Atmiya Satsang Parayan - 2015, Bharuch (Day 4)

On Date: 05 September 2015

In order that the devotees of Sanatan Pradesh get the benefit of sermons during the holy month of Shravan, the local regional saint P. Harisharanswami had organized on every Saturday for 5 weeks a nice parayan (discourses) between 9 and 11 pm at Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir. On the 4th Saturday, the 5th Sep. 2015, the saint P. Sarvamangalswami had explained that, the devotion done/made with a consciousness of being a brahma own self only is the real devotion. Simultaneously, all the devotees also celebrated the function of Janmastami today.

The portrait of Guruhari SwamiShri was placed on a seat just besides the temple in the beautifully decorated Assembly Hall of Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir. P. Sarvamangalswami had started his speech after the program of Dhoon-Bhajans was finished.

He said that, the devotion of 9 types is described in the scriptures and, even the Lord Swaminarayan also has suggested in Shikshapatri to do more devotion during these 4 months and, citing the related examples, he said that, the God can be pleased by performing devotion like this. Reminding of the sloak No. 116 of Shikshapatri “Nijatmanam Brahmaroopam......” he said that, from this sloak, we can understand that here also, it is suggested to do the devotion by assuming ourselves/our atmas to be the brahmas only and thus the God also expects us also to do the journey of Aksharbrama.

Citing one of the talks by Sad. Shri Gunatitanandswami that, “Our birth/life is for achieving 2 things, to be Aksharroop and to bear/develop Purushottam within us” he explained to do the devotion of Parabrahma by becoming Brahma ourselves.

Narrating a few examples of the life of Pandavas in which, the Lord Shrikrishna had helped/protected them every time, he said that, even in the Kurukshetra/battle field of our social life also, we need somebody like Krishna as a driver of our life-vehicle and, if we treat Guruhari SwamiShri to be in this place and live our life as desired by Him, He also will surely protect us all in every situation of our life and we can win our battle against Maya/illusion.

In today’s parayan and the Janmastami function, the leading devotees like P. Khandubhai, P. Bapu, P. Jagdishbhai and around 550 gents, ladies and youths from Sanatan Pradesh were present.

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