GuruPoornima - 2015, Adajan, Surat

On Date: 31 July 2015
Activity: Festival
Location: Surat Locationwise




All the devotees of entire Shrihari Pradesh had celebrated Gurupoornima Festival in their own local areas divided in to 4 main Zones. Accordingly, the devotees from Adajan divisions had celebrated this festival with full devotion between morning 8:00 am to 10:30 am on Friday, the 31st July 2015 at, S.M.C. Community Baug (Diwali Baug), Adajan, Surat in the presence of regional saint leaders P. Sarvamangalswami and P. Subodhswami and the elderly devotees. Nearly 1500 devotees from Adajan division had participated in the sabha, worshiping the saints present and had also taken the Mahaprasad.

This time in the beginning of the sabha, Shri Thakorji was seated in a palanquin and brought to the Assembly Hall. The stage was decorated depicting the event of P.P. Gunatitanandswami eagerly waiting in the rain in the night time for a darshan (glimpse) of Lord Swaminarayan as well as the incident of Guruhari Golden Initiation Celebration (1965 – 2015).

In the beginning of the sabha, the Kirtan Mandal from Umargam had presented the welcome verses and the songs of Gurubhakti (Devotion to spiritual master/teacher/guru) followed by welcoming Shri Thakorji and the saints by offering them the garlands.

In his starting speech P.B. Vipulbhai Pastagiya narrated the story of P.P. Swamiji’s services to His Guru Yogiji Maharaj while sticking to and strictly following the principles of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta.

P.B. Gordhanbhai Limbani described the Gurubhakti by Lord Swaminarayan and Gunatit persons in his speech. He also advised to totally sacrifice everything for our Gurubhakti towards P.P. Swamiji and to live by keeping constantly the principles of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta before the eyes while serving the youths.

Then, Anilbhai Biscuitwala (C.M., Surat Corporation - Health Committee.) said in his speech that, whenever we meet P.P. Swamiji, we feel that He is not only for/of Swaminarayan Sect but, of every religion. He is a secular person above and free of bondages of all the religions. Everybody feels/experiences that P.P. Swamiji is his own, His openness/greatness is worth experiencing rather than describing.

This was followed by a dialogue presented by the youths from Surat showing how P.P. Swamiji had served His Guru P.P. Yogiji Maharaj passing through arduous devout austerity for long 50 years and the pain taken by Him to establish/create a society living with Atmiyata and to spread the message of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta in the entire human society.

The regional saint leader P. Sarvamangalswami in his speech talked of unparalleled/indescribable pain taken by P.P. Swamiji for creating/establishing an Atmiya Society of people and said that, though we can’t repay our this debt to P.P. Swamiji but, even if we sincerely vow and honestly try to accept/adopt His principles of Samp, Suhradbhav and Ekta in our life and start living according to them, for which He has totally sacrificed Himself, it will amount to our having given Him the real Gurudakshina and, on this occasion of Gurupoornima, if we resolve to live as per the guidance/desire/commands of P.P. Swamiji, it will be our real worship to Him.

Then, everybody watched a video presentation of blessings by P.P. Swamiji sent by Him from the foreign land for all.

In the end of the sabha, all the devotees and the guests performed pujan of the saints present there like that of P.P. Swamiji Himself and proceeded to their destinations after taking the Mahaprasad. P.B. Vipulbhai Pastagiya had very masterly managed all the arrangements of entire sabha throughout.

The respected personalities like Shri Anilbhai Biscuitwala (C.M. Health Committee, Surat M.N.P.), Shri Jagishbhai (Corporator), Shri Karshanbhai Gondaliya (Ex. Youth President, B.J.P.) also attended the celebration and had exhibited their Gurubhakti.


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