Atmiya Satsang Parayan - 2015 (Day 3), Nadiad

On Date: 17 August 2015



An Atmiya Satsang Parayan for 3 days from 15th Aug to 17th Aug 2015 was organized in Sharda Mandir High School, Dakor Road at Nadiad on the 3rd and the last day of which, the regional saint leader of Sanatan Pradesh P. Harisharanswami had addressed the audience of nearly 900 devotees from surrounding nearly 30 villages.

In the beginning, Dhoon-Bhajan were presented followed by worship of Shree Thakorjee and of today’s speaker sitting on the Dais P. Harisharanswami was done and they both were garlanded.

Then, P. Harisharanswami, describing his past, young age/student life said that, the day/moment, the God or a God bearing saint takes you in his company/shelter, all your efforts/sadhana ends at once because, he further said, when he went to London for studies, he had absolutely no destination in his mind at all and was simply wasting his valuable time just for nothing but, since the day/moment he met/came in contact with Guruhari P.P. Swamiji, He took his care every moment and for everything till he passéd his M.B.A. and brought an unimaginable positive change in his entire life by simply loving him and forgetting, neglecting and overlooking every of his mistakes/errors with touching Atmiyata.

He further said that, as, even a wooden stick went on increasing/lengthening in the hand of Lord Vamanjii, we all are also progressing on our spiritual path by a divine touch/Sparsh of Guruhari P.P. Swamiji and, He has since taken all our responsibilities, He only will surely make us/gift us the fearlessness, a state free of anxiety and a flow of constant positive thoughts.

Then, today, on 17th Aug, it being the birthdays of regional saint leader of Sevayagna Pradesh P. Prabodhswami and of P. Prabhudarshanswami, P. Jaybhai Brahmabhatt talked of praiseworthy qualities of both of them and made a prayer on behalf all, that, they also could be able to please Guruhari P.P. Swamishree like them both.

At the end of the sabha, the regional saint leader P. Dharmakishorswami thanked all the saints who came there to give their guiding speeches as well all those who came to take the benefit of it.

Then, the elderly devotees and the youths participated in the arti before Shree Thakorjee and then, all the devotees, taking the Prasad of refreshment proceeded to their home-temples memorizing the talks.

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