Atmiya Sparsh - (Swamiji's Vicharan) June 2015, Report - 2, USA

On Date: 28 June 2015
Activity: Vicharan (Visit)
Location: USA Locationwise

While P.P. Swamiji was just going to His room on 25th June 2015 in the night at Shri Shaileshbhai’s (Kandari) residence leaving His seat after the sabha, He saw a small boy sitting there whose hair had come on his forehead. He asked him to get up. Everybody sitting there in the sabha started clapping. Looking at this, P.P. Swamiji asked them all to stop clapping at once and said, “One minute, one minute......please listen to one thing I say......”

Then saying, ‘Come here, come here...’ to that boy, He called that boy closer to Him. Adjusting his hair from his forehead said to all sitting there, “Please listen to one thing, the hair of none of your children should ever come on their forehead, they must not cover the forehead. Please do remember this. Teach them to comb their hair properly like this. They should not be like this. As the present children are little less aware about etiquettes/manners, we should teach them all these with love/softly. We should learn this and teach also, but, with love only.”

Thus, P.P. Swamiji expressed His very much love for that boy and also advised others too.


On 26th June 2015 at Shaileshbhai’s (Kandari) place after the lunch at noon, bhoolku Niramay, while handing over his result to P.P. Swamiji, said, “This is my result card.”

After reading it, Swamiji expressed His great pleasure and said, “My God.....! You do deserve a prize....!”

Then, showing it Suhradswami, said, “Best.”

Then, looking at Niramay, said, “Genius Man....!”

Then, while giving another card to Swamiji, he said, “This is a presidential award.”

Seeing it Swamiji was very pleased. Then, one of the sevaks showed Mr. Obama’s signature on it. Looking at it He said, “It is a genius signature. B has been covered up in O.....!”

Then, explaining about the presidential award, Shaileshbhai and Tarunbhai said, “Only those, whose performance is excellent, get this award”. Then, Tarunbhai said, “With your mercy and blessings only, Rushi’s daughter, Niramay and Gaurav have been able to achieve this awards.”

On this, Swamiji said, “It is really a very good and remarkable thing that everybody in your family studies so well. Congratulations to all of them....!” Again, looking at every bhoolku once again, He said, “Das Na Das......Das Na Das....... Das Na Das......This also is a very big degree. And then, Supreme to Supreme.....”


Girishbhai from Vargenia joined a call to one of his friends Khimabhai staying in India and gave it to P.P. Swamiji which He took in His hand and said in a very unique and a memorable special style, “Jay Swaminarayan” and further said, “It is really a great pleasure to see you on phone.....!”

Khimabhai replied, “I am staying in Vanthali near Junagadh.”

Swamiji said, “My God.....! is it !, are you from Vanthali ?, a very sacred place like a pilgrimage....! Well, Well.....Talking to you on phone has really given me a great pleasure. After a very long time we have met on phone.....! I have become fresh...”


Immediately on finishing the talks on phone, He again looked at all the bhoolkus sitting there and again told the devotees sitting there, “Now our children are really studying well......wherever we go, we hear of A grade only....! It is really a very big grace of Bapa...!”

Then, looking at the bhoolkus, He said, “No movies. OK?”

Everybody since said “Yes”, He said, “Yes..... all the boys are really sincere in their studies and are making good progress......!”

Then, looking once again at all those bhoolkus He said, “It is really a wonderful thing that, all these children are sitting quietly peacefully they all are sitting ! See, see.....!”

Then, while talking about Ved, the son of Parikshit Dave, Suhradswami said, “Yesterday, when your talks were over and when you were going to your room at 10:30 pm, Ved was telling his daddy, ‘Today, the sabha was really very excellent’”. And, continuing further, he said, “A Welcome Card was to be prepared when you were to come. It was decided to write the whole of an alphabet on it with the spiritual names/meanings of every letter on it. On asking Ved as to, what for A?, He said, ‘Atmiyata’., B for ‘Bhoolku’, D for ‘Das Na Das’, N for ‘Nishtha’, M for ‘Mukti’ (Salvation), P for ‘Priti’ (Love), S for ‘Swaroopnishtha’, T for ‘Tolerance’, Y for ‘Yogihraday’. Because, Swamishri Has named our car as Yogihraday (The heart of Yogiji Maharaj)..... then remembering the meaning of T, he said, T for not the tolerance but, Tuhi-Tuhi.”

Then, Swamiji asked Shantubhai, “How is the experience you all there in your New Jersey ? Do all secure A grade?”

Shantubhai said, “Yes, there also they secure A” and further said, “In studies they secure A and, the small boys sing the kirtans also without referring the books, they also speak the mottos as well as the talks of Swami also orally. Although, they don’t know to read/write the Gujarati but, they learn by repeatedly listening them.”


Because it was 3 pm in the afternoon and Swamiji had already spoken for more than an hour, the close sevaks requested Swamiji, “Already it is 3 pm, shall we now go for a rest ?”

Swamiji said, “Because it was especially for the youths today, none of you should come in between us today. Had it been for the elders, we would have definitely got up, no problem in that. But, there should be no rule for the youths, no time table...... youths means, Yogiji Maharaj..... the service to youths means the service to Yogiji Maharaj.....youths’ darshans means the darshans of Yogiji Maharaj Himself.....” Then at around 3:25 pm He went for rest.


Swamiji went to the residence of Himanshubhai and Ambrishbhai, the sons of Maheshbhai from Sokhada, at 11:30 pm in the night. A very beautiful decoration was made there with the lamps. Swamiji expressed great pleasure by looking at the motto “Tare laine hun (I am, only because of you)” written with these lamps and said, “He, who wants to come out of his self-ego, has got to accept/observe/obey this motto.”

By holding the finger of P.P. Swamishri, the sons of Lavbhai and Himanshubhai led Him right up to His place/seat in the house. Swamishri Himself also accepted the devotion of those bhoolkus just like a bhoolku only.


While talking about Bhuj, at the residence of Himanshubhai and Ambrishbhai on 27th June 2015, Ashokbhai said, ‘Today, there is a meeting of volunteers in Bhuj. Around 150 youths have gathered. The volunteers from Bhachau, Anjar, Mandvi, Bhuj, Madhapar, Gandhidham and from the centers of surrounding places have come. Shrijisaurabhswami has said/conveyed ‘Jay Swaminarayan’.’

Swamiji said, “This means that the place/area where 150 volunteers are there, at least 1500 youth must be there. Every volunteers should prepare at least 10 youths, should look after them, should make them Nishthavan (faithful).....” Thus, He showed His willingness.


After the puja, Shaileshbhai came for Swamiji’s darshans along with his father in law and brother in law. On introducing them to Swamiji, He asked, “From where are you ?”

They said, “Bahadarpur”

On asking his name, his brother in law said, “Rignesh”

So, Swamiji said, “Rignesh ? Let us keep it ‘Jignesh’ I will call you Jignesh.”

Shaileshbhai said, “His elder brother’s name is Jignesh.”

Swamiji said, “I don’t know what does the Rignesh mean but, Jignesh means—He, whom the God has given the eternal pure knowledge is called Jignesh. I have given names to thousands of people. I always give a name which has got some meaning, in which there is some good/sensible meaning. For example, Amrut, Nirdosh, Suhrad and like them with which, at least some spiritual meaning is associated.”


Then, Swamiji gave His darshans on Facetime to the active volunteers of Bhoolku pradesh attending the volunteer’s meeting in Bhuj. Every volunteer expressed his highest joy on getting the darshans of Swamiji. It was rather a more worth looking and touching scene when Swamiji took the darshans of the devotees. Swamiji was taking the darshans of all of them and was conveying His “Jay Swaminarayan” to them by bowing down to each/all of them.

Then, He said, “Now, listen to me. Lord Swaminarayan Has given 2 slokas – (1) Nijatmanam Brahmarupam......(2) Das Na Das.....” and, completely spoke both the slokas.

Then said, “By the time I come there, everybody has to live like a Das of a Das. Vow to start living like that from today itself. Don’t go to sleep without doing at least 50 malas whenever you lose your temper in the house. Sahajanandswami Maharajni Jay....” Thus, He inspired everyone while also encouraging and advising them.


When P.B. Vasantbhai Papaiya came for the darshans of P.P. Swamiji and said “Jay Swaminarayan” to Swamishri, Swamishri also replied, “Jay Swaminarayan” and, welcoming him said, “Come....Sit.....Where do you come from ?”

Vasantbhai since felt that Swamishri has perhaps not recognized me properly, he removed his specks and asked, “Did you recognize me ?”

On this, laughingly Swamishri said, “Oh....! My friend has come! My companion has come!”

Listening to Swamishri’s such affectionate talks/greetings, tears came to his eyes and he told Suhradswami sitting there nearby, “Whenever I happen to meet Swamiji, He invariably calls me His friend/companion.... I thought, He may have probably forgotten me.”

Then, sitting on the floor, he told Swamishri, “Swamiji! You have since given me a place in your heart, I am extremely delighted...”

Swamishri laughed very much and said, “My companion has since come; I am very much happy....”

Then Vasantbhai said, “Though I wanted to attend the function of 2015, because of bad health then, I could not do so but, I was very unhappy for that.”

Swamishri said, “Never mind, we are still going to celebrate one more similar function. We will call you then for that. It will be after one year. Exactly like that one only. You will be invited for the same.”

Vasantbhai said, “But, please see that I am able to come. The health remains good enough...”

Swamishri said, “That only I am saying, we will call you, that means, you will be definitely able to come, otherwise, I will carry you there.”

Looking at such a mercy, Vasantbhai was very happy.

Then, Swamishri asked him, “What is your age now ?”

He said, “It is 77.”

Swamishri said, “I am 82. I am older than you.”

Vasantbhai said, “You are elder.”

Then, Swamishri said, “But my age is 82. We have still to run a lot/have got do a lot of works yet.”

Vasantbhai said, “I also want do a lot of seva yet. Bless me, so that I can still run for at least for 10 years more.”

Swamishri said, “Yes...walk for some time daily and, take sweets only on 5 days in a year. On Diwali, on birthdays of P. Shashtriji Maharaj and P. Yogiji Maharaj, on Gurupurnima and on somebody’s birthday in the family..... otherwise, no sweets at all. Take only the dal, rice, chapatis and vegetables. We have yet to walk. Have to make our legs alright.”


After the meals, went to Himanshubhai’s residence.

Himanshubhai and Ambrishbhai said, “From the next year, Nirman is coming to AVM for his studies.”

Swamishri said, “Then all your problems are solved.... Best decision.... done a good job...”

Then, Ambrishbhai presented a request/prayer, “My mother is 82 years old and she doesn’t keep a good health. She has requested for a blessings from you. She suffers from a breathing problem.”

Swamishri said, “Go to India and start a treatment there. It will be cured. How shall I know when she comes to India ?”

Then, said, “Inform Ashokbhai.”

Then seeing Nirman there again, said, “We are going to take you to our school.”

Himanshubhai said, “It is final from the next year.”

Swamishri said, “Then, all your problems are solved..... all the problems solved....”

Ambrishbhai informed about his daughter also that, Krupa also is going there from the next year.

Swamishri said, “Let them study there only, then, you won’t have to look after them for whole life.”


At 10:20 pm in the night, ambrish devotee leader Chiragbhai Thakkar and Nileshbhai Bagdai were enjoying the pleasure of darshans of P.P. Swamishri in the plane. Looking at Nileshbhai, Swamishri said, “Tomorrow, we will come to your place for taking Khichadi. Khichadi at Nileshbhai’s place and stay at Chiragbhai’s place.....”

Chiragbhai presented a prayer, “Please do so, that You stay/remain permanently.”

Listening to this, Swamiji expressed a great pleasure.

Then, Nileshbhai presented a prayer, “Swamiji ! Formerly, you used to call me ‘tu’, nowadays, you call me ‘tame’. So, I have a prayer to put before you that, please, use your right upon me and call me ‘tu’ only”.

Swamishri said, “OK, OK.....Surely.....”


Just before going to bed at 12:45 am in the night, Swamiji called Chiragbhai. There was a very faint light in the room. Swamishri told Chiragbhai, “I don’t come here to look/see your houses but, to take the darshans of all those youths, friends, and the new satsangis you have brought throughout the year”.

Thus, even at such a late night, before going to sleep, He showed His interest in new youths coming in His contact and thereby they choose the real/proper/right path of their life.


An American police officer came for the darshans of P.P. Swamishre at Ronakbhai’s residence in Clifton at 8:00 pm at night. Inviting him for our festival He said in Gujarati to him, “There is a grand festival in India in the 1st week of January, please do come with at least 2 to 5 of your friends there.”

Guruprasadswami and Shantubhai explained this to him in English. Listening to this, the officer was very happy and said, “I would like to come to India. It’s my pleasure. Thanks, I’ll come.”

Hearing this Swamishri said, “Thank You, Thank You…”


At 8:15, after Swamiji had finished His Ukala, all the devotees and the youths present there were taking the darshans of P.P. Swamishri one by one. Calling Shantubhai close to Him, Swamiji told him, “Do understand properly to one thing that I am telling you now. I am telling you the reason of such a vast expansion of our satsang. Wherever I go, I always do some talks with/to the devotees present there before taking my meals without fail. I never take my food without doing some talks. This is my habit since so many years.... whenever we take meals, we have to give away our Punya, because we do some talks, it remains with us only in balance.”

Thus, He showed an entirely a different type of devotion.

**** ***** ****



sp. 25-06-2015 “p fp¡S> i¥g¡jcpC (L„$X$pfu) “p Of¡ fpÓ¡ kcp bpv$ õhpduîu Apk“ D‘f’u Ecp ’C ‘p¡sp“u ê$ddp„ ‘^pfu füp lsp. A¡L$ “p“p v$uL$fp“p hpm L$‘pm D‘f Aph¡gp Å¡C õhpduîuA¡ A¡“¡ Ecp¡ L$ep£. Ap v$i®“ L$fu kcpdp„ rbfpS>¡gp klº dy¼sp¡A¡ spmuAp¡ ‘pX$u. spmuAp¡ b„^ L$fphsp„ ’L$p bp¡ëep, "A¡L$ rdr“V$, A¡L$ rdr“V$... dpfu A¡L$ hps kp„cmu gp¡...'

‘R>u "Al] Aphp¡, Al] Aphp¡...' A¡d L$lu A¡ v$uL$fp“¡ “ÆL$ bp¡gpìep¡. s¡“p hpm L$‘pm D‘f’u lV$phu kfMp L$ep® A“¡ D‘[õ’s klº lqfc¼sp¡“¡ L$üy„, "kp„cmu gp¡ dpfu hps. sdpfp b^p“p v$uL$fpAp¡“p hpm L$‘pm D‘f “ Aphhp Å¡CA¡. L$‘pm Y$p„L$u v$¡ A¡hp “p Å¡CA¡. bfpbf Ýep“ fpMÅ¡. Apd Ap¡msp iuMhpX$u v$¡Å¡. Aphp “p Å¡CA¡. AÐepf“u hp„v$fk¡“p“p¡ dpm ’p¡X$p¡ Ap¡R>p¡ lp¡e A¡V$g¡ Ap‘Z¡ â¡d L$fu“¡ hpm Ap¡msp iuMhpX$u v$¡Å¡. Ap‘Z¡ Ap iuMhy„ ‘X¡$ A“¡ iuMhhy„ ‘X¡$. ‘Z â¡d’u kdÅhÅ¡.'

Apd v$uL$fp“¡ M|b l¡s L$ey¯ A“¡ klº“¡ iuM Ap‘u.


sp. 26-06-2015 “p fp¡S> i¥g¡jcpC (L„$X$pfu) “p b‘p¡f¡ ’pm bpv$ c|gLy„$ r“fpde¡ õhpduîu“¡ ‘p¡sp“y„ result Ap‘sp„ L$üy„, "Ap dpfy„ result card R>¡.'

A¡ hp„Qu õhpduîuA¡ M|b S> fpÆ ’L$p„ L$üy„, "My God...! B“pd Ap‘hy„ ‘X$i¡...!'

‘R>u A¡ kyùv$õhpdu“¡ bsphu L$üy„, "Best...'

‘R>u r“fpde sfa ×rô$ L$fu L$üy„, "Genius man...!

‘R>u buSy>„ card Ap‘sp„ L$üy„, "Ap Presidential Award R>¡.

õhpduîu A¡ r“lpmu fpÆ ’ep. ‘R>u L$p¡L$ k¡hL¡$ Ap¡bpdp“u klu bsphu. A¡ Å¡C bp¡ëep, "Genius klu R>¡. O dp„ B kdphu v$u^p¡ R>¡...!'

‘R>u Presidential Award A„N¡ i¥g¡jcpC A“¡ s{$ZcpCA¡ kdÅhsp„ L$üy„, "S>¡“y„ Performance Excellent lp¡e A¡hp“¡ S> Ap Award dm¡ R>¡.'

‘R>u s{$ZcpCA¡ L$üy„, "Ap‘“u L©$‘p’u F>rj“u v$uL$fu“¡, r“fpde“¡ A“¡ Np¥fh“¡ Ap Award dþep¡ R>¡.'

Ap kp„cmu fpÆ‘p¡ v$ip®hsp„ bp¡ëep, "sdpfp ‘qfhpfdp„ b^p ApV$gy„ kfk cZ¡ R>¡ A¡ kpfy„ L$l¡hpe. b^p“¡ ^Þehpv$...!' afu’u v$f¡L$ c|gL$p„Ap¡ D‘f ×rô$ L$fsp„ Åe A“¡ bp¡gsp Åe, "v$pk“p v$pk... v$pk“p v$pk... v$pk“p v$pk... Ap ‘Z A¡L$ dp¡V$u X$uN°u R>¡. A¡ ‘R>u Supreme to Supreme...'


hÆ®“uephpmp NufuicpCA¡ cpfsdp„ h„’gudp„ fl¡sp s¡d“p rdÓ MudpcpC“p¡ ap¡“ gNpX$u“¡ õhpduîu“¡ Apàep¡. ap¡“ lp’dp„ gu^p¡. "S>e õhprd“pfpeZ...' A¡d M|b S> õd©rsv$peL$ fus¡ bp¡ëep. ‘R>u L$l¡, "sdpfp v$i®“ L$fu“¡ M|b S> Ap“„v$ ’ep¡...!

MudpcpCA¡ L$üy„, "S|>“pNY$“u bpSy>dp„ h„’gudp„ flº„ Ry>„.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "My God...! âkpv$u“p ^pd, su’®^pd h„’mu“p R>p¡ A¡d...! âkpv$u“y„ ^pd...! kpfy„, kpfy„... sdpfp¡ ap¡“ Apìep¡ s¡’u M|b Ap“„v$ ’ep¡. OZp hMs ‘R>u Ap‘Z¡ c¡Np ’ep...! lº„ fresh ’C Nep¡...'


ap¡“ ‘|fp¡ L$fu sfs S> c|gL$p„Ap¡ sfa ×rô$ L$fu Al] b¡W¡$gp c¼sp¡“¡ L$üy„, "Ap‘Z¡ v$uL$fpAp¡ lh¡ cZ¡ R>¡ kfk... Äep„ S>CA¡ Ðep„ A N°¡X$ S> kp„cmhp dm¡ R>¡...! bp‘p“u blº dp¡V$u L©$‘p ’C NC...'

‘R>u c|gL$p„Ap¡ sfa ×rô$ L$fu bp¡ëep, "No Movie. Ok ? '

b^pA¡ lp ‘pX$u A¡V$g¡ L$l¡, "Yes... v$uL$fpAp¡ b^p cZhpdp„ kfk fus¡ ApNm h^u füp R>¡...!'

‘R>u afu “p“p c|gL$p„Ap¡ sfa ×rô$ L$fu L$üy„, "Ap “p“p “p“p v$uL$fpAp¡ ip„rs’u b¡W$p R>¡ A¡ blº L$l¡hpe... L¡$hp ip„rs’u b¡W$p R>¡ ! Sy>Ap¡ Sy>Ap¡...!'

‘R>u kyùv$õhpduA¡ ‘qfrns v$h¡“p v$uL$fp h¡v$“u hps L$fsp„ L$ü„y, "NCL$pg¡ fpÓ¡ 10:30 hpN¡ Ap‘“u Np¡r›$ ‘|fu ’C ‘R>u Ap‘ Äepf¡ D‘f Ap‘“u ê$ddp„ ‘^pep® Ðepf¡ h¡v$ A¡“p ‘à‘p“¡ L$l¡sp¡ lsp¡ L¡$ ‘à‘p, ApS>¡ kcp kfk ’C.'

‘R>u ApNm hps L$fsp„ L$üy„, "Ap‘ ‘^pfhp“p lsp Ðepf¡ Ap‘“p dpV¡$ Welcome Card b“phhp“y„ lsy„. ApMu ABCD gMu A¡“p ApÝep[ÐdL$ “pd gMhp A¡hy„ “½$u ’ey„. ‘R>u h¡v$“¡ ‘|R¹>ey„ L¡$ A for iy„ ? sp¡ A¡Z¡ L$üy„, "ApÐduesp.' B for c|gLy„$. D for v$pk“p v$pk. N for r“›$p. M for dy[¼s. P for âurs. S for õhê$‘r“›$p. T for Tolerance. Y for ep¡Nuùv$e. L$pfZ L¡$ õhpduîuA¡ Ap‘Zu NpX$u“y„ “pd ep¡Nuùv$e Apàey„ R>¡ “¡...

‘R>u A¡“¡ T “p¡ A’® epv$ Apìep¡ A¡V$g¡ L$l¡, "T for tolerance “l] ‘Z sy„lu-sy„lu.'

‘R>u ip„sycpC“¡ ‘|R¹>ey„, "sdpfp ÞeyS>k}dp„ b^p“¡ L¡$hp A“ych R>¡ ? b^p A gph¡ R>¡ ?'

ip„sycpC L$l¡, "Ðep„ ‘Z A gph¡ R>¡.' ‘R>u L$üy„, "cZhpdp„ ‘Z A gph¡ R>¡ A“¡ “p“p “p“p v$uL$fpAp¡ L$us®“p¡ dp¢Y$¡ bp¡g¡ R>¡, L$’phpsp®“p k|Óp¡ A“¡ õhpdu“u hpsp¡ ‘Z dp¢Y$¡ bp¡g¡ R>¡. NyS>fpsu hp„Qsp-gMsp “’u AphX$sy„ ‘Z kp„cmu-kp„cmu“¡ dp¢Y$¡ bp¡g¡ R>¡.'


b‘p¡f“p ÓZ hpÁep lsp. ApS>¡ õhpduîu S>çep bpv$ kss khp L$gpL$ S>¡V$gy„ bp¡ëep lsp s¡’u A„s¡hpku k¡hL$p¡A¡ âp’®“p L$fu, "ÓZ ’hp Apìep R>¡. lh¡ Apfpddp„ S>Ciy„ ?'

‘R>u L$l¡, "ApS>¡ sp¡ eyhL$p¡“y„ lsy„ A¡V$g¡ sdpf¡ b^pA¡ hÃQ¡ “rl Aphhp“y„. hX$ugp¡“y„ lp¡e sp¡ Ecp ’C S>CA¡. A¡dp„ hp„^p¡ “rl. hp„v$fk¡“p ApNm L$p¡C L$pev$p¡ “rl, L$p¡C V$pCdV¡$bg “rl... eyhL$p¡ A¡V$g¡ ep¡NuÆ dlpfpS>... eyhL$p¡“u k¡hp A¡V$g¡ ep¡NuÆ dlpfpS>“u k¡hp... eyhL$p¡“p v$i®“ A¡V$g¡ ep¡NuÆ dlpfpS>“p v$i®“...' ‘R>u b‘p¡f¡ 3:25 hpN¡ Apfpddp„ ‘^pep®.


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ghcpC A“¡ rldp„iycpC“p v$uL$fpAp¡A¡ õhpduîu“¡ Ap„Nmu ‘L$X$u Ofdp„ Apk“ ky^u gC Nep. õhpduîu ‘Z A¡ c|gL$p„Ap¡“u c[¼s“¡ c|gLy„$ ’C õhuL$pfu füp.


sp. 27-06-2015“p fp¡S> rldp„iycpC A“¡ A„bfujcpC“p Of¡, khpf¡ Aip¡L$cpCA¡ c|S>“u hps L$fsp L$üy„, "ApS>¡ c|S>dp„ L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡“u duV$]N R>¡. 150 eyhL$p¡ c¡Np ’ep R>¡. cQpD, A„Åf, dp„X$hu, c|S>, dp^p‘f, Np„^u^pd rhN¡f¡ k¡ÞV$fp¡“p L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡ c¡Np ’ep R>¡. îuÆkp¥fcõhpduA¡ S>e õhprd“pfpeZ ‘pW$ìep R>¡.'

õhpduîuA¡ L$üy„, "Ap“p¡ A’® A¡ ’ep¡ L¡$ S>¡ âv$¡idp„ 150 L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡ lp¡e s¡ âv$¡idp„ 1500 eyhL$p¡ sp¡ lp¡hp S> Å¡CA¡. A¡L$ L$pe®L$sp® 10 eyhL$p¡“¡ s¥epf L$f¡, s¡“u Np¡hpmu L$f¡, s¡“¡ r“›$php“ b“ph¡...' Apd v$i®“ L$fpìey„.


‘|Å bpv$ i¥g¡jcpC (L„$X$pfu) s¡d“p kkfp A“¡ kpmp“¡ gC“¡ õhpduîu“p v$i®“¡ Apìep. Ap¡mMpZ Ap‘u A¡V$g¡ õhpduîuA¡ ‘|R¹>ey„, "L$ep Npd“p R>p¡ ?'

s¡dZ¡ L$üy„, "blpv$f‘yf.'

‘R>u kpmp“y„ “pd ‘|R¹>ey„. s¡dZ¡ L$üy„, "fu‚¡i.'

A¡V$g¡ õhpduîu L$l¡, "fu‚¡i ? Ap‘Z¡ Æo¡i fpMp¡. lº„ sd“¡ Æo¡i L$lui...'

i¥g¡jcpCA¡ L$üy„, "A¡d“p dp¡V$pcpC“y„ “pd Æo¡i R>¡.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "fu‚¡i iåv$“p¡ A’® iy„ ’pe A¡“u d“¡ Mbf “’u. Æo¡i iåv$“p¡ A’® R>¡ - âcyA¡ S>¡“¡ k“ps“ iyÙ op“ Apàey„ R>¡ s¡“¡ Æo¡i L$l¡hpe. d¢ lÅfp¡“p “pd ‘pX$ép li¡. lº„ S>¡“p “pd ‘pXy„$“¡ A¡ L$p¡C A’®hpmy„ “pd Ap‘y„. S>¡ “pddp„ L$p¡C kpfp¡ cphp’® kdpe¡gp¡ lp¡e A¡hp “pd Ap‘y„. ^pfp¡ L¡$ Ad©s, r“v$p£j, kyùv$ A¡hp “pd ‘pXy„$ S>¡“u kp’¡ L$p¡C ApÝep[ÐdL$ A’® lp¡e.'


‘R>u c|S>dp„ c|gLy„$ âv$¡i“p kq¾$e L$pe®L$sp®Ap¡“u duV$]Ndp„ Ny{$lqfA¡ facetime ‘f v$i®“ Apàep. b^p c¼sp¡A¡ õhpduîu“p v$i®“ L$fu M|b S> Ap“„v$ ìe¼s L$ep£. A¡’u rhi¡j õhpduîuA¡ Äepf¡ c¼sp¡“p v$i“® L$ep® Ðepf¡ Av¹$cys v$i®“ lsy„. õhpduîuA¡ T|L$u T|L$u“¡ klº“¡ S>e õhprd“pfpeZ ‘pW$ìep.

‘R>u L$üy„, "lh¡ Adpfu hps kp„cmp¡. cNhp“ õhprd“pfpeZ¡ b¡ ïgp¡L$ Apàep - (1) r“ÅÐdp“d¹ b°ûê$‘d¹... (2) v$pk“p v$pk...' A¡d b„“¡ ïgp¡L$ ApMp bp¡ëep.

‘R>u L$l¡, "lº„ Äepf¡ Ðep„ Aphy„ Ðep„ ky^udp„ Ap‘Z¡ b^pA¡ v$pk“p v$pk ’C“¡ Æhu g¡hp“y„ R>¡. ApS>’u Æhhp“p¡ ×Y$ k„L$ë‘ L$fp¡. Ofdp„ diu“ apV¡$ sp¡ 50 dpmp a¡fìep rkhpe fpÓ¡ k|hp“y„ “rl. klÅ“„v$õhpdu dlpfpS>“u S>e...' Apd klº“¡ Av¹$cys k|T kp’¡ bm ‘Z Apàey„.


‘.c. hk„scpC ‘‘¥ep õhpduîu“p v$i®“¡ Apìep. s¡Ap¡A¡ õhpduîu“¡ S>e õhprd“pfpeZ L$üp. A¡V$g¡ õhpduîuA¡ ‘Z "S>e õhprd“pfpeZ' L$lu AphL$pfsp„ L$üy„, "Aphp¡... b¡kp¡... ¼ep„’u Apìep ?'

hk„scpC“¡ A¡hy„ ’ey„ L¡$ õhpduîuA¡ d“¡ Ap¡m¿ep¡ “’u A¡V$g¡ A¡dZ¡ ‘p¡sp“p Qídp Dspfu“¡ ‘|R¹>ey„, "d“¡ Ap¡m¿ep¡ ?'

õhpduîu lksp„ ’L$p„ L$l¡, "Ap¡lp¡lp¡...! Ap sp¡ dpfp rdÓ Aphu Nep ! dpfp cpCb„^ Aphu Nep !'

õhpduîu“u Aphu hpÐkëecfu hps kp„cmu hk„scpC“u Ap„Mp¡ cu“u ’C NC. A¡dZ¡ bpSy>dp„ kyùv$õhpdu lsp s¡d“¡ L$üy„, "lº„ Äepf¡ Äepf¡ õhpduÆ“¡ dmy„ Ðepf¡ õhpduÆ d“¡ AQ|L$ L$l¡, "Ap sp¡ dpfp rdÓ Aphu Nep...' d“¡ A¡d L¡$ õhpduÆ d“¡ c|gu Nep li¡.'

‘R>u “uQ¡ b¡ku õhpduîu“¡ L$ü„y, "õhprdÆ ! sd¡ d“¡ sdpfp rdÓ sfuL¡$ l¥epdp„ S>¡ õ’p“ Apàey„ R>¡ A¡“p’u d“¡ blº Ap“„v$ ’ep¡...'

õhpduîu M|b lõep A“¡ bp¡ëep, "dpfp cpCb„^ Aphu Nep; d“¡ M|b Ap“„v$ ’ep¡...'

‘R>u hk„scpCA¡ L$üy„, "2015“p kd¥epdp„ Aphhy„ lsy„ ‘Z srbes g’X$u NC s¡’u Ahpey„ “rl. ‘Z blº vy$:M ’ey„.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "L$ip¡ hp„^p¡ “rl. Ad¡ lSy> A¡L$ kd¥ep¡ L$fhp“p R>uA¡. s¡dp„ sd“¡ bp¡gphu gCiy„. A¡L$ hj® ‘R>u L$fhp“p R>uA¡. S>¡hp¡ lsp¡ s¡hp¡ S> L$fhp“p R>uA¡. A¡dp„ sd“¡ bp¡gphu gCiy„.'

hk„scpC L$l¡, "‘Z Ahpe A¡hy„ L$fÅ¡. srbes kpfu fl¡...'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "lº„ A¡ S> sp¡ L$lº„ Ry>„ L¡$ Ad¡ sd“¡ bp¡gphu gCiy„. A¡“p¡ dsgb A¡ L¡$ sdpfp’u Ahpi¡ S>... “rl sp¡ lº„ sd“¡ KQL$u“¡ gC S>Ci...'

Aphu L${$Zp kp„cmu hk„scpC M|b fpÆ ’ep.

‘R>u õhpduîuA¡ ‘|R¹>ey„, "L¡$V$gu Jdf ’C ?'

s¡dZ¡ L$üy„, "77 ’ep.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "dpfp 82 ’ep. sdpfp L$fsp„ lº„ dp¡V$p¡ Ry>„.'

hk„scpC L$l¡, "Ap‘ sp¡ hX$ug R>p¡.'

‘R>u õhpduîuA¡ L$üy„, "‘Z dpfu Jdf 82 R>¡. lSy> Ap‘Z¡ v$p¡X$hp“y„ R>¡.'

hk„scpC L$l¡, "lSy> dpf¡ blº dp¡V$u k¡hp L$fhu R>¡. 10 hj® v$p¡X$pe A¡hp Apiuhp®v$ Ap‘p¡.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "lp... v$ffp¡S> ’p¡Xy„$ Qpghp“y„ fpMhp“y„. A“¡ buSy>„, hj®dp„ ‘p„Q qv$hk S> duW$pC Mphp“u. qv$hpmu“p qv$hk¡, ip”uÆ dlpfpS> A“¡ ep¡NuÆ dlpfpS>“p âpNV$éqv$“¡, Ny{$‘|rZ®dpA¡, Ofdp„ L$p¡C“p¡ S>Þdqv$hk lp¡e Ðepf¡... bpL$u duW$pC “rl Mphp“u. a¼s v$pm, cps, ipL$, fp¡V$gu S> Mphp“p. Ap‘Z¡ Qpghy„ R>¡. Ap ‘N kpfp L$fu v$¡hp R>¡.'


’pm bpv$ rldp„iycpC“p Of¡ ‘^pep®.

rldp„iycpC A“¡ A„bfujcpCA¡ L$üy„, "Aphsukpg r“dp®“ AVM dp„ cZhp Aphhp“p¡ R>¡.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "sp¡ sp¡ sdpfp b^p Problems Solve... Best Decision... kfk L$pd L$ey¯...'

‘R>u A„bfujcpCA¡ âp’®“p L$fu, "bp“¡ 82 hj® ’ep R>¡. Al] S> fl¡ R>¡. srbes kpfu fl¡su “’u. bpA¡ âp’®“p L$fu R>¡ L¡$ Apiuhp®v$ Ap‘Å¡. lp„a QY¡$ R>¡.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "cpfs S>C“¡ treatment iê$ L$fphu v$¡Å¡, S>sp¡ fl¡i¡. cpfs Aph¡ Ðepf¡ d“¡ L$p¡“p dpfas kdpQpf dmi¡ ?'

‘R>u L$l¡, "Ap Aip¡L$cpC“¡ S>ZphÅ¡.'

‘R>u afu r“dp®““¡ Å¡ep¡ A¡V$g¡ bp¡ëep, "Adpfu õL|$gdp„ gC S>hp“p R>uA¡.'

rldp„iycpCA¡ L$üy„, "Next year ’u ‘pLy„$ S> R>¡.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "sp¡ ‘R>u sdpfp b^p Problem Solve... b^p S> Problem Solve...'

A„bfujcpCA¡ ‘p¡sp“u v$uL$fu L©$‘p dpV¡$ ‘Z L$üy„, "L©$‘p ‘Z next year ’u S> S>hp“u R>¡.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "Ðep„ S> cZphÅ¡. ‘R>u ApMu Æ„v$Nu kpQhhp “rl ‘X¡$.'


fpÓ¡ 10:20 hpN¡ àg¡“dp„ A„bfuj c¼sfpS> rQfpNcpC W$½$f A“¡ r“g¡icpC bNX$pC õhpduîu“p v$i®““y„ kyM gC füp lsp. õhpduîuA¡ r“g¡icpC sfa ×rô$ L$fu bp¡ëep, "Aphsu L$pg¡ MuQX$u Mphp sdpf¡ Ðep„ Aphuiy„. r“g¡icpC“p Of¡ MuQX$u A“¡ fluiy„ rQfpNcpC“p Of¡...'

rQfpNcpCA¡ âp’®“p L$fsp„ L$üy„, "Ap‘ AM„X$ flp¡ A¡hy„ L$fu Ap‘Å¡.'

Ap âp’®“p kp„cmu õhpduîuA¡ M|b S> fpÆ‘p“y„ v$i®“ L$fpìey„.

‘R>u r“g¡icpCA¡ âp’®“p L$fu, "õhprdÆ ! ‘l¡gp Ap‘ d“¡ "sy„' L$lu“¡ bp¡gphsp lsp. lh¡ "sd¡' L$lu“¡ bp¡gphp¡ R>p¡. sp¡ Ap‘ dpfp D‘f Ar^L$pf L$fu“¡ "sy„' L$lu“¡ bp¡gphp¡ A¡hu âp’®“p R>¡.'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "cg¡, cg¡... ‘pLy„$...'


fpÓ¡ 12:45 hpN¡ ‘p¡Y$su hMs¡ rQfpNcpC“¡ bp¡gpìep. A¡L$v$d Tp„Mp¡ âL$pi ê$ddp„ lsp¡. õhpduîuA¡ rQfpNcpC“¡ L$üy„, "Al]ep lº„ sdpfp gp¡L$p¡“p Of Å¡hp “’u Aphsp¡ ‘Z sd¡ ApMp hj® v$fçep“ “hp s¥epf L$f¡gp eyhL$p¡, rdÓp¡, kÐk„NuAp¡“p v$i®“ L$fhp Aphy„ Ry>„.'

Apd ApV$gu dp¡X$u fpÓ¡, k|sp ‘l¡gp “hp eyhL$p¡ ep¡Ndp„ Aph¡ A“¡ dpN£ QY¡$ A¡hu {$rQ bsphu.


fpÓ¡ 8:00 hpN¡ ¼guãV$“dp„ fp¡“L$cpC“p Of¡ A¡L$ Ad¡qfL$“ ‘p¡guk Ap¸qakf õhpduîu“p v$i®“¡ Apìep¡. õhpduîuA¡ A¡d“¡ Apd„ÓZ Ap‘sp„ L$üy„, "India dp„ 1st week January dp„ kd¥ep¡ R>¡ A¡dp„ sdpfp b¡-‘p„Q rdÓp¡“¡ gC“¡ AphÅ¡.'

Ny{$âkpv$õhpdu A“¡ ip„sycpCA¡ õhpduîu“u A¡ cph“p A„N°¡Ædp„ A“yhpv$ L$fu kdÅhu. A¡ kp„cmu A¡ Ap¸qakf fpÆ ’ep¡ A“¡ L$üy„, "I would like to come India. It's my pleasure. Thanks, I'll come.'

A¡V$g¡ õhpduîuA¡ L$üy„, "Thank you, Thank you...'


8:15 hpN¡ DL$pmp¡ ‘u^p bpv$ Al] ‘^pf¡gp lqfc¼sp¡ A“¡ eyhL$p¡ hpfpafsu õhpduîu“p v$i®“ L$fu füp lsp. ip„sycpC“¡ bp¡gphu õhpduîu L$l¡, "A¡L$ hps L$lº„ Ry>„. sy„ kdÆ g¡. Ap kÐk„N“p¡ rhL$pk ’ep¡ A¡“y„ L$pfZ sd“¡ kdÅhy„ Ry>„. L$p¡C‘Z S>ÁepA¡ S>J sp¡ S>çep ‘l¡gp Np¡r›$ L$fy„. Np¡r›$ L$ep® rkhpe “p S>dy„. hjp£’u Ap fus¡ S> L$fy„... Ad¡ S>duA¡ sp¡ ‘yÎe Ap‘hy„ ‘X¡$. Np¡r›$ L$fuA¡ A¡V$g¡ Adpfy„ ‘yÎe S>dp fl¡.'

Apd A“¡fu c[¼s“y„ v$i®“ L$fpìey„.

* * * * * * * * *


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