Atmiya Sparsh (Saint's Vicharan) - Jul 2015, Halol

On Date: 26 July 2015

Even today, in 21st century also, the people from interior villages of India are deprived of their basic needs as, the fruits of economic-social developments have not yet reached up to them. As a part of their routine social services, to take care of them and bring them into the main stream of society, the saints P. Acharyaswam and P. Shashwatswmi from rural areas of Atmiya Pradesh had visited these backward and neglected villages on 25th and 26th July 2015 and, meeting the villagers here, had given them the warmth and Atmiya Sparsh.

As a part of religious institution’s duty towards society, the saints from Shri Hari Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada, periodically visit the backward and neglected people of the society and try their level best to solve their problems. As a part of this activity, the regional saints P. Acharyaswami and P. Shashwatswami from Atmiya Pradesh had visited the villages like Baliyadev, Palkhanda, Lalpura and Ranipura.

In the morning on 25/7/15, they reached Baliyadev village of Halol Taluka where they met Dasbhai whose young son had expired due to brain hemorrhage. They talked to him and his family members, gave them the patience and courage by telling the spiritual talks, reminded of the saying “Ishawarechha Baliyashi...” and tried to encourage them to live life as before by forgetting whatever had happened. After this they met the other villagers also there and advised them all to keep away from lust, addictions and superstitions and to provide proper education to their children.

From here, they reached Palkhanda village of Halol Taluka on the same evening, met Jaswantbhai there, inquired with him about his life position and guided his son to do/complete his required education and, meeting other youths from the village, advised/encouraged them to keep away from addictions.

On the 2nd day, they visited a very small village Lalpura of Halol Taluka where they met Bhavansinhbhai. The level of addictions and bad customs is since very high here, the residents from the surrounding area also were called there together and guided/inspired to live an addiction-free life, to maintain cleanliness in their homes and in surroundings by giving guidance to avoid diseases/illness while also mixing with their children to advise them to do right studies to be able to support their families for their will-being and also their problems were known and trying to solve them in the best possible way/extent.

Went to Ravjibhai’s residence in Ranipura village in the evening, called a meeting of around 35 villagers there, explained the family spirit to them and informing the benefits of Atmiyata in the families, asked them to maintain samp/harmony and discussing their present positions, they were advised as to how the positive changes could be brought therein. They were advised to provide proper education to their children and to keep them away from addictions and bad companies. Thus, during this visit to 4 villages, efforts were made to solve their problems and to give them the atmiya sparsh by these saints.

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