Hanuman Jayanti - 2016 in Tribal Area of ChhotaUdaipur

On Date: 22 April 2016


On account of celebration of a most sacred day, the Birthday of God Shri Hanumanji, the saints of ShriHari Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada always having the good feelings and sympathy equally for all the religions and advocating the said eternal Hindu principle had, on Friday, the 22nd April 2016 along with their 500 other devotees, organized a program of Kirtan-Aradhana, a meeting and group dinner in Shri Rokadnath Hanumanji Temple in Virpur village of Chhotaudepur Dist.in which, 500 devotees from Virpur and its surrounding 11 villages had participated and totally around 4000 devotees had taken the benefit of group dinner.

Shri Hanumanji has always been regarded as an ideal of power and valour. There won’t be any village in India where, there won’t be at least one big or small temple of Shri Hanumanji. He has been considered to be the 11th rudra & incarnation of Lord Shiva and His life has always been a source of inspiration for all those body builders who go to gymnasium and all other youths too. Because He was born on Chaitra Sud Poonam’s day, it is called Hanuman Jayanti Day.

A program of Kirtan-Aradhana, sabha and the group dinner was organized in the presence of saint P. Shrijicharanswami and P. Sadhusaurabhswami coming from ShriHari Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada in Shri Rokadnath Hanumanji’s temple at Virpur village. First of all, the idol of Hanumanji was worshiped and garlanded by the saints, the elders and the worshiper Shri Devjibhai Rathava. In the beginning of the sabha, the devotees from the Virpur Yuvak Mandal had filled the entire surrounding atmosphere with presentation of very sweet and devotional songs by them and then, Shri Thakorji, the saints and the invitee guests were welcomed by garlanding all of them.

Then, while speaking on this occasion, Shri Pineshbhai (The head of the Govt. school’s cluster resource center, Tejgadh) narrated the incidents of Shri Humanji’s life before the youths present there and asked all of them to be virtuous, self-controlled and valiant like Him.

The saint P. Sadhusaurabhswani said in his speech that, Shri Hanumanji is regarded as an example of celibacy and all His infinite strength and sharp intelligence was due to His self-control and, if we also want to achieve the desired goal in our life, we also have got to live a self-controlled life.

In the end of the sabha, the saint P. Shrijicharanswami the incidents from the life of Hanumanji and said that, the Indian Culture has always been the follower and worshiper of saints. Describing the incident of Saint Tulsidas, he said that, to obtain Lord Ramchndraji, he took shelter of Hanumanji. Similarly, if we also want to obtain God, we also have got to take a shelter of some real God bearer holy saint in our life. At present, there is nobody capable of living a pure life of his own but, if he luckily gets a company of any such a pure and holy saint in his life, he can do so by living his life as per his guidance.

A program of Batukbhojan and Groupbhojan was organized on this occasion in which, the students of 14 schools and the villagers making a total of around 4000 devotees from Virpur, Zoz, Mandlava, Kumbhani, Achheda, Lagami, Khodvaniya, Navagam, Chorvana, Ranikhera, Doalariya and Kundal took Prasad.

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