Atmiya Satsang Parayan - 2015, Bharuch (Day 2)

On Date: 22 August 2015

In order that the devotees of Sanatan Pradesh can take the benefit of religious/spiritual talks during the holy month of Shravan, the regional saint P. Harisharanswami had organized a Parayan for 5 weeks on every Saturdays in Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir between 9 pm & 11 pm, on the 2nd Saturday of which, on 22nd Aug 2015, P. Harisharanswami and P.B. Navnitbhai had talked on the life of the devotees of Canada Mandal.

The portrait of Guruhari Swamishree was placed beside the temple of Shree Thakorjee in the most beautifully decorated assembly hall of Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir. After the presentation of Dhoon-Bhajan in the beginning of the parayan, today’s main speaker P. Harisharanswami addressed the audience.

He said that, due to the influence/controlling/power/guidance of the present/existing God, even His disciples also live their life full of rare and high cultural values/principles in the society and, in support of this, he narrated the life of a number of devotees like P.B. Parvatbhai, P.B. Gordhanbhai, P.B. Punjo Dodiyo, P.B. Velo Sathavaro etc. right from the time of Lord Swaminarayan and His following incarnations in succession bearing His (the original God Shree Swaminarayan’s) total divinity right up till the present time. Simultaneously, he also cited the examples of the life of several devotees of Guruhari P.P. Swamishree even today also living exactly the same unthinkably high quality of pure and sacred life full of rare virtues on foreign soil like America and Canada, the soil saturated with pleasure and sexual enjoyment.

Then, P.B. Navnitbhai also described his worth imitating experiences with the devotees from Canada Mandal and inspired all the devotees to live their life with the saints at the center of it.

In today’s parayan, the elderly devotees like P.B. Khandubhai, P.B. Bapu, P.B. Jagdishbhai and around 450 other gents, ladies and the youths from Sanatan Pradesh had remained present.

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