujarat will be saved; and if Gujarat is saved, India will be saved. Even those children, whose behaviour disappoints their own parents, come in association with Swamiji and begin to live a righteous, noble life.

Moral & SpiritualsWeekly Assemblies

There are more than 1000 satsang centers in India engaged in the cultural and spiritual upliftment of the society, in general and peoples in particular. This is the vibrant people with devotion for the Lord and the Master, striving to sublimate his senses, and thereby his soul, towards spirituality. These peoples have also gained a deeper perspective on the essential need for faith, social values and spirituality in life.They live lives dedicated to piety and social service. SHRI HARI ASHRAM advocates the concept of “Atmiyata” (spiritual harmony) through the efforts and dedication of the spiritual leaders, who help provide moral understanding and respect of one another within a family and society as well. More than 55000 assemblies in a year.

Moral & SpiritualsVolunteer's Seminar

For the upliftment and all-sided development of people trust have set up Volunteer’s programme and activities in order to enable people to develop themselves intellectually, socially, economically and spiritually; in order to keep them aware of the Hindu Culture, various activities are organized for the social service, service to humanity and the public welfare.

Moral & Spiritualsmeditation puja

H.H. HariprasadSwamiji personally counsels and guides devotees and youths seeking solutions to their physical, emotional, social as well as spiritual problems. His compassionate care and loving guidance have inspired more than 25,000 youths to perform “Puja” and meditation daily.