Kirtan Aaradhana - 2015, Karjan

On Date: 25 July 2015

A program of dedication of Bharatmuni Nagargrih (Town Hall) newly constructed near Indubhai Jeen Compound, Hathibaug, behind Seva Sadan at Karjan was organized on Saturday, the 25th July 2015. To welcome, appreciate and celebrate this occasion, a program of Kirtan- Aradhana by Suhrad Sangeet Mandal (Haridham –Sokhada) was organized as the 1st general public program there. In this program, the welknown and respected persons of the town and at least around 450 other citizens remained present.

Having garlanded Shri Thakorji in the beginning of the sabha, the members of the kirtan mandal/group had immersed the entire audience deep into the devotion by chanting the welcome slokas and, presenting a series of the devotional songs. Then, P. Bhaktisaurabhswami, P. Swayamsevakswami and the sevak Pranavbhai, by presenting/singing the sweet devotional songs related/addressed to the Lords Shiva, Shrikrishna, Lord Swaminarayan, Shrinathjibawa with their touching devotion had made the entire audience filled with the people from different religions move on their music/songs. The kirtan Group had deeply soaked everybody in the devotion by presenting the devotional songs prepared by the Nandsaints in the time of Lord Swaminarayan right up to the present songs with the same smoothness. By presenting the songs of National love, they reminded to all, the dedication/sacrifice made by our immortal martyrs and developed the spirit of service to the nation in all. All the participants in this program had forgotten the bindings of time and place and were made lost in the Sursamadhi (the abstract contemplation of music) by this program organized by P. Chintanswami.

Smt. Renukaben Patel (President, Karjan Dist.), Shri. Nikhilbhai Bhatt , Shri Bharatsinh Ataliya, Shri Rajubhai Patel, all the staff/members of Nagarpalika and the respected persons of the city also remained present in this program and enjoyed the nectar of Kirtan-Bhakti.


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