Annakut Utsav - 2016, Rotorua, NZ

On Date: 04 November 2016
Activity: Festival

The festival of Annakut was celebrated first time in Niramay Pradesh by the inspiration from Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswami and as per the instructions from P. Shashvatswami and P. Suyogjivanswami and P. Ashokbhai (Secretary) on Tuesday, the 4th November 2016 in the Landmark School, Rotorua in New Zealand in which, as many as 220 food items were offered/presented before Shree Thakorjee in the annakut of which, around 75 devotees had taken benefit.

The sabha was started with presentation of Kirtanbhakti by the Kirtan Mandal which made the entire surrounding full of devotion. Then, describing the related incidents, P.B. Kamleshbhai said that, if we live with atmiyata in our families, by keeping away from addictions and by following the rule of 5 csommandments, it is the real celebration of Dipotsavi.

Then, P. Suyogswami informed how the custom of celebrating the function of “Annakut” got started and, narrating the related incidents, he stressed the need of evident God and the company of real saints in our life to daily feel and experience Diwali and New Year and to make our eyes, ears and tongue positive.

In the end of the sabha, while explaining the inevitability of real saints in our life, P. Shashvatswami said in his address that, as we continue to worship the God and the saints, our pride goes on reducing and by coming in contact with such some God bearer saint, our destiny and nature get changed and, the vices like obstinacy, reverence and envy get removed from our life.

At the end of the sabha, all the devotees collectively performed arti and presented thal/Annakut before Shree Thakorjee and, after taking the darshans of Shree Thakorjee and the saints, taking the mahaprasad, all the devotees left for their destinations memorizing the events of this first Annakut.

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Our Aim

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