Atmiya Bike Rally - 2015, Surat

On Date: 27 December 2015




As a part of its program of celebrating International Atmiya Youth Convention to be held on Sunday, the 3rd January 2016 at Surat, a Bike Rally was organized on 27th Dec 2015 in different parts of Surat city, the purpose and the intention behind which was, in addition to invite the general public of entire Surat city for this program, of awakening the national spirit in the general public, Govt. of India’s Clean India, Beti Bachavo (Protect Girls) as well as the campaign connected with climate/nature and to spread the message of all these to everyone in every house. In this rally, there were around 3500 participants from different parts of Surat including 1800 bike riders.

The main program of Bike Rally was organized on Balbhagwan’s ground of Gajera, Katargam. Incidentally, it being the birthday of regional saint leader of Shreehari Pradesh P. Premswaroopswami, P. Guruprasadswami had presented/narrated before all who were present there, the unique and the special relation of him with Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji. The saint leader P. Kothariswami and P. Premswaroopswami had jointly worshiped Thakorji. Then, they had lit the lamp jointly with the elderly workers and the leading/prominent/renowned persons from the Surat city with an auspicious wish/prayer that, the people of Surat and of entire India continue to progress and prosper constantly by living with Atmiyata and amicably with one heartedness. Shri Laljibhai Ugamedi (Dharmanandan Diamond), Shri Yashwantbhai Shah (Shah Publicity), Shri Ajaybhai Choksi (MLA), Shri Lalitbhai Vekariya (BJP’s Mahamantri, Surat), Dr. Jagdishbhai Patel (Corporater), Shri Rameshbhai Ukani, Shri Vinubhai Moradiya (Corporater) and others were present on this occasion.

The saint leaders P. Kothariswami and P. Premswaroopswami had highly appreciated the devotion and the services of the owner of Shah Publicity Shri Yashwantbhai Shah and presenting to him a shawl, had dedicated to him a letter of blessings from Guruhari P.P. Swamishri in the form of honor.

The saint leaders P. Kothariswami and P. Premswaroopswami and all the present guests had flagged off the rally. Simultaneously, all the youths had filled the entire surrounding by proclaiming the jayghosh of Thakorji and of Guruhari as announced by P. Guruprasadswami. The bike rally, as it was organized in Katargam between 9 am to 12 noon, similarly, it was also organized nicely in the other part of entire city.

One similar bike rally was also flagged off from Varachha by the first citizen of Surat city like the Mayor Smt. Asmitaben Shiroya who had described of her experiencing highly fulfilled on this event. More than 200 bike riders from here had passed through entire Varachha and had invited all to attend the Atmiya Yuva Adhivation.

A bike rally was flagged off from Omkar Raw House in Utran of Amroli Division jointly by MLA from Surat city Shri Mukeshbhai Patel, the president of Guj. Kisan Morcha, Shri Amiteshbhai Mali as well as the other Corporaters of Amroli Division and the other elders. As many as 130 bike riders from here had passed through the entire Amroli Division and had invited all to come to the Atmiya Youth Convention.

One rally of around 350 bike riders, was flagged off from Jahangirpura Circle of Adajan Division by General Secretay of BJP Sri Madansinh Atodariya, the chairman of standing committee Shri Rajeshbhai Desai, Bhagirathbhai Patel (President, Shreehari Pradesh-Surat) and the other elders.

A rally of around 200 bike riders was flagged off from Udhana Division jointly by the political leader Shri Chhotubhai Patil, MLA Sangitaben Patil, Shri Muljibhai Thakkar (Corporater) and the elders and the workers from Udhana Division.

As many as 150 bike riders had given invitations to residents of around 15 surrounding villages of Saniya Division.

Thus, around 3500 youths including 1800 bike riders had invited the residents of all the areas of entire Surat city to come this Atmiya Youth Convention by passing from everywhere. The special thing of this rally was, that every backside rider on every bike was holding in his hand a placard displaying the slogans like ‘Clean India – Beautiful India’, ‘Beti Bachao Campaign’, ‘Safety/Security Campaign’, ‘Yoga Awareness’, ‘Nature and Climate Conservation’, ‘Protecting/Planting more Trees’, ‘Freedom from Addiction’, ‘Service to Cow is the Service to God’ etc. primly concerning the basic/important/urgent problems affecting the entire nation and thus, in addition to inviting the people for this Atmiya Youth Convention, all the bike riders had done the most valuable work of awakening the national spirit in public with an appreciable zeal and enthusiasm. The saints who came from the religious holy place Haridham, Sokhada had very nicely advised and guided all the bike riders at their starting points and had thus, contributed their best share in this campaign of Youth Awareness and of building the nation. The lady workers of every division had gathered at every starting point of the rally and had boosted the moral, spirit and the enthusiasm of the youths by sprinkling flowers on them.

The total planning of this entire rally was perfectly and masterly done by the regional saint leaders P. Sarvamangalswami, P. Guruprasadswami and P. Suchetanswsmi. Proper and adequate care was taken to see that the vehicular traffic of the general public of the entire city was not disturbed anywhere at all for which, everybody, right from the organizers of the program up to the youths had very nicely exhibited their excellent discipline and devotion. The local T.V. news channels of the city and the newspaper authorities also had contributed their share in this grand campaign by appreciably reporting the entire rally.


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