Atmiya Sparsh - (Swamiji's Vicharan) May - June 2015, Berlin-UK - Report 2

On Date: 04 June 2015
Activity: Vicharan (Visit)
Location: UK Locationwise

P.P. Swamiji said, during His process of Puja/worship in the morning on 25/5/2015, that, the kirtan – the devotional song “Bhagya jagya re aaj janava .........” has been composed by Lord Swaminarayan’s paramhans. P. Nishkulanandswami tells us as to who is the most fortunate man of this universe......? Whose luck/fortune is the supreme ? Or, what is meant by the luck being active ?

What is our ardent and utmost duty of life ....? Our main/basic duty is to make our soul/atma happy, to develop pure and divine thoughts in/at our heart/mind. There must be good, divine & spiritual thoughts of the life.

Then He said, “The Hath, Maan and Irshya (obstinacy, ego and envy) are bad for every sadhak, then, what to do? There is only one way/solution, to live with Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta (Unity, friendliness and harmony), the only point. Let us all resolve today, at any cost, we all must reach in undisturbed/uninterrupted bhajan for 30 minutes”.


Bhoolku Gyanbhai had come for P.P. Swamiji’s darshan who requested Him, “I want to talk to you on one very important point and that is, Atmiyata”. P.P. Swamiji said, “Yes, that only is the important”.

Then he said, “I can’t become atmiya. I want to be atmiya in my family but I fail. What should I do? Please help/enable me”.

Swamiji said, “To be atmiya in the family, first responsibility is our own, it is yours. The gents have got to be atmiya first. He only has got to be the sevak. You must become Das first......and then, whether the wife becomes or not, we should earn the punya. The rest of the responsibility lies with Thakorji and P.P. Bappa but, we should not worry/bother, should continue to do our bhajan only”.

Then, Gyanbhai presented a prayer, “I want to be das anyhow, I want to be a sevak, I want to be atmiya, please bless me so that my such a desire always persists constantly.”

Swamishri said, “We will say a prayer for you but, you must also try, should resolve to become bhoolku and should never leave that positive attitude. Each and everybody must be bhoolku. To become bhoolku, we must pray the Lord. Should always say/present a prayer before the God that, please remove my hath, maan and irshya. Egoistic nature, Jealous nature, Greedy nature must be eradicated..... We will pray to God on behalf of you that, each & every bad nature should be eradicated. But, Prarthana must.... Bhajan muat.....If we do bhajan, the internal conscience will automatically and surely become pure......if we do bhajan, the mind and intellect are bound to get purified and then, we will be able to do bhajan peacefully. Because they have not yet become pure, we can’t do bhajan uninterruptedly”. Thus, He gave an unmatched guidance/understanding.


After the personal/confidential talks with the German devotees, He told Manibhai, “I enjoyed more than dinner......on meeting with these devotees/people, I was more pleased/delighted than by taking meals. Let us make it a routine practice that, we should always do some talks, discussions before meals and then the meals, daily, without fail...... let us come ½ an hour early. Suhradswami and Bhaktiswmi will talk in English.” Then, looking at Shreyashbhai, Pinkubhai and Rushibhai, the youths from London, He said, “From tomorrow onwards, Suhradswami will speak for 10 minute and Bhaktiswami will speak for 10 minutes wherever we go for meals.” Thus, P.P. Swamiji showed interest in talking in English as a part of His great desire/willingness of service to devotees/youths.


Patrik had a desire that P.P. Swamiji visit his room. He first went to child Luka’s, studying in 6th Std., room. Giving him the Atmiya Sparsh, P.P.Swamiji advised him, “Study well” and thus, gave him the lesson.

On going to Patrik’s room, Manibhai said, “Patrik’s daddy has a complaint against Patrik that he doesn’t do his studies properly. He is going next year to Vancouver, Canada for studies. Please bless him”. P.P. Swamiji said, “We will pray before God.”

Then, putting His hand on Patrik’s shoulder P.P. Swamiji said, “Yes, my dear friend.... we must study well. To study well, we need concentration. For concentration, we must pray. We must have faith and trust in God. And for all these things, we must have friendship with Gunatit Saints. Good friends, hard work and sincere prayer are the keys to success. And, for a happy life also....... So, don’t worry, we will pray for your multidimensional success and happiness.”

And then, pointing at Manibhai standing there, P.P. Swamiji said, “Manibhai will be your friend.”

Listening this, Patrik was very happy and delighted and said, “Thank you very much Swamiji ! I will follow your sentences sincerely. Please bless me. Give me the strength.”

Thus, taking real/keen/personal interest in the life of a German youth, P.P. Swamiji, even at His age of 82 years and with severe pain in the back, climbed 3 storeys of his house to give him an “Atmiya Sparsh” and so that the family can live with full of atmiyata, pleasure, peace and happiness. Though P.P. Swamiji has always been taking the similar constant trouble/pain for all of us too.....!


P.P. Swamiji arrived with Shri Thakorji at 8:08 pm in the evening on 28th May 2015 on the land of London and gave His darshan on Terminal No. 5. He was accompanied by P. Suhradswami, P. Bhaktipriyaswami, P. Prabhupriyaswami, P. Sarwanivasswami, P. Sarvanamanswami, P. Pavitrabhai and P. Anamibhai.

P. Brahmavihariswami, P. Anandsagarswami, P. Ashokhai, driver Sri Praneshbhai and around 150 other devotees welcomed P.P. Swamiji on the Airport and garlanded Sri Thakorji and P.P. Swamiji. A beautiful and nice arrangement was made on the Airport for P.P. Swamiji to sit where He sat and gave His darshans to all.

Leaving at 8:30 pm from the Airport, P.P. Swamiji went to P.B. Bhimjibhai’s place where He was welcomed by P.B. Bhimjibhai and the other devotees. He sat before Sri Thakorji where the food/Thal was served to Sri Thakorji and gave excellent/beautiful darshans to devotees present there by having totally been immersed in the devotion/darshans of Sri Thakorji.

After taking thal, He talked to P.B. Satishbhai and the youths for some time. While leaving for lodging at 10:30 pm and before occupying in the car, He took Bhimjibhai’s son Jayeshbhai on one side and asked him, “if he had a few, 5-7, friends and asked him to call all of them once for a meeting.” and thus, expressed His desire to meet his friends.

On his saying yes, P.P. Swamiji said, “Come on, a big contract has been signed” and thus, expressed His pleasure.

Sitting in the car remembered Jatinlal and asked Praneshbhai, “How old should be his son?” Praneshbhai said, “He is he is in the 2nd Std.”. So, He said, “Must be around 7 years. I will meet him tomorrow”. Thus, He showed His concern for the children of devotees thus giving special memories, reached Avinash Panjabi’s residence at 11:00 pm at Mill – Hill.

On reaching there, Avinashbhai and other youths welcomed Sri Thakorji and P.P. Swamiji by sprinkling flowers on them both. Right from the road outside, exactly up to the sitting place inside the house, a carpet was made on which, P.P. Swamiji put His steps and occupied His sit in His place.

P.P. Swamiji talked for some time with Avinashbhai, Ashokbhai and Sanjaybhai Dave. On knowing that Avinashbhai has been staying there in London since the last 40 years, both his sons are born there only and even then, the full religious culture is there in the entire family and all are fully addiction free, P.P. Swamiji was very happy and pleased. He asked other boys also who were there, about their studies.

While climbing the stairs for going to His room at 12:00 in the night, P.P. Swamiji read all the slogans displaying spirituality, nishtha, Dasatva etc. and was very happy and pleased and asked, “Whose house is this ? Really, very fine slogans are these.” P.P. Swamiji went to bed at 1:00 am as per London time and as per German’s time at 2:00 am in the night.


On 29th May 2015 in London, Bhaktipriyaswami, Brahmavihariswami, Anandsagarswami, Prabhupriyaswami, Ashokbhai and Praneshbhai got a very nice chance of darshan of P.P. Swamiji when He was performing His puja. After 2 bhajans were complete, when Praneshbhai started to wrap up the puja, P.P. Swamiji said, “Let me speak for 5 minutes” and did so.

Then, while taking Pappaya also, He continued to talk to saints and other devotees present there.


Leaving Anirdesh in the afternoon, P.P. Swamiji went to Chiragbhai Tailor’s house for lunch and listening to his prayer, showed pleasure.


Returned back to Anirdesh only and did some reading there for a while. As Swamiji’s room was little small, He did His asanas on the coach only and again read some letters.

In the evening at 7:30 went to Rutvikbhai Tank’s (Son of Tanksaheb – Vadodara) house. Sitting in the ground floor room, talked to him and the other youths.

Nimeshbhai, who stays with Rutvikbhai as his own house has got destroyed in fire, prayed to P.P. Swamiji, “Swamiji ! Let my house be destroyed in fire but, please bless me that, my nature also gets burnt out simultaneously.

Listening to such a marvelous prayer, Swamiji immediately embraced him and held him like that only for some time and blessing him said, “Yes, we should get our self totally involved/immersed in reading our 3 graths..... if we do that, Maharaj will take us to nishtha, on affirming nishtha, there will always be only Sahajanand.”

After taking meals at Rutvikbhai’s house, went to our temple in Harrow nearby. On seeing Prashantbhai (Dharmaj) as soon as He got out of the car there, asked Praneshbhai, “Where are we ? Is this Prashant’s house ?”

Thus, Swamiji taught to all around there that, a devotee’s house should be treated as a temple and, a temple as a house of a devotee and expressed pleasure that the devotees will get an easy chance of serving Thakorji and the saints.


Today, there was a gathering of the youths attending regularly the periodic satsang sabhas. By having darshans of all these youths, P.P. Swamiji expressed special pleasure and said in His speech, “Lord Swaminarayan has given us all 2 excellent mottos (1) Nijatmanam Brahmroopam.... (2) Das Na Das..... we all have to resolve to be the servant of servants”.

“To feel like attending the satsang sabha on U.K.’s land is purely a grace of P.P. Bapa only. Many may visit temple but, very few go for a regular sabha. You all are since attending sabha, you all deserve congratulations as you all have secured a permanent place at the heart of Bapa. I was happy and delighted on simply knowing that so many youths on the land of U.K. are attending regular sabha. I will ask Brahmavihariswami to take me to all the centers/places where you all are meeting. You all have special place in Bapa’s heart as you are attending sabhas.”


Left at 10:45 at night after the sabha and came to boarding place. It was very cold today. The temperature was around 10 degrees.

After reaching here, sat in the sofa and started talking to 2-3 youths staying there for services and said, “I was very happy to see today’s sabha. Many youths are attending sabha even here on the land of London ! Congratulations to Brahmavihariswami and Ashokbhai, they have really kept everything alive. Poor London......”


All the arrangements for P.P. Swamiji’s meals was made at our temple “Haridham” at Harrow in London on 30th May 2015. All the devotees around had made an arrangement of a small/mini Annakut collectively there. After coming to temple, P.P. Swamiji took darshans of Sri Thakorji and sat there down on the carpet in Vajrasana. So long as the thaals were being sung, it looked as if P.P. Swamiji was totally/fully immersed in Thakorji with full devotion and dasatva. It was really a very different/unique darshan.

The evening meals for P.P. Swamiji was arranged at P.B. Hareshbhai Menpara’s house. Here, one muslim brother and one Christian brother had come for Swamiji’s darshan. They told Swamiji, “Looking at/having seen the people of your society, the life of your youths and their spiritual maturity, we felt like/are attracted for your darshan”. Thus, Swamiji was pleased by seeing their desire for salvation.


Today, on 2nd June 2015 in London, the lunch was arranged for Swamiji at Pappubhai’s (Pamol) residence. During lunch, Swamiji’s eyes went to a sentence “Tare laine hun” meaning, I exist just because of you only, put on the left hand side wall, He stopped for a while with a piece of zedoary turmeric in His hand like that only and gave a slow smile and said, “ Very excellent sentence it is ! There is only one language in Akshardham, Oh Lord! We are yours and you are ours.......!”

He read this sentence twice and pointing at it said, “It is really an excellent sentence. If we live our life by keeping it constantly before our eyes, all our journeys get completed. Constant and permanent Akshardham.......”

Taking lunch in London on 3rd June 2015, P.P. Swamiji sat in the car to go to His boarding place. Shaileshbhai Desai presented a prayer to P.P. Swamiji and said, “Hey Swamiji ! you have since named this house as “Bhoolku”, please bless us all, that we can serve everybody with/having your slightest touch, whosoever comes here, with a vision of serving you, yourself”.

***** *** *** *****


sp. 25-05-2015 “p fp¡S> khpf¡ ‘|Ådp„ Np¡r›$ L$fhp“u iê$Aps L$fu..."cpÁe ÅÁep f¡ ApS> ÅZhp...' Ap L$us®“ cNhp“ õhprd“pfpeZ“p ‘fdl„kp¡A¡ b“pìey„ R>¡. r“óLy$mp“„v$õhpdu Ap‘Z“¡ kdÅh¡ R>¡ L¡$ Who is the most fortunate man of this universe...? L$p¡“y„ cpÁe khp£‘fu ? A’hp cpÁe ÅÁep A¡V$g¡ iy„ ?

What is our ardent and utmost duty of life...? Ap‘Zu d|m afS> R>¡ - ApÐdp“¡ kyMu L$fhp“u, l¥epdp„ iyÙ rhQpf A“¡ iyc rhQpf âNV$phhp“u... l¥ep“¡ rhi¡ iyc rhQpf âNV$phhp R>¡... There must be good, divine & spiritual thoughts of the life. ‘rhÓ rhQpf âNV$phhp R>¡.'

‘R>u L$l¡, "L$p¡C‘Z kp^L$ dpV¡$ lW$, dp“, Cóep® Mfpb R>¡. sp¡ iy„ L$fhy„ Å¡CA¡ ? A¡L$ S> D‘pe R>¡, A¡L$ S> dpN® R>¡ - k„‘, kyùv$cph, A¡L$sp’u Æhhy„ Å¡CA¡. kp¡ hps“u A¡L$ hps - ApS>¡ Ap‘Z¡ klº A¡L$ S> k„L$ë‘ L$fuA¡. 30 rdr“V$“p r“fh cS>“dp„ L$p¡C‘Z cp¡N¡ S>hy„ R>¡.'


c|gLy„$ op“cpC v$i®“¡ Apìep. õhpduîu“¡ âp’®“p L$fu, "A¡L$ very important hps L$fhu R>¡. A¡ R>¡ - ApÐduesp.' õhpduîu L$l¡, "lp, A¡ A¡L$ S> important R>¡.'

‘R>u L$üy„, "dpfp’u ApÐdue “’u b“psy„. dpf¡ Ofdp„ ApÐdue b“hy„ R>¡ ‘Z lº„ fail ’J Ry>„. dpf¡ iy„ L$fhp“y„ ? bm Ap‘p¡...'

õhpduîu L$l¡, "Ofdp„ ApÐdue b“hp“u ‘l¡gu S>hpbv$pfu Ap‘Zu R>¡, sdpfu R>¡. ‘l¡gp ‘y{$j¡ Ofdp„ ApÐdue ’hp“y„ R>¡. ‘l¡gp ‘y{$j¡ S> k¡hL$ ’hp“y„ R>¡. You must become Das first... ‘R>u Ofhpmu ’pe L¡$ “p ’pe ‘Z Ap‘Z¡ ‘yÎe gC g¡hp“y„. bpL$u“u S>hpbv$pfu W$pL$p¡fÆ“u A“¡ bp‘p“u... ‘Z Ap‘Z¡ tQsp “rl L$fhp“u, cS>“ L$fhp“y„...'

‘R>u op“cpCA¡ âp’®“p L$fu, "dpf¡ v$pk b“hy„ S> R>¡, dpf¡ k¡hL$ b“hy„ S> R>¡, dpf¡ ApÐdue b“hy„ S> R>¡ A¡hu ky{$rQ dpfu L$ped“u b“u fl¡ A¡hp Apiuhp®v$ Ap‘p¡.'

õhpduîuA¡ L$üy„, "Ad¡ sdpfp hsu âp’®“p L$fuiy„ ‘Z âeГ sdpf¡ L$fhp“p¡. c|gLy„$ ’hp dpV¡$ W$fph L$fhp“p¡ A“¡ ky{$rQ “rl R>p¡X$hp“u. Each & everybody must be Bhoolku. To become Bhoolku, we must try, we must pray the Lord. âcy“¡ âp’®“p L$fhu Å¡CA¡ L¡$ dpfpdp„’u lW$, dp“, Cóep® L$pY$p¡. Egoistic nature, Jealous nature, Greedy nature must be eradicated... We will pray to God on behalf of you that each & every bad nature should be eradicated. But, Prarthana must... Bhajan must... Ap‘Z¡ cS>“ L$fuiy„ sp¡ A„s:L$fZ iyÙ ’i¡, ’i¡ “¡ ’i¡ S>... Ap‘Z¡ cS>“ L$fuiy„ sp¡ d“byqÙ iyÙ ’pe, ’pe “¡ ’pe S>... d“byqÙ ‘rhÓ ’pe ‘R>u ip„rs’u cS>“ L$fu iL$pe. d“byrÙ ‘rhÓ “’u A¡V$g¡ r“fhsp’u cS>“ L$fu iL$sp “’u.' Apd A“¡fu k|T Ap‘u.


S>d®“ c¼sp¡ kp’¡“u Mp“Nu bpv$ d“ucpC“¡ L$üy„, "I enjoyed more than dinner... Ap c¼sp¡“¡ dþep¡ sp¡ d“¡ S>çep L$fsp„ h^pf¡ Ap“„v$ ’ep¡. Ap‘Z¡ A¡hu system Np¡W$hu v$p¡ L¡$ S>dsp ‘l¡gp hpsp¡, Np¡r›$ A“¡ ‘R>u S>dhp“y„. Daily, without fail... AX$^p¡ L$gpL$ hl¡gp Aphu S>Ciy„. v$ffp¡S> kyùv$õhpdu A“¡ c[¼sõhpdu English dp„ hpsp¡ L$fi¡. ‘R>u g„X$““p eyhL$p¡ î¡ekcpC, ‘]Ly$cpC, F>rjcpC sfa Å¡C L$l¡, "L$pg’u Ap‘Z¡ S>dsp„ ‘l¡gp 10 rdr“V$ kyùv$õhpdu A“¡ 10 rdr“V$ c[¼sõhpdu bp¡gi¡. Äep„ S>dhp S>CA¡ Ðep„...'. Apd English dp„ bp¡gphhp“u {$rQ bsphu c¼sp¡“u k¡hpc[¼s“p Dd„N“y„ v$i®“ L$fpìey„.


‘¡V²$uL$“u BÃR>p lsu L¡$ õhpduîu dpfu ê$ddp„ ‘^fpdZu L$f¡. s¡ ‘l¡gp R>Ì$p ^p¡fZdp„ cZsp v$uL$fp gyL$p“u ê$ddp„ ‘^pep®. A¡“¡ ApÐdue õ‘i® Ap‘sp„ ’L$p„ "Study well..." A¡d g¡i“ Apàey„.

‘¡V²$uL$“u ê$ddp„ ‘^pep®. d“ucpCA¡ L$üy„, "‘¡V²$uL$“p X¡$X$u“u ‘¡V²$uL$ dpV¡$ aqfepv$ R>¡ L¡$ Aæepkdp„ bfp¡bf Ýep“ “’u Ap‘sp¡. Aphsp hj£ A¡L$ hj® dpV¡$ h¡“Ly„$hf, L¡$“¡X$p cZhp Åe R>¡ sp¡ Apiuhp®v$ Ap‘Å¡.' õhpduîu L$l¡, "Ad¡ cNhp““¡ âp’®“p L$fuiy„.'

‘R>u ‘¡V²$uL$“p Mcp D‘f lp’ d|L$u L$üy„, "Yes, my dear friend... we must study well. To study well, we need concentration. For concentration, we must pray. We must have faith & trust in God. And for all these things we must have friendship with Gunatit Saint. Good friends, hard work & sincere prayer is the key to success. And for happy life also... So don't worry, we will pray for your multi dimentional success & happyness."

‘R>u bpSy>dp„ Ec¡gp d“ucpC“¡ bsphu L$üy„, "Manibhai will be your friend."

Ap kp„cmu ‘¡V²$uL$ M|b fpÆ ’ep¡ A“¡ L$ü„y, "Thank you very much Swamiji ! I will follow your sentences sincerely. Please bless me. Give me strength..."

Apd A¡L$ S>d®“ eyhL$“p Æh“dp„ fk gC ‘qfhpfdp„ ApÐduesp A“¡ kyM, ip„rs A“¡ Ap“„v$ h^¡ s¡ dpV¡$ õhpduîuA¡ 82 hj®“u Jdf¡ A“¡ L$df“p¡ vy$:Mphp¡ lp¡hp R>sp„ ÓZ dpm QY$u“¡ ApÐdue õ‘i® Apàep¡. Aphp¡ v$pMX$p¡ õhpduîu Ap‘Zp klº dpV¡$ A’pL$ A“¡ Arhfs L$fu füp R>¡...!


sp. 28-05-2015“p fp¡S> kp„S>¡ 8:08 hpN¡ Ny{$lqf õhpduîu, îu W$pL$p¡fÆ krls g„X$““u ^fsu D‘f ‘^pep®. V$d}“g-5 D‘f v$i®“ Apàep. kp’¡ ‘|. kyùv$Æh“õhpdu, ‘|. c[¼srâeõhpdu, ‘|. âcyrâeõhpdu, ‘|. kh®r“hpkõhpdu, ‘|. kh®“d“õhpdu, ‘|. ‘rhÓcpC A“¡ ‘|. A“pducpC ‘Z ‘^pep®.

A¡f‘p¡V®$ D‘f ‘|. b°ûrhlpfuõhpdu, ‘|. Ap“„v$kpNfõhpdu, ‘|. Aip¡L$cpC, kpf’u âpZ¡icpC A“¡ g„X$““p 150 S>¡V$gp c¼sp¡A¡ Ny{$lqf õhpduîu“y„ õhpNs L$ey¯. îu W$pL$p¡fÆ A“¡ õhpduîu“¡ lpf A‘®Z L$ep®. A¡f‘p¡V®$ D‘f b¡khp“u ky„v$f ìehõ’p L$fu lsu Ðep„ rbfpÆ klº“¡ v$i®“ Apàep.

8:30 hpN¡ A¡f‘p¡V®$’u ‘.c. cudÆcpC“p Of¡ S>hp “uL$þep. cudÆcpC A“¡ c¼sp¡A¡ õhpNs L$fu Ofdp„ ‘^fpìep. îu W$pL$p¡fÆ“p ’pm ’sp lsp Ðep„ rbfpÄep. W$pL$p¡fÆ“u c[¼sdp„ X|$bu S>C c¼sp¡“¡ Av¹$cys v$i®“ Apàep.

’pm bpv$ krsicpC A“¡ eyhL$p¡ kp’¡ ’p¡X$uhpf hpsp¡ L$fu. 10:30 hpN¡ Dspf¡ S>hp Ecp ’ep. NpX$udp„ b¡ksp ‘l¡gp cudÆcpC“p v$uL$fp S>e¡icpC“¡ bpSy> ‘f gC S>C L$üy„, "S>rs“cpC “¡ sd¡ gp¡L$p¡ ApV$gp b^p hjp£’u g„X$“dp„ flp¡ R>p¡ sp¡ ‘p„Q-v$k rdÓp¡ lp¡e L¡$ “p lp¡e ? A¡ b^p“¡ c¡Np L$fp¡, Ap‘Z¡ A¡L$ qv$hk A¡ b^p“u kcp L$fhu R>¡.'

s¡Ap¡A¡ lp ‘pX$u A¡V$g¡ "Qpgp¡, dp¡V$p¡ L$p¡ÞV²$p¼V$ ’C Nep¡...' A¡d L$lu fpÆ‘p¡ v$ip®ìep¡.

NpX$udp„ rbfpÆ S>rs“gpg“¡ epv$ L$fu âpZ¡icpC“¡ ‘|R¹>ey„, "A¡“p v$uL$fp“u Jdf L¡$V$gu li¡?'

âpZ¡icpCA¡ L$ü„y, "buÅ ^p¡fZdp„ cZ¡ R>¡.'

A¡V$g¡ L$l¡, "7 hj®“p¡ li¡. L$pg¡ lº„ dmui.' Apd lqfc¼sp¡“p v$uL$fpAp¡“u tQsp L$fsp lp¡e s¡hy„ v$i®“ L$fpìey„.

Apd õd©rs Ap‘sp„ ’L$p„ 11:00 hpN¡ rdg-rlg, Arh“picpC ‘„Åbu“p Of¡ ‘^pep®.

Arh“picpC A“¡ buÅ v$uL$fpAp¡A¡ ‘yó‘p¡“u hjp® L$fu îu W$pL$p¡fÆ A“¡ Ny{$lqf õhpduîu“y„ õhpNs L$ey¯. R>¡L$ blpf fp¡X$’u Ofdp„ Apk“ ky^u L$pf‘¡V$ b“phu lsu. A¡“u D‘f ‘Ngp„ L$fu õhpduîu Apk“ D‘f rbfpÄep.

Arh“picpC, Aip¡L$cpC, k„S>ecpC v$h¡ rhN¡f¡ c¼sp¡ kp’¡ ’p¡X$uhpf hpsp¡ L$fu. Arh“picpC 40 hj®’u g„X$“dp„ fl¡ R>¡. A¡d“p b„“¡ v$uL$fpAp¡ g„X$“dp„ S> S>Þçep R>¡ R>sp„e ‘qfhpfdp„ M|b S> ^prd®L$sp“p k„õL$pf R>¡ A“¡ L$p¡C ìek“ “’u A¡ ÅZu M|b fpÆ ’ep. Aph¡gp buÅ v$uL$fpAp¡“¡ ‘Z s¡d“p Aæepk rhi¡ ‘|R¹>ey„.

12:00 hpN¡ ê$ddp„ ‘^pep®. ‘N’uep„ QY$sp„ QY$sp„ qv$hpgdp„ gM¡gp ApÝep[ÐdL$sp, r“›$p, v$pkÐh’u cf¡gp k|Óp¡ hp„Qu M|b fpÆ ’ep. ‘|R¹>ey„, "Ap Of L$p¡“y„ ? k|Óp¡ apC“ g¿ep !'

g„X$““p kde âdpZ¡ fpÓ¡ 1:00 hpN¡ A“¡ S>d®“u“p kde âdpZ¡ fpÓ¡ 2:00 hpN¡ Apfpddp„ ‘^pep®.


sp. 29-05-2015“p fp¡S> g„X$“dp„ ‘|Ådp„ c[¼srâeõhpdu, b°ûrhlpfuõhpdu, Ap“„v$kpNfõhpdu, âcyrâeõhpdu, Aip¡L$cpC A“¡ âpZ¡icpCA¡ v$i®““p¡ gpc gu^p¡. b¡ L$us®“ k„cmpìep bpv$ âpZ¡icpC ‘|Å g¡hp S>sp lsp sp¡ L$l¡, "‘p„Q rdr“V$ hps L$fu gJ.' A¡d L$lu Np¡r›$ L$fu.

Ðepfbpv$ ‘‘¥ey„ N°lZ L$fsp„ L$fsp„ k„sp¡-dy¼sp¡ kp’¡ hpsp¡ L$fu.


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‘pR>p "Ar“v$£i', ‘^pep®. ê$ddp„ S> b¡ku hp„Q“ L$ey¯. õhpduîu“u ê$d “p“u lsu s¡’u ‘g„N ‘f rbfpÆ“¡ S> Apk“ L$ep®. ‘R>u afu ‘Óp¡“y„ hp„Q“ L$ey¯.

kp„S>¡ 7:30 hpÁe¡ F>[ÐhL$cpC V$p„L$ (V$p„L$kpl¡b, hX$p¡v$fp“p v$uL$fp)“p Of¡ ‘^pep®. “uQ¡“u ê$ddp„ b¡ku F>[ÐhL$cpC A“¡ eyhL$p¡ kp’¡ hpsp¡ L$fu.

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F>[ÐhL$cpC“p Of¡ ’pm N°lZ L$ep® bpv$ “ÆL$ l¡fp¡dp„ Ap‘Zp d„qv$f¡ ‘^pep®. NpX$udp„’u Dsep® A“¡ kpd¡ âip„scpC (^d®S>)“¡ Å¡C âpZ¡icpC“¡ ‘|R¹>ey„, "¼ep„ Apìep ? Ap âip„s“y„„ Of R>¡ ?'

Apd d„qv$f A¡V$g¡ c¼sp¡“y„ Of A“¡ c¼sp¡“y„ Of A¡V$g¡ d„qv$f A¡d v$i®“ L$fpìey„. A“¡ kp’p¡kp’ c¼sp¡“¡ kfmsp’u W$pL$p¡fÆ“u c[¼s“p¡ A“¡ k„sp¡“u k¡hp“p¡ gpc dmi¡ A¡ ÅZu M|b fpÆ ’ep.


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kcp bpv$ fpÓ¡ 10:45 hpN¡ d„qv$f¡’u “uL$mu Dspf¡ ‘^pep®. ApS>¡ W„$X$u M|b lsu. fpÓ¡ 10 qX$N°u S>¡hy„ sp‘dp“ lsy„.

Dspf¡ ‘^pfu lp¸gdp„ kp¡ap D‘f rbfpÆ g„X$““p b¡-ÓZ eyhL$p¡ k¡hpdp„ R>¡ A¡d“u kp’¡ hpsp¡ L$fsp„ L$l¡, "ApS>“u kcp Å¡C“¡ d“¡ M|b Ap“„v$ ’ep¡. L¡$V$gp b^p eyhL$p¡ kcp cf¡ R>¡ g„X$““u ^fsu D‘f ! b°ûrhlpfuõhpdu A“¡ Aip¡L$cpC“¡ ^Þehpv$ ! b^y„ Æhsy„ fp¿ey„ R>¡. buQpfy„ g„X$“...'


sp. 30-05-2015“p fp¡S> g„X$“dp„ õhpduîu“p¡ ’pm l¡fp¡dp„ "lqf^pd' d„qv$f¡ S> lsp¡. kp¥ c¼sp¡A¡ c¡Np dmu“¡ ky„v$f dÅ“p¡ “p“p¡ AßL|$V$“y„ Apep¡S>“ L$ey¯ lsy„. d„qv$f¡ ‘^pfu W$pL$p¡fÆ“p v$i®“ L$fu kpd¡ “uQ¡ L$p‘£V$ ‘f S> hÇ>pk“dp„ rbfpÆ Nep. ’pm Nhpep Ðep„ ky^u õhpduîuA¡ M|b S> v$pkÐh A“¡ c[¼s’u W$pL$p¡fÆdp„ X|$bu Nep lp¡e A¡hp v$i®“ Apàep.

kp„S>“p¡ ’pm ‘.c. lf¡icpC d¡“‘fp“p Of¡ lsp¡. Al] A¡L$ dyõgud cpC A“¡ A¡L$ q¾$ròe“ cpC v$i®“¡ Apìep lsp. s¡Ap¡A¡ õhpduîu“¡ L$üy„, "Ap‘“p¡ kdpS> Å¡ep¡ A“¡ eyhL$p¡“y„ Æh“ A“¡ ApÝep[ÐdL$ d¡Ãep¡fuV$u Å¡C“¡ Ap‘“p v$i®“ L$fhp Apìep R>uA¡.' Apd õhpduîu s¡Ap¡“u dydynysp Å¡C fpÆ‘p¡ bspìep¡.


sp. 02-06-2015“p fp¡S> g„X$“dp„ ‘à‘ycpC (‘pdp¡g)“p Of¡ õhpduîu“p¡ ’pm lsp¡. S>dsp„ S>dsp„ Ny{$lqf“u “S>f X$pbu bpSy>“u qv$hpg ‘f gM¡gp "spf¡ gB“¡ lº„ ' k|Ó sfa NC. õhpduîu“p lp’dp„ Ap„bp-lmv$f“u gp„bu Qufu lsu s¡ lp’dp„ S> flu NC... d„v$ d„v$ lpõe f¡gphu bp¡ëep, "k|Ó blº kfk R>¡...! Anf^pd“u A¡L$ S> cpjp, l¡ dlpfpS> ! Ad¡ sdpfp A“¡ sd¡ Adpfp...'

Ap k|Ó b¡ hpf hp„Ãey„. ‘R>u A„N|gur“v$£i L$fsp„ L$l¡, "Av¹$cys k|Ó R>¡. Ap k|Ó sfa “S>f fpMu“¡ Æhpe sp¡ b^u S> epÓp ‘|fu ’C Åe. AM„X$ Anf^pd...'


sp. 03-06-2015“p fp¡S> g„X$“dp„ b‘p¡f“p ’pm N°lZ L$ep® bpv$ õhpduîu Dspf¡ S>hp NpX$udp„ rbfpÄep. i¥g¡jcpC v$¡kpCA¡ õhpduîu“¡ âp’®“p L$fsp„ L$ü„y, "l¡ õhprdÆ ! Ap‘¡ Ap Of“¡ "c|gLy„$' “pd Apàey„ R>¡ sp¡ Ap Ofdp„ L$p¡C‘Z Aë‘k„b„^hpmp¡ Nd¡ Ðepf¡ Aph¡ sp¡ A¡“u k¡hp Ad¡ Ap‘“p cph’u L$fu iL$uA¡ A¡hp Apiuhp®v$ Ap‘Å¡.'

* * ** * ** * *


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