Samooh MahaPooja - 2015, Gramya Vistar, Bharuch

On Date: 13 September 2015

The mahapooja for the devotees from different zones of Sanatan Pradesh was organized on Saturdays of 5 weeks at Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir Hall between 5 & 7 pm on account of holy Shravan month in the presence of regional saint P. Harisharanswami. On 5th Saturday, the 13th September 2015, around 120 devotees from Rural Zone had taken the benefit of mahapooja.

The portrait of Guruhari Swamishree was placed near that of Shree Thakorjee on the stage in the hall of Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir. P. Harisharanswami, P. Vitaragswami, the elderly devotees and the volunteers from Rural Zone had jointly performed shodshopchar worship of Shree Thakorjee on the main dais while on the other 50 place, 100 devotees had performed panchopchar worship of Shree Thakorjee where, nearly 20 other devotees were also present for the darshans.

In Shikshapatri, Lord Swaminarayan Has suggested to do extra/additional devotion during the month of Shravan. Accordingly, the devotees from Rural Zone of Sanatan Pradesh had worshiped Dham-Dhami and Muktas to express/present their devotion when, P. Harisharanswami had, on behalf of all the devotees, worshiped Shree Thakorjee as prescribed in the scriptures and had nicely prayed for the blessings for them so that they be financially, socially and spiritually happy, they develop a conception that I belong to satsang and satsang is mine and their faith towards Guruhari Swamiji gets solidified.

All the elderly devotees, volunteers and youths had contributed their best with zeal and enthusiasm in the services of this mahapooja in the presence of regional saints P. Harisharanswami and P. Vitaragswami.

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