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On Date: 12 July 2014
Activity: Festival

The auspicious occasion of Gurupurnima was celebrated at Haridham in the divine presence of P.P.Swamiji and in the presence of elderly saint leaders and the regional saints in the morning between 9.00 a.m. & 12.30 noon on Saturday, the 12th July 2014 in which, Royal dignitaries from Vadodara Gaekwad family Shri Samarjitsinh and Shri Ajaysinh along with about 25000 other devotees participated and were fortunate to get an opportunity of attending Sabha and worship and take the Mahaprasad.

sp. 12-07-2014, ir“hpf“p fp¡S> khpf¡ 9-00 ’u 12-30 v$fçep“ lqf^pd d„qv$f¡ Nyfylqf ‘.‘|. õhpduîu“p qv$ìe kp„r“Ýedp„ hX$ug k„shep¡®“u r“îpdp„ s’p âpv$¡riL$ k„sp¡“u D‘[õ’rsdp„ Nyfy‘|rZ®dp“p¡ d„NgL$pfu ‘h® c[¼scph’u DS>hpep¡¡. hX$p¡v$fp“p NpeL$hpX$ ‘qfhpf“p fpS>hu “f¡i îu kdfrS>stkl, AS>etkl s’p 25000 S>¡V$gp c¼sp¡A¡ DÐkh“u kcp“p¡, ‘|S>““p¡ “¡ dlpâkpv$“p¡ gpc gC ^Þe bÞep.


On Date: 20 July 2014
Activity: Festival

During the month long festival of Hindola celebrated this year between 14-7-2014 (Asadh Vad Beej) and 12-8-2014 (Shravan Vad Beej) at holy pilgrim place Haridham, Sokhada, Vadodara, all the visitors coming for sight (Darshan) are very much impressed and attracted by the “Hindola”, a swing, made/created with the help of Thermocol and the beautiful different flowers and an another “Hindola” representing monogram of Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav and made from shining tablets. While taking darshan (a sight) of which, every visitor-devotee forgets himself simply by looking at it and enjoys celebrating Hindola festival by presenting his prayer before the lord.

su’®n¡Ó lqf^pd-kp¡MX$p Mps¡ sp.14-07-2014 (AjpY$ hv$ buS>) ’u 12-08-2014 (îphZ hv$ buS>) v$fçep“ DS>hpC fl¡g tlX$p¡mpÐkhdp„ ’dp£L$p¡g A“¡ kyip¡rcs aºgp¡“p¡ D‘ep¡N L$fu "v$fbpfu tlX$p¡mp¡¡' A“¡ ApÐdue eyhp dlp¡Ðkh“p dp¡“p¡N°pd’u kyip¡rcs "V$ugX$u'“p¡ tlX$p¡mp¡ c[¼scph’u s¥epf L$ep£ R>¡. kh£ v$i®“p’} c¼sp¡ tlX$p¡mp“p v$i®“ L$fu c[¼sdp„ ge ’C S>C v$i®“-âp’®“p L$fu“¡ tlX$p¡mp DÐkh“¡ d“ph¡ R>¡.

On Date: 10 August 2014
Activity: Festival

frhhpf, sp. 10-08-2014, îphZ kyv$ ‘|rZ®dp "fnpb„^“'“p ‘rhÓ qv$hk¡ su’®õ’p“ lqf^pd-kp¡MX$p Mps¡ hl¡gu khpf’u “ÆL$“p rhõspf“p 6000 ’u h^y c¼sp¡ ‘^pep® lsp. klº c¼sp¡A¡ îu W$pL$p¡fÆ s’p k„sp¡“p v$i®“ L$fu ‘|. ip”uõhpdu s’p AÞe hX$ug k„sp¡ ‘pk¡ fpMX$u b„^phu, Apiuhp®v$ gu^p. klº c¼sp¡ dlpâkpv$ gC N„sìe õ’p“¡ ‘^pep®.



On Date: 17 August 2014
Activity: Festival

sp.17-08-2014“p fp¡S> lqf^pd, kp¡MX$p Mps¡ hX$ug k„she® ‘|.L©$óZQfZõhpdu, ‘|. ÐepNh‰cõhpdu, ‘|. k„sh‰cõhpdu hN¡f¡ hX$ug k„sp¡“p kp„r“Ýedp„ S>Þdpô$du“p¡ DÐkh Myb c[¼scph’u DS>hpep¡, S>¡dp„ 1000 S>¡V$gp c¼sp¡A¡ D‘[õ’s flu L$us®“c[¼s A“¡ îuL©$óZ âpNV$ép¡Ðkh“u DS>hZu“p¡ gpc gu^p¡.


On Date: 05 September 2014
Activity: Festival

iy¾$hpf, sp. 05-09-2014 S>mTugZu A¡L$pv$iu“p iyc d„NgL$pfu qv$hk¡ lqf^pd su’®n¡Ó“u ‘ph“ c|rd ‘f kp„S>¡ ‘:00 ’u 7:30 v$fçep“ S>mTugZu“p¡ DÐkh lqf^pd ‘qfhpf s’p hX$p¡v$fp A“¡ Apk‘pk“p Apif¡ 1000 S>¡V$gp lqfcL$sp¡A¡ c¡Np dmu ^pd^|d’u d“pìep¡. Ap Ahkf¡ îu W$pL$p¡fÆ“u Qgd|rs® s’p õhpduîu“u d|rs®“¡ lp’u“u A„bpX$u“p f’ (agp¡V)$ ‘f rbfpS>dp“ L$fu kdN° d„qv$f“p ‘qfkfdp„ ip¡cpepÓp bpv$ ‘|S>“-AQ®“ L$fu “p¥L$prhlpf L$fphhpdp„ Apìep¡.


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On Date: 07 October 2014
Activity: Festival

sp.07-09-2014“p fp¡S> fpÓ¡ 9 ’u 12 v$fçep“ lqf^pddp„ A„bfuj lp¡gdp„ Nyfylqf ‘.‘|. õhpduÆ“p kp„r“Ýedp„ ifv$‘|“d“p„ cìe DÐkh“u DS>hZu kp¥ c¼sp¡A¡ c¡Np dmu L$fu. Ap DÐkh“p¡ gpc g¡hp Adv$phpv$, dy„bC, kyfs, hX$p¡v$fp A“¡ ApSy>bpSy>“p N°pçe rhõspfdp„’u Apif¡ 10 lÅf S>¡V$gp dy¼sp¡ ‘^pep® lsp.


On Date: 06 May 2014

A Lovely village, Budia, is situated at the border of Surat, of Shrihari Pradesh and on seashore and is a very delightful place where in Ramjivadi a satsang sabha was arranged on Tuesday, the 6th May 2014 between 7 & 10 p.m. to celebrate a twin occasion, the marriage anniversary of P.Arvindbhai and the 81st birth anniversary of P.P.Swamiji, which was attended by nearly 10,000 Bhaktas from Shrihari Pradesh, Dharmabhakti Pradesh and Suharad Pradesh.

sp. 06/05/2014, d„Nmhpf, kp„S>¡ 7:00 ’u 10:00 v$fçep“ "byX$uep' Npddp„ Aph¡gu "fpdÆhpX$u'“p rhipm âp„NZdp„ kÐk„N kcp“y„ Apep¡S>“ ’ey„, S>¡“p¡ gpc g¡hp îulqfâv$¡i, ^d®c[¼sâv$¡i A“¡ ky“©sâv$¡i“p Apif¡ 12000 S>¡V$gp c¼sp¡ ‘^pep®.

On Date: 13 July 2014
Activity: Festival

frhhpf, sp. 13-07-2014“p fp¡S> khpf¡ 10 ’u 1 v$fçep“ dfp¡gu Npd“u L$p¡mu ‘V$¡g kdpS>“u hpX$u“p rhipm ‘fukfdp„ lqf^pd su’®n¡Ó’u ‘^pf¡g k„she® ‘|. kybp¡^Æh“õhpdu, ‘|. klS>Æh“õhpdu s’p kÐk„N“p hX$ugp¡“u D‘[õ’rsdp„ cpfsue tlv$y k„õL©$rs“p¡ d„Ngde qv$hk Nyfy‘|rZ®dp“p DÐkh“u DS>hZu L$fhpdp„ Aphu. ky“©sâv$¡i“p 2100 S>¡V$gp c¼sp¡A¡ ‘^pfu Nyfyh„v$“p L$fu.



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