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Atmiya Raas Utsav 2015 @ Yogidham, Rajkot
On Date: 08 October 2015
Activity: Cultural Care

The Indian culture is full of a variety of religious and local public festivals bringing the people close and developing love, affection and closeness among them. Navratri (a festival celebrated at nights for nine days) is one of them which glorifies and increases the values and importance of empowerment of women. On this occasion, around 300 sisters from Nirgun Pradesh, Rajkot had, in the presence of saint sisters P. Subodhben and P. Stavanben from Bhaktiasharam, Haridham, Sokhada celebrated this festival of Navratri with full of joy and fervour between 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the evening on 8th Oct 2015 in the open ground of Yogidham Gurukul.

cpfsue k„õL©$rs sl¡hpfp¡“u k„õL©$rs R>¡. s¡dp„e¡ “hfpÓu“p¡ sl¡hpf ApÛi[¼s“u D‘pk“p“y„ ‘h® R>¡, S>¡ õÓu ki[¼sL$fZ“p¡ drldp âNV$ L$f¡ R>¡. Ap Ahkf¡ fpS>L$p¡V$ Mps¡ r“Ny®Z âv$¡i“p Apif¡ 300 bl¡“p¡A¡ c¡Np dmu sp.08-10-2015“p fp¡S> kp„S>¡ 5:30 ’u 8:30 v$fçep“ k„sbl¡“p¡ ‘|.kybp¡^b¡“ s’p ‘|.õsh“b¡““u r“îpdp„ ep¡Nu^pd NyfyLy$g“p ‘V$p„NZdp„ “hfpÓu ‘h®“u cphkcf DS>hZu L$fu lsu.

On Date: 27 August 2015
Activity: Festival

The festival of Rakshabandhan was celebrated for ladies/sisters of Rajkot between 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm in evening on Thursday, the 27th Aug 2014 at Yogidham, Rajkot in the presence of P. Subodhben, P. Stavanben, and P. Samyakben in which, around 250 ladies/sisters of the area had participated.

Nyfyhpf, sp. 27-08-2014 “p fp¡S> kp„S>¡ 6:00 ’u 7:30 v$fçep“ ‘|. kybp¡^b¡“, ‘|. õsh“b¡“ s’p ‘|. kçeL$b¡““u r“îpdp„ fpS>L$p¡V$ Mps¡ ep¡Nu^pd dyL$pd¡ bl¡“p¡ dpV¡$ fnpb„^““p¡ DÐkh DS>hhpdp„ Apìep¡. S>¡“p¡ Apif¡ 250 S>¡V$gp bl¡“p¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡.

Samooh MahaPooja 2015 @ Yogidham, Rajkot
On Date: 19 August 2015
Activity: Cultural Care

A group mahapooja, on account of holy Shravan month, was arranged in Step Auditorium, Yogidham, Rajkot on Wednesday, the 19th August 2015 in the presence of regional saint of Nirgun Pradesh P. Sarvatitswami putting a prayer at the lotus feet of Shree Thakorjee for the development of right culture in the youths, for gradual and constant increase of devotion towards God, Guru and the nation without being carried away by the flow/effects of prevailing Kaliyug and so that, all in the Rajkot Mandal be totally happy with always increasing Atmiyata among them all.

‘rhÓ îphZ dpk r“rdÑ¡ by^hpf, sp. 19-08-2015 “p fp¡S> fpÓ¡¡ 9:00 ’u 10:30 v$fçep“ õV¡‘ Ap¸X$uV$p¡fued, ep¡Nu^pd, fpS>L$p¡V$ Mps¡ fpS>L$p¡V$“p Apif¡ 1000 S>¡V$gp eyhL$p¡A¡ kd|l dlp‘|Å“p¡¡ gpc gu^p¡ lsp¡. eyhp“p¡dp„ k„õL$pfp¡“y„ tkQ“ ’pe, L$mueyN“p âhpldp„ sZpep rkhpe âcyc[¼s, Nyfyc[¼s A“¡ fpô²$c[¼s“p¡ DÑfp¡Ñf rhL$pk ’pe s’p fpS>L$p¡V$ d„X$mdp„ ApÐduesp DÑfp¡Ñf rhL$ksu fl¡ s’p kp¥ khp¯Nu fus¡ kyMuep ’pe s¡hu âp’®“p kl r“Ny®Z âv$¡i“p âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. khp®susõhpdu“u r“îpdp„ kd|l dlp‘|Å“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„.

Dwarka Darshan - Rajkot 2015
On Date: 09 August 2015
Activity: Cultural Care

Under the guidance and leadership of the regional saint leader P. Sarvatitswami, around 150 devotees from Rajkot had made a holy trip (yatra) to the holy place of Dwarka during 8th & 9th Aug 2015 and, in addition to this, the devotees had also visited a few more places of Jamnagar regarded as a mini Kashi. They all had, simultaneously, enjoyed on the banks of the sea-shore of Dwarka.

sp. 8 A“¡ 9, Ap¡NõV$-2015 v$fçep“ fpS>L$p¡V$“p Apif¡ 150 S>¡V$gp lrfcL$sp¡ âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. khp®susõhpdu“u ApN¡hp“udp„ su’®õ’p“ ÜpfL$p“u epÓpA¡ Nep lsp„. ÜpfL$p D‘fp„s Ap cL$sp¡A¡ R>p¡V$uL$piu NZpsp Åd“Nf“p rhrh^ õ’mp¡“u ‘Z dygpL$ps gu^u lsu. su’®epÓp“u kp’¡¡ kp’¡ klºA¡ ÜpfL$p“p v$rfep qL$“pf¡ âL©$rs“p k’hpf¡ Ap“„v$ dpÎep¡ lsp¡.

On Date: 31 July 2015
Activity: Festival

The festival of Gurupoornima was celebrated with fervor devotion at Yogidham Gurukul, Rajkot on Friday, the 31st July 2015 in the evening between 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm in the presence of regional saint leaders P. Sarvatitswami, P. Gungrahakswami and the regional elderly devotees where, around 5500 devotees from Rajkot and the surrounding villages were present to take advantage of the Sabha, Pujan and the Mahaprasad.

iy¾$hpf, sp. 31-07-2015 “p fp¡S> kp„S>¡ 5:30 ’u 9:30 v$fçep“ ep¡Nu^pd NyfyLy$g - fpS>L$p¡V$ Mps¡ âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|.khp®susõhpdu, ‘|.NyZN°plL$õhpdu s’p âv$¡i“p hX$ug lrfcL$sp¡“u D‘[õ’rsdp„ Nyfy‘|rZ®dp ‘h®“u c[¼scph’u DS>hZu L$fhpdp„ Aphu lsu. Ap Ahkf¡ fpS>L$p¡V$> s’p Apk‘pk“p Npdp¡“p Apif¡ 5500 S>¡V$gp c¼sp¡A¡ D‘[õ’s flu kcp-‘|S>“-âkpv$“p¡ gpc gu^p¡ lsp¡.

GuruPoornima Celebration @ Rajkot
On Date: 27 July 2015
Activity: Festival

The sisters/ladies of Nirgun Pradesh celebrated the festival of Gurupoornima with the great spirit of devotion on Monday, the 27th July 2015 between evening 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm in Yogidham Gurukul, Rajkot in the presence of P. Saurabhben, P. Subodhben, P. Snehalben P. Stavanben who all came from Bhakti Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada and the elderly sisters of the local region. Around 300 sisters participated in the celebration and took advantage of the said program with worships and Prasad (sacred food).

kp¡dhpf, sp. 27-07-2015 “p fp¡S> kp„S>¡ 4:00 ’u 6:30 v$fçep“ ep¡Nu^pd NyfyLy$g - fpS>L$p¡V$ Mps¡ Nyfy‘|rZ®dp ‘h®“u DS>hZu c[¼s Apîd, lrf^pd’u ‘^pf¡gp k„sbl¡“p¡ ‘|. kp¥fcb¡“, ‘|. kybp¡^b¡“, ‘|. õ“¡lgb¡“ , ‘|. õsh“b¡“ s’p âv$¡i“p hX$ug bl¡“p¡“u D‘[õ’rsdp„ c[¼scph’u L$fhpdp„ Aphu lsu. Ap Ahkf¡ fpS>L$p¡V$> s’p Apk‘pk“p Npdp¡“p Apif¡ 300 S>¡V$gp bl¡“$p¡A¡ D‘[õ’s flu kcp-‘|S>“-âkpv$“p¡ gpc gu^p¡ lsp¡.

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