GuruPoornima - 2015, Sydney, Australia

On Date: 07 August 2015

The festival of Gurupoornima was celebrated with the spirit of full of devotion between 6.00 pm & 8.00 pm in the evening at Yural Function Center, Pendal Hill, Sydney (Australia) on Friday, the 7th Aug 2015 in the presence of elderly devotees of the local surrounding areas. On this occasion, around 75 devotees from the areas of Sydney and Canbera had remained present and had participated in the sabha, worship and had taken the Mahaprasad there.

On this occasion, a very beautiful decoration befitting the festival of Gurupoornima was made depicting the incidents of P.P. Swamiji’s Gurubhakti towards His guru. The sabha got started with the chanting of welcome slokas and the presentation of sweet devotional songs of gurubhakti (devotion towards guru) and then, the portraits of Sri Thakorji as well as of P.P. Swamiji were worshiped and garlanded.

Then, P.B. Chintanbhai Pathak explained the gurupujan and the guru vandana and said as to why the functions like these are celebrated. Simultaneously, he also stated as to how great a real and an able guru we all have got in the form of P.P. Swamiji and described several incidents related to P.P. Swamiji’s glory and gurubhakti.

Then, P.B. Gyansinh, in his address said that, guru is a link which joins devotees/disciples with their God. With the help of a plane in form of a Guru, our journey up to Akshardham becomes possible. But, we generally get down in between only, due to our natures and habits because of the clutches of illusion holding us, still, if we hold on the hand/support/guidance of our Guru under such circumstances, we can complete our this journey without any obstacles.

At the end, everybody watched video clip showing the blessings message sent for all by P.P. Swamiji on this occasion from the foreign land and then, all the guests and the devotees jointly participated in performing arti before Sri Thakorji and left for their destinations after taking the mahaprasad.

The hosting and arrangement of the entire sabha was very nicely and perfectly/satisfactorily managed by P.B. Bhavikbhai Mehta.


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