Satsang Sabha - 2015, Kandivali

On Date: 13 December 2015
Activity: Moral & Spirituals
Location: Mumbai Locationwise




A general/common Satsang Sabha of all the devotees from entire Western Region of Mumbai is regularly held on every Sunday evening at 6:00 pm at Kandivali (East) temple. On one such Sunday, the 13th Dec 2015, showing His special grace and love for the devotees, Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji had kindly come to give the benefit of His darshans and speech/blessings to them all who were 700 in number.

The sabha got started with the singing of Kirtan-Bhkati. Then, the regional saint leader P. Bhaktipriyaswami informed in his occasional speech, by giving/narrating the relevant examples that, the journey of our soul continues towards God constantly if we have/do the satsang regularly in our life and if we keep/maintain the company/guidance of a real and pure God bearer saint in our life.

Then, Guruhari P.P. Swaimishree addressed the sabha. The nectar drops of His sermon were:-

(1) If we try/adopt/exercise and work for Samp, Suharadbhav and Ekta, our mind can automatically remain attached to God.

(2) Vachanamrut. No. 1 of Gadhada Chapter 1st – It says that we must always try to keep our mind engaged in God’s idol/image. And, to do this, we have got to accomplish its last paragraph.

(3) Even by attending only the Sunday Sabha regularly, we can become an Ekantik. We must act-behave becoming totally zero before him, who attends our Sunday Sabha even only once.

(4) If we totally/naturally stop for ever, thinking about/looking at the faults/shortcomings and the drawbacks of others, we can accomplish the Nirdoshbuddhi. So long as this is not done or achieved, we have not even started doing the real satsang. The Satsang starts only when we see only the relation of all with their God/God beating saints.

(5) We must always think of/meditate the 1st and the last talks of 1st Chapter of “Swamini Vato”, and the one about “Gun gavathi jeev Brahmarup thai jay”.

(6) He, who daily thinks of/calculates his profit/loss, can accomplish the Gods idol/image. He never thinks of/looks at any body’s errors/faults/drawbacks. He always lives his life on the principles of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta.

(7) We can start seeing the idol/image of God if we sincerely/honestly start living our life as per the talks of Vachanamrut Nos. 16 & 18 of 1st Chapter of Gadhada.

(8) As much we lack in reading, so much less progress we do.

(9) After the sabha, all collectively performed the arti before the Shree Thakorji and, after taking the Mahaprasad, proceeded to their destinations memorizing today’s talks.

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