Guruhari Swamiji's Pragatya Parva - 2016, Nirnay Nagar, Ahmedabad

On Date: 22 May 2016



The devotees of Navapura area had, in the evening, on Sunday, the 22nd May 2016, collectively celebrated in Atmiya Sanskardham, Opp. Green City, Nirnaynagaar, Ahmedabad the birthday of B.S. Swami Shri Yogiji Maharaj and Pragat Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji’s 83rd birth day (23rd May) with great joy and pleasure. Under the presence of regional saint leader P. Brahmavihariswami and the elderly devotees, the workers of the mandal had made very beautiful arrangements. Around 650 devotees had enjoyed the pleasure of sabha and the Prasad.

The sisters of the mandal had very beautifully decorated the seats of Shri Thakorji and Guruhari P.P. SwamiShri with the re-usable and eco-friendly materials glorifying the spirit of protecting the environment. In the beginning of the sabha, the devotees from the sangeet mandal of Suhrad Pradesh had soaked all the devotees with the cool of their devotional songs presented by them one after another in the scorching heat of summer. Then, Shri Babubhai Patel and Dr. Shri Pareshbhai Dave garlanded the portraits of Shri Thakorji and Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji and the other saints were also welcomed with garlands.

Then, the youths had presented 2 dialogus of which, 1 was based on talks by Gunatitanandswami that, “To make friendliness with 2 real saints and 4 real devotees...” in which, the benefits of good company were shown while, in the other one, “Only he, who can change the destiny is the God’s real saint” was beautifully/aptly shown. Thus, it was established that, either the God Himself or His bearer saint is always present everywhere to protect his devotees.

Then, the elderly devotee P.B. Jamnadasbhai Vachhani had explained the matters of the capability of God and of His taking births, through the stories of different incarnations of God. He explained in detail as to how P.P. Hariprasadswamiji had served His Guru Yogiji Maharaj and called upon all to be a disciple like Him by telling a few inspirational tales in the matter.

The sabha coordinator, P.B. Prishitbhai entertained the entire sabha by narrating a few beautiful examples. While talking about the all-round development of the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir on the basis of their results, he also gave the most appropriate and satisfactory/convincing answers to the questions from a leading student from the university as to what is necessity of satsang in one’s life?

Then, one of the teachers of Atmiya Vidya Dham, P.B. Tarunbhai Pandya described the life of students who had progressed and developed as a result of P.P. SwamiShri’s blessings and had explained in the most simplest language as to who is P.P. Swamiji and who he is. In the end, on behalf all the devotees he had put up a prayer at the lotus feet of Shri Thakorji to enable them all to acquire the dasatva and devotion like those of P.P. SwamiShri.

Then, while speaking on this occasion, the regional saint leader P. Brahmavihariswami presented a picture of an excellent atmiya society created/established by P. P. Swamiji, as a result of His constant and continuous efforts during the last 50 long years of His life, by narrating different incidents of life of several devotees. Simultaneously, he also talked of the glory of Sambandhyog and narrated a few excellent incidents involving/containing the glory of P.P. Swamiji, the creator of such a great Atmiya Society. He said that, the hearty wish/desire of P.P. Swamiji means, Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta and, to digest/materialize it in the life, he beautifully guided to develop friendliness with 2 proper/good/real saints and 4 good/proper/real devotees for the speedier progress of our atma/soul towards God. He had put up a prayer at the lotus feet of Shri Thakorji to develop a spirit and the understanding in the life all that, he belongs to the temple and the temple belongs to him.

In the end, he made everybody to put at the lotus feet of Shri Hari 5 invaluable resolutions in the form of Mantrapushpanjali on the occasion of the birthday of Guruhari P.P. SwamiShri.

    1. Will never look at/think of anybody’s errors/drawbacks.

    2. Treating/accepting only the God as omnipotent, will live with Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta with all.

    3. Will study the 3 main scriptures and will meditate them.

    4. Will repay our debt regularly everyday by doing Swadhyay-Bhajan daily.

    5. Will develop friendliness with 2 real saints and 4 real devotees.

The elderly devotees like P.B. Babubhai Patel, P.B. Mahendrasinh Dabhi, P.B. Indravadanbhai Pandya, P.B. Jambadas Vachhani as well as Dr. Pareshbhai Dave (Dir. Public Health, Guj. Govt.) etc. with very high posts attended today’s function and enjoyed it.

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