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On Date: 08 November 2013
Activity: Festival

sp.08/11/2013“p fp¡S> Ly$h¥s“u ^fsu ‘f kp„S>¡ 5 ’u 9:30 v$fçep“ Abylguap lp¸gdp„ AßL|$V$p¡Ðkh“u ES>hZu L$fhpdp„ Aphu. 225 S>¡V$gp c¼sp¡A¡ c¡Np dmu“¡ îuW$pL$p¡fÆ kdn 180’u h^pf¡ hp“NuAp¡ ^fphu.

On Date: 03 October 2013

sp.03/10/2013“p fp¡S> Aby Mguap-1dp„, k„she® ‘|.b°ûrhlpfuõhpdu, ‘|. k“ps“õhpdu, krlóÏ k¡hL$ Aip¡L$cpC (k¡¾¡$V$fu) “¡ âsuL$cpC v$¡kpC“u D‘[õ’rsdp„ 300 S>¡V$gp dy¼sp¡“u kÐk„Nkcp“y„ Apep¡S>“ ’e„y.

01 DSC00036
On Date: 30 August 2013
Activity: Festival

iy¾$hpf, sp. 30-8-2013“p fp¡S> ipfÅl“u lp¡V$g õ‘pCkug¡ÞX$“p kyip¡rcs lp¸gdp„ k„she® ‘|. v$pkõhpdu, ‘|. op“õhê$‘õhpdu, ‘|. fdZL$pL$p s¡dS> vy$bC-ipfÅl“p 350 S>¡V$gp c¼sp¡“u D‘[õ’rsdp„ S>Þdpô$du“p¡ DÐkh khpf¡ 10:00 ’u 12:30 v$fçep“ c[¼scphkcf hpsphfZdp„ ES>hpep¡.


01 DSC04666
On Date: 27 July 2013
Activity: Festival

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