Divine Vision For Missionary Aspirations

To promote the maxim of ‘Harmony-Brotherhood-Unity’ by inspiring noble ideals in the community to raise it from its material existence to a spiritual experience.

To generate morality in society, especially in the youths - where individuals are free of addictions, abstain themselves from non-vegetarian food, and vices like gambling, stealing and adultery.

To create a harmonious community - where individual and communal differences are transcended and people work together with mutual understanding, acceptance and co-operation towards a common goal; where thousands of families dedicated to “Satsang”(the holy fellowship) and devotional service to God, realize the spiritual experience of “Atmiyata” - spiritual harmony (transcending the emotions of stubbornness, ego and envy).

To indoctrinate and uphold Indian culture and Hinduism in the hearts of the people in India and abroad through festivals, exhibitions, conventions and spiritual congregation.