Atmiya Nishtha Parayan - 2015 (Day 4), Naroda

On Date: 18 August 2015



On Tuesday, the 18th Aug 2015, the 4th day of the Atmiya Nishtha Parayan organized on account of the holy Shravan month in the Leuva Patidar Samaj Hall, Naroda in Ahmedabad of Suhrad Pradesh, the saint Anandsagarswami had addressed the audience of 800 devotees in the parayan between 8 pm & 10 pm and had guided all about “The shelter of the God is the best thing/effort/wealth and how to achieve it”.

Today, the youths had decorated the stage on the “Disneyland” theme and had put up a prayer before Swamiji to make them Bhoolkus.

After the presentation of bhajan-kirtans, Shree Thakorjee was worshipped and the saints were garlanded.

After today’s speaker P. Aanandsagarswami occupied his place on the Dais, the basic religious books of the sect and he, both were worshiped and then, the parayan got started.

The saint P. Anandsagarswami presented a thoughtful talk on “The shelter of the God is the best thing/effort/wealth and how to achieve it”.

The main points of his talks were:-

1. He reminded that, in Vach no. 32 of Gadh. Ch. 1st, Lord Swaminarayan has said that, “The best way of pleasing the God among all, is to have the shelter of him and only him”.....and explained in detail as to how to solidify this shelter narrating the incidents from the life of Gunatitanandswami and all the following Gunatitanand persons up to Guruhari P.P. Swamishree.

2. He explained, citing incidents of all the Gunatit persons that, none of them has ever utilized their divine powers/capability but, have always adopted the way of doing only the bhajan and taken the help of God so, we also should always follow the same path without taking the help/using our means, understanding or the capability and choose the path of bhajan only and the help/assistance from God only which will make the journey of our atma towards God speedy.

3. He, who always seeks the help from God in every small or big incident in his life, is called to be the faithful and, such a faithful devotee accepts/treats every incident in the life as a gift/Prasad from God and never complaints against the God.

4. We all generally/mostly follow what we are taught/we hear, so, if we want to direct the journey of our life toward God, the religious talks are a must in our life.

5. The God always/invariably listens to every prayer made with full trust and confidence/shraddha.

6. It is a sign of a mukta/devotee of/from Akshardham that, he always treats/accepts everybody like doing with God.

At the end of the sabha, the elders and the youths collectively performed arti before Shree Thakorjee after which, taking the Prasad, all proceeded towards their home-temples.

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