Healing The Soul - 2016, Naroda (Day 4)

On Date: 06 February 2016


On the 4th day on 6th Feb 2016 in the workshop arranged on “Healing the Soul” during 3rd Feb 2016 to 7th Feb 2016 at N.V.Patel Vidyamandir High School, Naroda in Ahmedabad, the regional saint leader P. Brahmavihariswami had discussed and analyzed the other 4 common diseases of human nature like ego, envy, expectations and sattvikta. More than around 400 ladies and gents from different parts of entire Ahmedabad had taken the best advantage/benefit of today’s talks in the sabha.

After chanting of the welcome Shlokas and the dhoon-bhajans in the beginning of the sabha, the portraits of Shri Thakorji and that of P.P. SwamiShri were worshiped and garlanded and the Atmiya Naman was performed at the lotus feet of Shri Thakorji.

Shri Gunatitanand Swami has describe obstinacy, ego and the envy as the gateway to the hell while, P. Jagaswami has called the sattvikta a chain of gold. Accordingly, P. Brahmavihariswami had discussed and analyzed the other 4 common diseases of human nature like ego, envy, expectations and the sattvikta.

The themes of the points were:-

1. The symptoms of Ego :- To feel bad about almost everything; if somebody tells him a two words, he will think negative of him; on praising him, he will get blown up; always thinks only I am right, wise, big; keeps talking about almost everything around; needs care like that of a glassware. Thus, there are a number of types of ego.

Remedy to remove the above: - To remember the incidents of dasatva and simplicity and do bhajan by getting fully absorbed in them; to extend services without expectation of being noticed or respected for the same; to feel the unlimited glory of all those associated with the saints; making the slogan “Das na das thaine......” the goal of life, a bhajan for 5 minutes should be done in puja.

2. Symptoms of expecting type of nature:- I should have been contacted, I should have been given the message, I should have been informed, I also should have been praised, I also should have been loved, nobody is ever asking me. All these are the signs of expecting type of nature.

Remedy to remove the above:- Must get absorbed in the incidents of Gunatit Persons free from all the desires; must always think as to whether the Swamiji Has ever desired anything from me? Then, what right do I have to keep expectations from others? If we study these points, our nature of keeping expectations from others will go on diminishing.

3. Symptoms of nature with Envy:- Can’t bear the progress of others; a fire is ignited at heart if others are praised and the self is not; tends to inflict damage to others on seeing their progress.

Remedy to remove the above:- Keep on praising those whom we tend to envy; try to see God in everybody; continue the prayer for being the das/servant of all, whom we envy; develop a thinking that, if the God Has given him the good qualities, He will surely give them to me also.

4. Symptoms of reserved (very quiet or shy) type of nature:- Speaks even less than required; doesn’t mix up with all; keeps his personal talks at own heart only, doesn’t share openly with others.

Remedy to remove the above:- Has got to develop friendliness with those who possess Atmiya type of nature; has to understand/accept the high glory of other devotees; has to constantly try to mix up with all the others.

5. Symptoms of Sattvikta:- To keep noting/noticing the actions of others; to continue with doubts; he should/shouldn’t do this; he does/doesn’t do right; this can be/can’t be tolerated; this shouldn’t be done.

Remedy to remove the above:- Should give authority to bhagvadi for scolding/correcting us; must always keep eyes towards the slogan “Whether one becomes atmiya or not.....”; must get engrossed in the incidents of dasatva of Gunatit Persons; if we authorize the bhagavadi as per the Vach. No. 37 of Gadh. Central, the God Himself will once relieve us with His grace from this golden chain of sattvikta.

At the end of the sabha, the elders and the youths performed Aarti before Shri Thakorji. By the end of today’s workshop, the listeners had understood and realized as to where and how they were committing mistakes under the effects of above described drawbacks and where and how they were failing by treating their worldly affair superior to God and the God realized saints and their devotees by treating them the inferiors and got inspiration to do more study in this direction to remove them.

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