Healing The Soul - 2016, Naroda (Day 2)

On Date: 04 February 2016


On the 2nd day on 4th Feb 2016 in the workshop arranged on “Healing the Soul” during 3rd Feb 2016 to 7th Feb 2016 at N.V.Patel Vidyamandir High School, Naroda in Ahmedabad, the regional saint leader P. Brahmavihariswami had discussed and analyzed the common vices of human beings like over wiseness, credulity, out-ward sightedness and sense of equality. More than around 450 ladies and gents from the different parts of entire Ahmedabad had taken the best advantage/benefit of today’s sabha.

After chanting of the welcome shlokas and the dhoon-bhajans in the beginning of the sabha, the portraits of Shri Thakorji and that of P.P. Swamishri were worshiped and garlanded and the Atmiya Naman was performed at the lotus feet of Shri Thakorji.

A man has, because of his own wrong and faulty thoughts and actions, become the enemy of entire mankind, in the base of which, lies the vices of human nature. Lord Shri Krishna has taught us all in the chapter on “Karmasanyas” (Retirement from Actions) in Geeta, as to how to perform all our duties and actions in the world without any expectations. Today, during the time/age of fierce competition everywhere in all the fields/walks of life, it has become a very big question as to who has got the time to read and think over all these things ? Yet, even under the said situations, P. Brahmavihariswami had made all these great efforts to present the possible solutions to all such questions through the medium of this presentation in very easy and simple, easily digestible way for all.

P. Brahmavihariswami had discussed and analyzed the common vices of human beings like over wiseness, credulity, out-ward sightedness and sense of equality and their adverse/bad effects on human life on the 2nd day of the workshop.

The theme of the points were:-

1. The symptoms of Credulity:- May not have the sense to judge the good and the bad, can’t assess the good and the bad company.

Remedy to get rid of the above:- The open hearted friendliness with the bhagvadi saints/devotees and a habit/practice of reading and doing bhajan with full confidence/trust.

2. The symptoms of over wise-ness:- To criticize, to exhibit own intelligence.

Remedy to remove the above:- to study the incidents of Dasatva from the life of Gunatit Personalities and to do Bhajans/prayers for making them the parts of our own life.

3.Outward sightedness:- To notice the drawbacks or errors of others, get distracted from our own goal.

Remedy to remove the above:- To memorize the preaching, to constantly watch the life of ideal persons, continue to keep the goal before the eyes constantly.

4. The sense of equality:- To overlook the respect and decorum of the elders, may not accept the equals, to live with a notion of knowing everything.

Remedy to remove the above:- To memorize the incidents of dasatva from the life of Gunatit Persons and to ask for ability to live like that by doing bhajan.

At the end of the meeting, the elders performed the arti before Shri Thakorji. Everybody attending this meeting understood as to how he is living under the effects of all the above vices and how to remove it.

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