Hari Jayanti - 2016, Mumbai

On Date: 15 April 2016
Activity: Festival
Location: Mumbai Locationwise



To celebrate Ram Navami, the birth day of Lord Shri Ram and the 236th birth anniversary of Lord Swaminarayan, a program of Kirtan-Aradhana and a sabha was organized on Friday, the 15th April 2016 at Atmiya Welfare and Cultural Center, Kandivali (East), Mumbai wherein, worshiping the Lord Swaminarayan at 7:30 am in the morning and the Kirtan-Aradhana as well as the sabha were arranged in the evening between 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm at night in the presence of regional saint leaders P. Bhaktipriyaswami and P. Haripriyaswami in which, around 550 devotees from the different suburbs of Mumbai had participated.

To welcome this function, a very attractive and beautiful decoration was made at Atmiya Welfare and Cultural Center, Kandivali (E), Mumbai. Having worshiped the portrait of Shri Thakorji and that of Guruhari P.P. Swamiji at 7:30 am in the morning, P. Bhaktiswami had put up a prayer at their lotus feet to give enough understanding and strength so that, all the mukato’s (devotees) of entire Ghanashym Pradesh could be served, accepting them like Maharaj Himself only, with the spirit of a das (the servant) on the path of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta (Harmony, Wholehearted Acceptance and Unity) by firmly believing that only the God/Maharaj/Swamiji is the omnipotent. Then, the saints and the devotees had done anoint with Panchamrut, Chandan and the pure water on the statue of Shri Ghanashyam Maharaj and thus had, expressed their devotion.

The program of celebrating the birth of Lord Swaminarayan started at 8:00 pm in the night. The Kirtan Mandal had immersed everybody in the feelings of pure devotion by presenting the devotional songs representing the God’s childhood and His image, prepared by the saints of Nand Group. Then, P.B. Jitenbhai Oza had explained the aim of Maharaj’s coming to this earth and had narrated the related incidents presenting the unceasing mercy/kindness of Maharaj and all the following Gunatit incarnations.

The regional saint leader P. Bhaktipriyaswami then talked in his unique style of speech to explain as to who and how was Lord Swaminarayan, based on His glory, to solidify their indomitable faith in God and describing the real life incidents of present devotees living their life with full faith in P.P. Swamiji, he called upon the devotees present there to live with faith in God/Swamiji.

At 10:10 pm all the saints and the devotees present there collectively participated in arti of God’s incarnation. In rhythm with Chanting the devotional song “Dharma Gher Anand Bhayao....Jay Bolo Ghanashyam Ki....” all the devotees had welcomed the birthday of the God Ghanashyam with great joy and had rocked Him in the cradle fully covered and decorated with beautiful different flowers. Simultaneously, to welcome and to celebrate this occasion, a number of different sweet and spicy food items were offered/arranged in the form of “Annakut” before the God in token of devotion of all the devotees towards Him.

Then, taking the Prasad of Panchajiri, the fruits and the dry fruits offered to Shri Thakorji, everybody proceeded to his destination remembering the incident of entire celebration.

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