Annakut Utsav - 2016, Yukon, Canada

On Date: 30 October 2016
Activity: Festival
Location: Canada Locationwise

To celebrate the great festival of “Annakut” with high devotion, 111 varieties of food items were offered before Shree Thakorjee on the auspicious and welfare day of Dipotsavi, Sunday, the 30th October 2016 in the Yukon Tourism and Education Council Hall of White Horse (Yukon), Canada in which, around 50 devotees from Yukon and its surrounding areas had participated.

Although this was the 2nd celebration of annakut festival on the soil of Yukon, every devotee felt and experienced throughout that, Guruhari Swamiji was constantly responding to his devotion and atmiyata and was remaining with him in all his works/actions.

Because to acquire the said hall had been possible just 2 days ahead of the festival, many arrangements had to be done within a very short time but, by working day and night with zeal and atmiyata, all the devotees of the mandal, the youths and Volunteers, were able to do this and please Guruhari Swamishree. The steps and carates were available only in the afternoon on the day of festival, yet, all the youths quickly arranged the annakut by 5 pm in the evening. The idols of Shree Thakorjee and Guruhari P.P. Swamishree were placed in the central place very beautifully in the hall while, the outside walls of the hall were decorated by putting on them the posters with the mottos from P.P. Swamiji’s religious talks.

The sabha was started with the presentation of Kirtanbhakti at 6.00 pm in the evening followed by the darshans and a speech of saint leader P. Premswaroopswami with the help of modern Hangout technology during which, while praising the devotion by all the devotees, he had explained the spirit behind celebrating the Annakut festival and, saying that, to enjoy and experience constant and continuous Dipotsavi at heart, the company of some real God bearer/realized saint like Guruhari P.P. Swamishree is a must and, narrating a few related incidents from His life, he described His glory. Describing the life of a few devotees, he had also presented the picture of the Gunatit Society created and established by P.P. Swamishree and had called upon all to be atmiya with all the devotees.

After the speech by P. Premswaroopswami, all the devotees collectively performed the arti before Shree Thakorjee and presented a thal of annakut and, taking the Prasad, proceeded to their destinations.

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