Atmiya Satsang Parayan - 2015 (Day 2), AVD

On Date: 09 August 2015




The saint leader from Shrihari Pradesh P. Sarvamangalswami had been kind enough to give the benefit of his religious speech at the 2 day program of Parayan organized at Atmiya Vidya Dham, Bakrol, Vidyanagar, Anand of Gyanyagna Pradesh on Saturday and Sunday, the 8th and 9th of Aug 2015 during the holy 4 months of Monsoon. On the 2nd day, around 1250 devotees participated to be lucky to take the advantage of this rare program.

All the youths had very nicely made a beautiful decoration in the hall. The parayan started with the devotionally singing of Dhoon/bhajans followed by the worship of Sri Thakorji with garlands. P. Sarvamangal swami was worshiped and garlanded after he occupied his place on the Dias and then, the main books religious sect were also worshiped. Then, P. Sarvamangalswami started the talks of the 2nd day.

The main points of his talks were:-

  • While explaining the theme of Vachanamrut No. 16 & 18 of 1st Chapter of Gadhada, he said that, we will be able to feel/enjoy the real pleasure/happiness of them only if the food/actions/use of our senses/organs are pure/sacred. Because all the children of our Ambrish group studying in Atmiya Vidya Dham by staying there had vowed not to see/watch movies, appreciating this decision by them, he said that, P.P. Swamiji will be highly pleased with this decision of them which will easily fetch the spiritual qualities in them.
  • Narrating the incident in the life of daughter of Dr. Somabhai (Nadiad), he presented the power and the ability of P.P. Swamiji and said that, because she did bhajan/remembered God as per the advice/suggestion from the saints, the child developing in her embryo was found to be alive after the bhajan by her, which was actually found and declared dead by the doctors as per their medical full examination earlier.
  • While emphasizing on the need of qualities like straightforwardness and the Dasatva/service in the satsang, he gave an example of P. Shantipriyaswami working in the kitchen department of Haridham and said that, he simply chose to work/act/serve as per the directions, orders and the commands from/of his leader P. Kothariswami who changed his orders thrice immediately one after another in a very short time to prepare food for expected visitors and, ultimately, after some time, all of them were cancelled knowing that not single out of 3 buses was coming and entire ready food for all of them was waste, P. Shantipriyaswami did not think on the entire incident even for the fraction of a second and accepted the entire situation in quite a normal, casual way. This is a result of only the mercy/blessings of a supremely divine person like P.P. Swamiji.

The personalities like Sri Dharmeshbhai (President of Patidar Samaj of 6 villages, Anand Dist.), Sri Harshadbhai (Chairman, Sardarganj Bank) and Sri Chandrakantbhai (Officer, Umreth Urban Bank) also remained present and took benefit of the Parayan.


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