Samooh MahaPooja - 2016, Rajkot

On Date: 18 August 2016



On account of sacred Shravan month and on the occasion of Rakshabandhan Festival, around 200 Ambrish and 50 devotional devotees had participated in the group mahapuja organized in Yogidham at Rajkot on Thursday, the 18th August 2016 in which, with the youth volunteers sitting on the main dais, P. Sarvatitswami had guided and directed them for the same with devotion and glory.

The program of this group mahapuja was specially organized for the Ambrish devotees of the mandal on account of Shravan month and Rakshabandhan in the presence of regional saints of Nirgun Pradesh P. Tyagvallabhswami and P. Sarvatitswami.

Guiding and directing the youth volunteers of the mandal for performing mahapuja with the shodshopchar worship of Shree Thakorjee on the main dais, P. Sarvatitswami had put up a prayer for blessings on behalf of all the devotees while other 250 Ambrish and devotees had followed them from other places.

While explaining as to why the mahapuja is performed and what is the intention of Guruhari Swamiji behind expecting us to do it, P. Sarvatitswami guided as to what type of life should be lived to please Guruhari Swamiji and put up a prayer at the lotus feet of Shree Thakorjee and of Guruhari Swamishree to improve the financial, physical and mental positions of all the devotees participating in the mahapuja and they become happy by their atma/soul and can live life as per the “Ambrish Jeevan Mantra”and can experience the pleasure of blessings by Swamiji by living life for Dham, Dhami and Muktas.

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