Samooh MahaPooja - 2015, Adajan, Surat

On Date: 30 August 2015
Activity: Cultural Care
Location: Surat Locationwise



On account of holy Shravan Month, the devotees of Adajan Mandal, Surat had organized a program of Samooh Mahapooja on Sunday, the 30th Aug 2015 in H.M.C. Community Hall, situated in Palanpur Jakatnaka under the guidance of the regional saint leaders P. Sarvamangalswami and P. Subodhswami and the leaders of the mandal in which, 275 youths and gents got themselves sanctified by performing their heartfelt worship of Shri Thakorji by offering Him the devotion with 16 items of worship. Around 325 other youths and gents had taken the advantage of Darshans of this Mahapooja.

In Indian culture, a special significance has been attached to the month of Shravan. In Shikshapatri, even Lord Shri Swaminarayan also Has advised His followers/devotees to do additional devotion to the God. On that account, the devotees had organized this Mahapooja in the presence of the regional saint leader P. Sarvamangalswami. A very beautiful decoration on theme of, the devotion of God along with His devotee, means “Mahapooja” was made in the hall.

P. Swamiswaroopswami had performed the worship, of Shri Thakorji, all the Gunatit incarnations, Guruhari P.P. Swamishri and the entire devotee group by calling their spirits/souls and establishing them all on the main place, in accordance with the procedure of Vedas using all the 16 items of worship and fully as per the procedure guided by the scriptures. At the same time Virendrabhai, Kalpenbhai Arsura, Pradipbhai Kanthariya, Chandrakantbhai Bogawala and Dhansukhbhai Jinwala also had worshipped Shri Thakorji on the main place only. Simultaneously, in addition to the main place, on the other 125 places, as many as 275 youths and the gents also had worshipped the statues of Shri Thakorji placed on wooden seat with devotional heart as per the direction/guidance by saint P. Swamiswaroopswami.

During this Mahapooja, P. Swamiswaroopswami had put up a prayer at the lotus feet of Shri Thakorji and Guruhari P. P. Swamishri that, all the devotees live with the spirit of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta, be happy by their body, mind and wealth and with their Atmas/souls too while daily increasing their faith and be helpful/instrumental in the services of the forthcoming Atmiya Festival of 2016 to be celebrated at Surat.

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