Dwarka TirthYatra - 2015, Rajkot

On Date: 09 August 2015



Under the guidance and leadership of the regional saint leader P. Sarvatitswami, around 150 devotees from Rajkot had made a holy trip (yatra) to the holy place of Dwarka during 8th & 9th Aug 2015 and, in addition to this, the devotees had also visited a few more places of Jamnagar regarded as a mini Kashi. They all had, simultaneously, enjoyed on the banks of the sea-shore of Dwarka.

Leaving early in the morning by bus on 8/8/2015 for Dwarka, they all reached there by noon and took the darshan of Dwarkadhish there. From there, they reached Ahir Samaj Wadi where they had to stay. After taking lunch and a little rest there, they all went to Gomti Ghat where they took the darshans of Bhadkeshwar Mahadev and then enjoyed a bath in the sea. Returning to the boarding place from there, they all took the meals and then, attended the sabha in which, while speaking first, P.B. Dushyantbhai Pandya narrated how much P.P. Swamiji loves the self-discipline and what does He expect from our youths. Speaking next, P. Sarvatitswami explained as to how should be our life to be regarded as the ideal Ambrish and Youths of P.P. Swamiji. Thus, after getting very useful and valuable material from these talks, all collectively did the Niyamchesta and went to their beds.

The next day, on 9/8/2015, finishing their bath-puja, all the devotees went to visit Bet-Dwarka and had taken the darshans at Bet temple by reaching there through a boat and then, took the darshans of Gopi Talav and Nageshwar Mahadev and returning from there to the boarding place, they took meals and a little rest and then went to Jamnagar by taking darshans of Aradhana Dham on way. Taking the meals – Prasad here everybody proceeded to his home-temple, Rajkot.

In Indian books and scriptures, a unique importance has been given to the tirthplaces (holy places). Even the Lord Swaminarayan also had started the journey of entire India at His age of only 11 years and Has Himself asked in Shikshapatri, written by Himself, to go on pilgrimage. All the devotees experienced an entirely a different pleasure and thanked the organizers of this tour.

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