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On Date: 30 October 2016
Activity: Festival

The festival of Annakut was celebrated under the guidance of ideal ambrish volunteer P.B. Manibhai (Manfreid) and P.M. Suyogiben in the holy place “Haridham” in Berlin, Germany on the sacred and welfare day of Diwali, Sunday, the 30/10/2016 in which, around 150 devotees felt fulfilled by participating in annakut sabha, service and by taking mahaprasad.

frhhpf , sp.30/10/2016“p qv$hpmu“p iyc d„NgL$pfu qv$hk¡ kp„S>¡ 6 ’u 9 v$fçep“ dlpiycõ’p“ "lqf^pd', brg®“ (S>d®“u) Mps¡ Apv$i® A„bfuj L$pe®L$sp® ‘.c. d“ucpC (d¡“ä¡X$) A“¡ ‘.dy. kyep¡Nub¡““p„ dpN®v$i®“ dyS>b AßL|$V$ DÐkh“u DS>hZu ’C, S>¡dp„ S>d®“u“p 150 S>¡V$gp c¼sp¡A¡ AßL|$V$ DÐkh“u kcp, k¡hp A“¡ dlpâkpv$“p¡ gpc gC ^Þe bÞep lsp„.

On Date: 28 May 2015

Nyfylqf ‘.‘|. lqfâkpv$õhpduÆ k„sp¡-k¡hL$p¡ kp’¡ sp. 13 d¡, 2015 ’u 14 d¡, 2015 Zurich s’p sp. 14 d¡, 2015 ’u sp. 28 d¡, 2015 brg®“-S>d®“udp„ rhQfZ L$fu klº c¼sp¡“¡ v$i®“-Np¡›$u-õd©rs“y„ cp’y„ b„^pìey„.


On Date: 24 May 2015

ir“hpf, sp. 23-5-2015, õhpduîu ep¡NuÆ dlpfpS> A“¡ âNV$ Nyfylqf ‘.‘|. õhpduîu“p¡ spfuM âdpZ¡ âpNV$é‘h® brg®““u ^fsu ‘f kp„S>¡ 6 ’u 8 v$fçep“ Nyfylqf õhpduîu“p âÐen qv$ìe kp„r“Ýedp„ âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. b°ûrhlpfuõhpdu s’p ‘|. cr¼srâeõhpdu, ‘|. âcyrâeõhpdu, ‘|. kyùv$$õhpdu, ‘|. Aip¡L$cpC, ‘|. ‘rhÓcpC, ‘|. d“ucpC hN¡f¡ k„sp¡-c¼sp¡“p dpN®v$i®“ l¡W$m ES>hpep¡. ApS>“p Ap âpNV$é‘h®dp„ brg®“ d„X$m krls g„X$“ A“¡ ‘¡fuk“p gNcN 15 dy¼sp¡A¡ ‘Z kd¥ep“p¡ gpc d¡mìep¡ lsp¡.


On Date: 12 July 2014
Activity: Festival

Gurupoornima Ashish-2014, Guruhari P. P. Hariprasadswamiji From London July 11, 2014


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