Satsang Sabha - 2016, Singapore

On Date: 31 January 2016


A program of Social Gathering was organized on Sunday, the 31st January 2016 in Arya Samaj Mandir (temple) situated opposite Mustafa Market in Singapore when Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji and the other saints along with Him had visited there on their religious tour. Around 90 ladies and gents had attended the function.

Many Gujarati/Indian families are staying in Singapore to earn their livelihood. In order to develop the spirit of internal Atmiyata/amicable cooperative relations among them and the culture of Indian civilization is preserved in them, Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji, even at His such an old age of 82 years and ignoring all His personal/physical problems and difficulties, continues His regular visits to the foreign countries and endeavours constantly in this direction. In order to meet all these families staying on the foreign land conveniently at a single place and to inspire them all to come close to each other and so that they start cooperating with each other by being helpful in their needs and difficulties, the regional saint leader P. Shashwatswami and the local volunteers there had unitedly organized this gathering.

After all the devotees had cheered the entry of P.P. Swamishree in the sabha by very loudly clapping, Shree Thakorji, He and the other saints were welcomed by garlanding them all. The Ex. President of Singapore Gujarati Samaj Shri Popatkaka, Master Lai (Lee) of Singapore Buddha Mandir, Shri Ratan Shah from Singapore ISKCON family as well as Shri Udaykumar, Shri Kishorbhai Dobariya (Vice President, Hi-Flux), Shri Jatinbhai Maradiya on behalf of Singapore Satsang Samaj and Sameerbhai Thakkar and Atmiyabhai, Nikhilbhai and Zalakbhai on behalf of Yuvak Mandal and Jaybhai Kaila and Vishalbhai on behalf of Singapore Mahila Mandal all had garlanded P.P Swamishree.

In the end P.P. Hariprasadswamiji said in His speech that, “a God realized saint is a must in our life to permanently feel/enjoy the constant and stable peace, happiness and pleasure. So long as there are Hath, Man and Irshya (Obstinacy, ego and the Envy) in our life, the ease, straightforwardness and normality won’t come and till then, we won’t be able to enjoy even the real peace and happiness.”

After this, all the devotees present there were most fortunate and lucky enough to have a personal divine touch of Guruhari P.P. Swamishree.

Shri Pareshbhai Dobariya had looked after all the arrangements/managements of the entire sabha. P.B Maheshbhai, P.B. Ashwinbhai, P.B. Pareshbhai, P.B. Bhupeshbhai, P.P. Atmiyabhai, P.B. Zalakbhai and P.B. Nikhilbhai all had totally devoted themselves in organizing the sabha under/as per the guidance of saint leader P. Shashwatswami and had thus, had pleased P.P. Swamishree.

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