Janmashtami Utsav - 2015, Vadodara (Madhyastha Yuvak Mandal)

On Date: 06 September 2015
Activity: Festival



On account of Janmastami, the Central Mandal of Vadodara had arranged a program of Krishnajanmotsava and Matkifod in Untkhana Galli, Khanderao Market on Sunday, the 6th September 2015 in which, around 450 ladies, gents and youths had participated to celebrate Krishnajanmostava.

In Indian religion, the month of Shravan is considered to be a month of devotion and prayer during which, the followers of Shaiva sect worship Lord Shiva with zeal while, the followers of Vaishnava sect remain eager to celebrate the birth of Lala (Shri Krishna in His childhood) on 8th day of Shravan month in 2nd fortnight.

To celebrate Krishnajanmotsav this year in a different way, the Central Mandal of Vadodara had hanged 4 maktis in Untkhana Galli-Khanderao Market for breaking between 6.30 & 9,00 pm in the evening on Sunday by the boys, the 1st one to be broken by children from Bal Mandal forming pyramids and remaining 3 were broken by the members of youth mandals. After this, all the participants had satisfied themselves by dancing to their satisfaction on the tune/music of D.J. by singing the songs of devotion of Krishna and playing garbas and at the end, had enjoyed a Prasad of Sev-Usal before dispersing.

On this occasion, Sri Dilipbhai Agrawal (BJP Pres., Ward-16) and Sri Gopalbhai Gohil (Baxi Panch Morcha, Ward-16) also remained present.

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