Atmiya Nishtha Parayan - 2015 (Day 7), Naroda

On Date: 21 August 2015



On Friday, the 21st Aug 2015, the 7th day of the Atmiya Nishtha Parayan organized on account of the holy Shravan month in the Leuva Patidar Samaj Hall, Naroda in Ahmedabad of Suhrad Pradesh, the regional saint leader of Nirgun Pradesh (Rajkot) P. Sarvatitswami had addressed the audience of 950 devotees in the parayan between 8 pm & 10 pm and had guided all how to live on the support ant the strength of God on the basis/as per the principle and guidance of the book “Saras Ek Sahajanand”.

The youths of the mandal had presented on the stage today, the Darbar (Royal Court) of Dada Khachar.

After the presentation of Kirtan-Bhajans, Shree Thakorjee was worshiped and the saints were welcomed by garlanding them. The Parayan got started after today’s speaker P. Sarvatitswami occupied his seat on the main Dais and the basic books of the religious sect and the speaker were worshiped.

P. Sarvatitswami had talked on “How to live on the strength and the support of God” on the basis of the book “Saras Ek Sahajanand”.

The main points of his talks were:-

1. He explained with reference to the incidents from Mahabharat, and by Lord Shrikrishna and Lord Swaminarayan that, every action/movement of/by God is only and only for the protection of their devotees.

2. It is necessary in the life that, there is 33% Bhajan, 33% Religious Talks and 33% Seva/Service.

3. Explaining the value/importance of Parayan, he said that, it is an opportunity to reach from a 25% Satsang up to the 100% Satsang.

4. Talking about the book “Saras Ek Sahajanand”, he said that, if we read this book, our destination is made clear. God never troubles his devotee/follower but, testifies him only to create – develop depth in him.

5. Our physical body, our bad company and our refinements of earlier/past births become the obstacles while we do bhajan. To get rid of this, the company of bhagvadies is necessary.

6. To get rid of/remove our past/destiny, the pleasure/blessings from our real elders is a must and, to get this, we have got to be open before them.

7. The biggest enemy of/for a Sadhak is his own reverence, so, we must leave it in doing satsang.

At the end, the elders and the youths performed arti before Shree Thakorjee and then taking Prasad, all the devotees proceeded to their home-temples.

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