Healing The Soul - 2016, Naroda (Day 5)

On Date: 07 February 2016


On the 5th and the last day on 7th Feb 2016 in the workshop arranged on “Healing the Soul” during 3rd Feb 2016 to 7th Feb 2016 at N.V.Patel Vidyamandir High School, Naroda in Ahmedabad, the regional saint leader P. Brahmavihariswami had discussed and analyzed the other important/valuable/necessary aspects of devotion like Swadhyay (Self-Introspection) and Bhajan (prayer), the importance/necessity and procedure of bhajan. More than around 500 ladies and gents from different parts of entire Ahmedabad had taken the best advantage/benefit of today’s talks in the Sabha.

After chanting of the welcome Shlokas and the dhoon-bhajans in the beginning of the Sabha, the portraits of Shri Thakorji and that of P.P. SwamiShri were worshiped and garlanded and the Atmiya Naman was performed at the lotus feet of Shri Thakorji.

Guruhari P.P. SwamiShri generally always talks in His divine speech about the inevitability of swadhyay and bhajan in the life of a sadhak to progressively increase/solidify his relation with God and insists on our doing bhajan at least for 30 minutes without any distraction whatsoever every day. In today’s workshop, P. Brahmavihariswami discussed and analyzed as to what is bhajan?, why is it required? and, the system of doing it.

The themes of the points were:-

1. What is meant by Bhajan? :-

Bhajan means remembering the name of God repeatedly.. to memorize the figure/idol/picture of God.. chanting dhoon with prayer.. acceptance of own errors before God.. to praise the qualities and glory of God.. to establish a chain between self and the God.. loudly surrendering to God.. to crave for and accept the support/assistance of God.

Bhajan means total/unconditional surrendering before God.

2. Undistracted Bhajan means what?

Remembering other things, at the time of doing bhajan, except the God (mind goes elsewhere) is a distraction.

While doing bhajan, not to think of anything else except the God and to get totally absorbed in God/bhagvatswaroop saint (Guruhari P.P. Swamiji) only, to constantly remember Him, to think about the incidents related to Him only is an undistracted bhajan.

3. Why to do bhajan? :

When the incidents happen, we apply our own intelligence, depend on our own capability, seek assistance from relatives or influence but, must actually seek help from God only at first.

Should do bhajan for union with God.. to get relief from sins, should do bhajan.. to purify internal heart/conscience, should do bhajan.. to please God, should do bhajan.. to bear the strength of God, should do bhajan.. to acquire the quality of God, should do bhajan.. to be God’s son, should do bhajan.. to solidify relation with God, should do bhajan.

4. How to do bhajan ? : (A) Physical preparedness (B) Mental preparedness.

(A) Physical preparedness :

     keep the stomach empty or half filled.

     get up early in the morning – that is the best time for bhajan.

     choose solitude for bhajan. While doing bhajan, sit in front of house-temple of the portrait of God.

     keep your mobile-ipod-ipad-laptop etc. away while doing bhajan.

(B) Mental preparedness : -

    (a) Flight Mode :

        never think of any other activity or incomplete works... don’t remember relatives/friends...

        don't recall any tensions. 

        get detached from the 5 senses.

        never think of anybody’s nature or the activities.

   (b) Empty Your Cup :

        in me, there is nothing of my own.. I am absolutely zero before the God.

        I am senseless, I am ignorant....

(C) Connecting to the Supreme :

      think of/recall the incident of atmiyata, simplicity, straightforwardness, suhradbhav, dasatva etc.of

      Lord Shri Swaminarayan and of Gunatit Persons. 

      think about the glory of Shriji Maharaj and of Guruhari P.P. Swamiji.

      think of the natural qualities like mercy, selfless efforts and love, difficulties, 

      openness, universality etc. of God.

      think of special memories given by Guruhari P.P. Swamiji.

      to do bhajan with the spirit of “Nijatmanam Brahmaroopam....”

In the end, everybody vowed/resolved that, they all will, now onwards,

     Regularly attend all the weekly Sabha of Satsang.

     Remain alert to avoid thinking about bad/drawback of others and,

     on failing to stick to this, will do extra bhajan.

     Will develop and maintain friendliness with at least 2 real saints and 4 proper devotees.

     Will listen to the religious talks and will do  bhajan at least for 30 minutes every day.

In the end, P.Brahmavihariswami put up a sincere prayer at the lotus feet of P.P. Swamiji to bestow upon all the participants in this 5 day workshop on “Healing the Soul” who all have studied the same, His blessings that, they can do their bhajan regularly as learnt here and to live life according to the resolutions made here based on the knowledge received here about the diseases we all are suffering from and now know about.

Every devotee who attended this workshop, had heartily thanked P. Brahmavihariswamiji for guiding them all to live a aim-full, goal oriented life and had proceeded to their destinations memorizing the talks listened here.

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kcp“p dyv¹$pAp¡“y„ rhl„Nphgp¡L$“ :

1. cS>“ A¡V$g¡ iy„ ? :

- cS>“ A¡V$g¡ cNhp““y„ “pd õdfZ L$fhy„.. cNhp““u d|rs®“y„ tQsh“ L$fhy„.. âp’®“pA¡ krls ^|“.. cNhp““u kdn ‘p¡sp“u c|gp¡“u L$b|gps.. cNhp““p¡ drldp A“¡ NyZNp“ Nphp s¡.. Ap‘Zp A“¡ cNhp“ hÃQ¡“u L$X$u Å¡X$hu.. sy„lu sy„lu“p¡ ‘p¡L$pf L$fhp¡.. cNhp““y„ bm ^pfZ L$fhy„.

- cS>“ A¡V$g¡ k„‘|Z® ifZpNrs.

2. r“rh®L$ë‘‘Z¡ cS>“ A¡V$g¡ iy„ ?

- cNhp“ rkhpe buS>¡ L$X$u Å¡X$pB Åe (buS>¡ d“ Åe) s¡ krhL$ë‘.

- cS>“ v$fçep“ cNhp“ rkhpe buÅ¡ L$p¡C k„L$ë‘ “p DW$¡ A“¡ cNhÐõhê‘ k„s (Ny{lqf õhpduÆ)dp„ ge ’B S>hy„, s¡d“u õd©rs L$fhu, âk„Np¡ rhQpfhp s¡ r“rh®L$ë‘‘Z¡ cS>“.

3. cS>“ ip dpV$¡ L$fhy„ ? :

- âk„N b“¡ R>¡ Ðepf¡ byrÙ“p¡ D‘ep¡N L$fuA¡ R>uA¡, ‘p¡sp“y„ bm gCA¡ R>uA¡, kNp„-k„b„^u L¡$ gpNhN“p¡ D‘ep¡N L$fuA¡ R>uA¡ ‘f„sy ‘l¡gp cNhp““y„ bm g¡hy„ Å¡CA¡.

- cNhp“ kp’¡ Å¡X$phhp dpV$¡ cS>“ L$fhy„.. ‘p‘p¡dp„’u dyr¼s d¡mhhp dpV$¡ cS>“ L$fhy„.. A„s:L$fZ“u iyrÙ L$fhp dpV$¡ cS>“ L$fhy„.. âcy“u âkßsp âpá L$fhp dpV$¡ cS>“ L$fhy„.. cNhp““y„ bm ^pfZ L$fhp dpV$¡ cS>“ L$fhy„.. cNhp““p NyZp¡ âpá L$fhp dpV$¡ cS>“ L$fhy„.. cNhp““p qv$L$fp ’hp dpV$¡ cS>“ L$fhy„.. cNhp“ kp’¡ k„b„^ ÖY$ L$fhp dpV$¡ cS>“ L$fhy„.

4. cS>“ L¡$hu fus¡ L$fhy„ ? : (1) ipfuqfL$ s¥epfu (2) dp“rkL$ s¥epfu

(1) ipfuqfL$ s¥epfu

- ‘¡V$ Mpgu A’hp A^|{„ fpMp¡.

- khpf¡ ìl¡gp DW$uA¡ - s¡ kde cS>“ dpV$¡ î¡›$ R>¡.

- cS>“ dpV$¡ A¡L$p„s ‘k„v$ L$fp¡. cS>“ v$fçep“ d„qv$f A’hp W$pL$p¡fÆ“u d|rs® kdn b¡khy„.

- cS>“ v$fçep“ Mobile - iPod - iPad - laptop hN¡f¡ D‘L$fZp¡ kp’¡ “p fpMhp.

(2) dp“rkL$ s¥epfu

(A) Flight Mode

- cS>“ v$fçep“ L$p¡C‘Z âh©rÑ L¡$ A^|fp L$pep£“¡ epv$ “p L$fp¡.. kNp„-k„b„^u L¡$ rdÓp¡“¡ epv$ “p L$fp¡.. tQspAp¡“¡ epv$ “p L$fp¡.

- ‘„Qrhje’u ‘p¡sp“u Ås“¡ R|>V$u ‘pX$p¡.

- L$p¡C“pe v$p¡j õhcph L¡$ âh©rÑ“p¡ rhQpf “p L$fp¡.

(B) Empty Your Cup

- d¡fp dyS>d¡ Ly$R> “rl.. lº„ cNhp“ ApNm i|Þe S> Ry>„.

- lº„ Aby^ Ry>„, Aop“u Ry>„...

(C) Connecting to the Supreme

- cNhp“ õhprd“pfpeZ A“¡ NyZpsus ‘yfyjp¡“p ApÐduesp, kfmsp, kyùv$cph, v$pkÐh, k¡hL$cph hN¡f¡ âk„Np¡“p¡ rhQpf L$fhp¡.

- dlpfpS> A“¡ Nyfylqf õhpduÆ“p drldp“p¡ rhQpf L$fhp¡.

- cNhp““u L${Zp, NfS>, r“:õhp’® â¡d, cuX$p¡, rhipmsp, kh®v$¡iuesp hN¡f¡ NyZp¡“p¡ rhQpf L$fhp¡.

- Nyfylqf õhpduÆA¡ Ap‘¡gu rh^rh^ õd©rs“p¡ rhQpf L$fhp¡.

- "r“ÅÐdp“„ b°ûê‘d...' “u cph“p’u cS>“ L$fhy„.

A„sdp„ D‘[õ’s kp¥A¡ k„L$ë‘ L$ep® L¡$, Ad¡ kp¥

- r“erds AW$hpqX$L$ kcp cfuiy„.

- L$p¡C“p¡ Acph-AhNyZ “ g¡hpe dpV¡$ ÅN°s fluiy„ A“¡ g¡hpe Åe sp¡ cS>“-õhpÝepe L$fuiy„.

- b¡ kpfp kp^y A“¡ Qpf kpfp lqfc¼s kp’¡ d¥Óu L$fuiy„.

- L$’phpsp® kp„cmuiy„ A“¡ r“erds Ap¡R>pdp„ Ap¡Ry> 30 rd“uV$ cS>“ L$fuiy„.

A„sdp„ ‘|.b°ûrhlpfuõhpduA¡ õhpduÆ“p QfZp¡dp„ âp’®“p L$fu L¡$, Ad¡ kp¥ c|gL$p„Ap¡A¡ c¡Np dmu“¡ 5p„Q qv$hk HEALING THE SOUL  hL®$ip¡‘ ‘f õhpÝepe L$ep£ A“¡ Ad“¡ L$ep„ L$ep„ fp¡N “X¡$ R>¡ A¡“u ÅZL$pfu d¡mhu A“¡ ApS>¡ cS>“ L¡$hu fus¡ L$fhy„ s¡ ÅÎey„, s¡ âdpZ¡ r“erds õhpÝepe-cS>“ L$fhp“y„ A“¡ ApS>¡ S>¡ k„L$ë‘p¡ L$ep® R>¡ A¡ âdpZ¡ Æh“ Æhhp“y„ M|b M|b bm Ap‘Å¡.'

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