Janmashtami Utsav - 2016, South Africa

On Date: 25 August 2016
Activity: Festival



The devotees from South Africa had celebrated Birthday of Lord Krishna with great enthusiasm as per Indian culture at Lenasia on Thursday, the 25th August 2016 in which, nearly 200 gents, ladies and youths had participated.

The sabha of Janmastami got started with the presentation of slokas and Dhoon-Bhajans followed by an address by P.B. Jigarbhai Pandya, who narrated the incidents from the life of Lord Krishna and described His love/affection and mercy for His devotees.

On account of this special day, the Kirtan Sandhya was organized in which, the members of Kirtan Mandal had presented a variety of kirtans addressed to Lord Krishna presenting the different acts by Him during His childhood which were very much liked and loved by all the devotees and were supported by simultaneously clapping by all of them.

After the presentation of a series of bhajans, P.B. Dineshbhai Panchal had placed Lalji (Child Krishna) in the cradle when all the devotees had welcomed this occasion by chanting, “Nand gher anand bhayo ..... Jay kanhaiya lal ki ... “ which was followed by performing an arti before Him by the elderly devotees of the mandal like Dr. Vinodbhai Govind, P.B. Dharmeshbhai, P.B. Nileshabhai and P.B. Manojbhai together while, the other devotees had participated in the arti sitting at their place only after which, all the devotees took a chance of swinging Lalji in the cradle while taking the darshans and the Prasad of panchajiri also and then, taking the meals-prasad, all left for their destinations.

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