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Guruhari Suvarna Dixa Mahotsav - 2015 - Celebration @ Sharad Poonam 2015 @ Haridham-Sokhada
On Date: 26 October 2015

Very eagerly awaited since long, a divine day, the “Guruhari Suvarna Dixa Mahotsav” ultimately arrived and was celebrated in the actual/perceptible presence of Guruhari P.P. Swamishri Himself in the premises of Haridham, Sokhada, Vadodara on the greatly divine birthday of eternally original Aksharmurti Sadguruvarya Shri Gunatitanandswamiji on Sharadpoornima, the 26th October 2015 from 9.00 pm to 12.45 am in the night with hearts full of devotion and with discipline and which provided a life-long divine sweet memory! Nearly 30,000 devotees coming from entire Gujarat, Maharashtra, M.P, Punjab, Delhi, U.P., South India and from America, Canada, London, Australia, New Zealand attended the celebration and took the advantage of Darshans, Sermons and the Mahaprasad.

OZp kde’u S>¡“u âsunp lsu A¡hp¡ Nyfylrf kyhZ® rv$np dlp¡Ðkh, lrf^pd“p âp„NZdp„ Nyfylrf õhpduîu“p âÐen kp„r“Ýedp„ A“pqv$ d|m Anfd|rs® kv¹$Nyfyhe® NyZpsusp“„v$õhpdu“p dlpd„NgL$pfu âpNV$é‘h£ - ifv$‘|rZ®dp sp. 26 Ap¸¼V$p¡bf, 2015 “p iycfprÓA¡ 9 ’u 12.45 v$fçep“ c[¼skcf l¥e¡ cìesp’u “¡ riõsbÙ fus¡, rQf„Æh õd©rs âv$p“ L$fsp¡ ES>hpC Nep¡! kdN° NyS>fps, dlpfpô²$, dÝeâv$¡i, ‘„Åb, qv$ëlu ey.‘u., v$rnZ cpfs s’p Ad¡qfL$p, L¡$“¡X$p, g„X$“, Ap¸õV²¡$rgep, ÞeyTug¡ÞX$ A¡d v|$f v|$f’u ‘Z ‘^pf¡gp gNcN 30,000 dy¼sp¡A¡ v$i®“-‘fphpZu-dlpâkpv$“p¡ Agæe gpc gu^p¡.

Janmashtami Utsav Celebration 2015 @ Haridham
On Date: 05 September 2015
Activity: Festival



Rakshabandhan Celebration - 2015 @ Bhakti Ashram
On Date: 29 August 2015
Activity: Festival

The festival of Rakshabandhan was celebrated for sisters/ladies between 8:00 am to 9.30 am in the morning on Saturday, the 29th Aug 2014 in Haridham, Sokhada, Vadodara in the presence of elderly sadhvi sisters P. Sarveshwarben, P. Smitalben and P. Saurabhaben.

ir“hpf, sp. 29-08-2014 “p fp¡S> khpf¡ 8:00 ’u 9:30 v$fçep“ hX$ug kpÝhu bl¡“p¡ ‘|. kh£ðfb¡“, ‘|. [õdsgb¡“ s’p ‘|. kp¥fcb¡““u r“îpdp„ lrf^pd-kp¡MX$p Mps¡ c[¼sApîd dyL$pd¡ bl¡“p¡ dpV¡$ fnpb„^“ DÐkh“u DS>hZu L$fhpdp„ Aphu lsu.

On Date: 28 August 2015
Activity: Festival

v$f hj®“u S>¡d Ap hj£ ‘Z su’®n¡Ó lqf^pd-kp¡MX$p Mps¡ L$gpÐdL$ tlX$p¡mp b“phu îuW$pL$p¡fÆ A“¡ ‘.‘|.õhpduîu“¡ Tygphu cL$sp¡A¡ c[¼s Av$p L$fu lsu. Ap hj£ Ly$g ‘p„Q âL$pf“p AgN AgN tlX$p¡mp b“phhp“u k¡hpdp„ ‘|.cNhs¹õhê$‘õhpdu, ‘|.lqfkp¥fcõhpdu s’p krlóÏ cpBAp¡“u kp’¡ dpZ¡L$‘yf s’p kp¡MX$p d„X$m“p k¡hL$p¡ klcpNu ’ep lsp„.


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