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On Date: 10 August 2019
Activity: Cultural Care

Atmiya Snehi Sonia Sidhuji (Sonia Sidhu MP) have recognized and appreciated The Vision of HH Hariprasadswamiji Yogi Divine Society, Haridham-Sokhada for Youth Empowerment wherein women also feel blessed by actively participating in such spiritual activities.


On Date: 25 March 2018
Activity: Festival

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On Date: 02 November 2016
Activity: Festival

The only satsangi youth Nisarg Bhatt staying in Yellowness City in Canada had himself prepared a variety of 31 different food items and offered to Shree Thakorjee and Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji on Wednesday, the 2nd November 2016 in Annakut on account of New Year to exhibit his devotion.

by^hpf, sp.02-11-2016“p fp¡S> L¡$“¡X$p“u ^fsu ‘f Aph¡g egp¡“¡i kuV$udp„ fl¡sp A¡L$dpÓ kÐk„Nu qv$L$fp r“kN® cË¡$ îu W$pL$p¡fÆ s’p Nyfylqf ‘.‘|.lqfâkpv$õhpduÆ“¡ “|s“ hj®“¡ A“ygnu“¡ 31 hp“NuAp¡“p¡ AÞ“L|$V$ ^fphu“¡ c[¼s Av$p L$fu lsu.

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