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On Date: 22 July 2016
Activity: Gurupoornima

The festival of Gurupurnima has been very highly glorified in Indian Culture and, wherever the Indians are staying, they celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm as a part of their culture. A program of celebrating one such Gurupurnima Festival in the presence of saint leaders P. Prabodhswami and P. Suhradswami and the mandal’s head P.B. Ramankaka was organized in Sindhi Ceremony Hall in Dubai between 5.00 Pm & 8.00 pm in the evening on Friday, the 22nd July 2016 in which, around 180 devotees from Dubai, Sarjah, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Ajaman, Al-Ain Am and U.A.E. had participated.

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On Date: 11 July 2014
Activity: Festival

The festival of Gurupurnima was celebrated by around 50 devotees at the residence of P.B.Gopalbhai Thakkar in Solameeya, opp. Thakkar Restaurant in Kuwait on Friday, the 11th, July 2014 in the divine presence of Guruhari P.P.Swamishree.

sp. 11-07-2014, iyy¾$hpf“p fp¡S> Ly$h¥s Mps¡ kpgduepdp„ W$½$f f¡õV$p¡fÞV$“u kpd¡ ‘.c. Np¡‘pgcpB W$½$f“p Of¡ Nyfylqf õhpduîu“p qv$ìe kp„r“Ýedp„ Apif¡ 50 S>¡V$gp cL$sp¡“u D‘qõ’rsdp„ Nyfy‘|rZ®dp - Nyfyh„v$“p“p¡ L$pe®L$°d Dëgpkc¡f DS>hpep¡.

On Date: 11 July 2014
Activity: Festival

The function of the celebration of the “Gurupurnima Festival” was arranged between 4 p.m. & 7p.m. in Dubai at the residence of P.B.Sanmukhbhai on Friday, the 11th, July 2014 in which about 150 muktas-devotees from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah etc. places remained present to participate and take benefit of Satsang.

sp. 11-07-2014, iy¾$hpf“p fp¡S> kp„S>¡ 4 ’u 7 v$fçep“ v$ybC ‘.c. kÞdyMcpC“p Of¡ Nyfy‘|rZ®dp DÐkh kcp“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$fhpdp„ Apìey„„. s¡dp„ Aby^pbu, vy$bC, ipfÅl hN¡f¡ õ’mp¡A¡’u Apif¡ 150 S>¡V$gp dy¼sp¡ ‘^pep® A“¡ kÐk„Nkcp“p¡ gpc dpÎep¡.

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On Date: 27 July 2013
Activity: Festival

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