Samooh MahaPooja - 2015, Surat (Day 1)

On Date: 07 July 2015
Activity: Cultural Care
Location: Surat Locationwise




A program of Samooh Mahapuja for ladies/sisters was organized at Surat in Surat Mahanagar Community Hall, Diwali Baug, Adajan Patiya on Monday, the 6th July 2015 in the presence of their regional saint sister P. Sarveswarben. Out of total 12 divisions of Surat, 450 sisters/ladies from 6 divisions, the Adajan, Udhana, Navratna, Bhestan, Pandeshara and Saniya had participated in this Mahapuja.

Placing Shri Thakorji on the main place, P. Sarveshwarben had performed the Shodshopchar worship with full Vaidic Procedure/literature/scripture and simultaneously, all the other ladies/sisters also had followed the same worship by sitting in the pairs of 2 sisters each at their separate places/seats and felt themselves highly fulfilled. P. Suyogiben, P. Sarvshrutben, P. Sanyamiben, P. Satyasankalpaben, P. Sidhdharthben, P. Sarvatitben, P. Sarvodayben and P. Shreyanshuben had helped/guided them in their pujas/worships.

All the ladies of the mandal had presented an example of their devotion by doing their duty/service with atmiyata right from the beginning till the end of the Mahapuja. All the devotees put their desires/wishes/prayers at the lotus feet of Shri Thakorji for the solution of their family problems and also for the faster progress of their soul/atma on the spiritual path and completed their Mahapuja with their hearts full of devotion. The entire atmosphere was filled with devotion.

All the devotees took the Prasad of Mahapuja and proceeded to their destinations.


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Our Aim

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