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Satsang Sabha, Dhansura Moral & Spirituals Aravalli/Sabarkantha
Satsang Sabha, Sathamba (Bayad)

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Moral & Spirituals Aravalli/Sabarkantha
Bhakti Yatra (Bike-Car Rally)

In order that P.P. Swamiji’s dream of creating a society of youths with pious, filed with good character and idealistic goals is established / created and that harmony prevails in every family and that the devout people of Dhansura, Modasa and Bayad villages participated in this goal, around 225 bike and 51 car rally was arranged on 1st January 2014.

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Festival Aravalli/Sabarkantha
Gurupoornima - 2017, Unjha Festival Aravalli/Sabarkantha
Gurupoornima - 2018, Patan Festival Aravalli/Sabarkantha
Gurupoornima - 2019, Patan Festival Aravalli/Sabarkantha

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