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On Date: 03 August 2014
Activity: Cultural Care

At the place of Naroda Mandal (Ahmedabad), on 100 pujas placed separately, around 250 devotees got an opportunity to participate in collective Samuh Mahapuja between 4 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, the 3rd, Aug 2014 in the presence and under the guidance of local saint leader P.Brahmavihariswami and elderly devotees.

sp.03-08-2014 “¡ frhhpf“p fp¡S> “fp¡X$p d„X$m“p Ap„NZ¡ ‘°pv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. b°ûrhlpfuõhpdu A“¡ hqX$g lqfcL$sp¡“p dpN®v$i®“ l¡W$m d„X$m“p dyL$sp¡A¡ kpdyrlL$ fus¡ îu W$pL$p¡fÆ“u dlp‘|Å L$fu ApÐduesp“y„ ky„v$f v$i®“ L$fpìey„. AgN AgN 98 õ’p‘“ ‘f îu W$pL$p¡fÆ“u ‘|Årh^u“p¡ Apif¡ 250 S>¡V$gp cL$sp¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡.

On Date: 21 August 2015
Activity: Festival

The festival of Rakshabandhan was celebrated in afternoon between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Leuva Patel Wadi, Naroda in Ahmedabad on Friday, the 21st Aug 2015 in the presence of P. Sagarben, P. Shahidben, P. Sahyogben, and P. Sharanyaben in which, around 150 sisters of Suhrad Pradesh had participated.

iy¾$hpf, sp. 21-08-2014 “p fp¡S> b‘p¡f¡ 3:00 ’u 5:00 v$fçep“ ‘|. kpNfb¡“, ‘|. irlv$b¡“, ‘|. klep¡Nb¡“ s’p ‘|. ifÎe$b¡““u r“îpdp„ Adv$phpv$$ Mps¡ g¡DAp ‘V¡$g hpX$u, “fp¡X$p dyL$pd¡¡ fnpb„^““p DÐkh“u DS>hZu L$fhpdp„ Aphu. S>¡“p¡ kyùv$ âv$¡i“p Apif¡ 150 S>¡V$gp bl¡“p¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡ lsp¡.

On Date: 06 August 2015
Activity: Cultural Care

A program of samuh mahapuja was organized, as per the instruction from the regional saint leader P. Brahmavihariswami between 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursday, the 6th Aug 2015 at 32, Navkar Bunglow, Kudasan in Ganghinagar Division of Suharad Pradesh in the presence of P. Viraljivanswami and P. Sadhupriyaswami, so that the spirit of atmiyata is developed and increased in the local mandals and as a result of which, all the devotees become totally happy by all means. 150 devotees, ladies and gents, had participated in this Mahapuja.

Nyfyhpf, sp. 06-08-2015 “p fp¡S> 32, “hL$pf b„Ngp¡, Ly$X$pkZ dyL$pd¡ kp„S>¡ 6:30 ’u 8:30 v$fçep“ âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. b°ûrhlpfuõhpdu“u Apop’u kyùv$$ âv$¡i“p Np„^u“Nf rhcpNdp„ k„she® ‘|. rhfgÆh“õhpdu s’p ‘|. kp^yrâeõhpdu“u r“îpdp„ d„X$mdp„ ApÐduesp“u cph“p âNV¡$ s’p kp¥ cL$sp¡ khp¯Nu fus¡ kyMuep ’pe s¡hu âp’®“p kl, kdyl dlp‘|Å“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„ lsy„. Ap kdyl dlp‘|Å“p¡ 150 S>¡V$gp cpBAp¡-bl¡“p¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡ lsp¡.

P. Brahmvihariswami
On Date: 01 August 2014

sp.1-08-2014“p fp¡S> ‘rhÓ îphZdpk r“rdÑ¡ kyùv$ ‘°v$¡i-Adv$phpv$dp„ “fp¡X$p Mps¡ îu g¡DAp ‘V¡$g kdpS>“u hpX$udp„ 9 qv$hkue "v$pkp“yv$pk¬ ‘pfpeZ'“p ‘p„Qdp qv$hk¡ ‘°pv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|.b°ûrhlpfuõhpduA¡ gpc Apàep¡. S>¡dp„ 700’u h^pf¡ cL$sp¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡.


On Date: 02 August 2014

sp. 2-08-2014“p fp¡S> ‘rhÓ îphZdpk r“rds¡ kyùv$ ‘°v$¡i-Adv$phpv$dp„ “fp¡X$p Mps¡ îu g¡DAp ‘V¡$g kdpS>“u hpX$udp„ 9 qv$hkue "v$pkp“yv$pk­ ‘pfpeZ'“p R>Ì$p qv$hk¡ k“ps“ âv$¡i A“¡ ‘yfyjp¡Ñd âv$¡i“p kq¾$e L$pe®L$sp® s¡dS> kdN° eyhpkdpS>“p Apv$i® L$pe®L$sp® ‘.c. rdrgÞv$cpB (kfcpZ) gpc Ap‘hp dpV¡$ ‘^pep® lsp. “fp¡X$p rhcpN“p 700 ’u h^pf¡ cL$sp¡ gpc g¡hp ‘^pep® lsp.


P. Brahmvihariswami
On Date: 03 August 2014

sp. 3-08-2014“p fp¡S> ‘rhÓ îphZdpk r“rdÑ¡ kyùv$ ‘°v$¡i-Adv$phpv$dp„ “fp¡X$p Mps¡ îu g¡DAp ‘V¡$g kdpS>“u hpX$udp„ 9 qv$hkue "v$pkp“yv$pk­ ‘pfpeZ'“p kpsdp qv$hk¡ ‘°pv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. b°ûrhlpfu õhpduA¡ 'FRIENDSHIP DAY' “¡ A“ygnu“¡ kpQu rdÓsp L$p¡“¡ L$l¡hpe s¡ rhje ‘f d““ue ‘°hQ“ L$fu kp¥“¡ ky„v$f gpc Apàep¡. d„X$m“p eyhL$p¡A¡ a¼s A¡L$ S> L$gpL$dp„ d„Q ‘f "r“gL„$W$hZ}“u s‘òep®' s’p "NY$X$p“p¡ v$pv$p MpQf“p¡ v$fbpfNY$' A¡d b¡ Ö°íep¡“¡ Æh„s L$fu ky„v$f k¡hp-c[¼s“y„ v$i®“ L$fpìey„„. ApS>¡ “fp¡X$p rhcpN“p 750 ’u h^pf¡ cL$sp¡A¡ gpc gu^p¡.



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