Shakotsav, Junagadh

On Date: 25 January 2014


The Swaminarayan sact is a sact of festivals and “SHAKOTSAV” is a very specific one of them. Accordingly, one such festival of SHAKOTSAV was celebrated on 25/01/2014 as per the decision and guidance of regional saint leader P. Suyogjivan Swami in Neelkanth Farm on Zanzarda road in Junagadh of Gunatit Pradesh.


On this occasion, P. Hariprakash Swami, P. Guruprasad Swami and P. Shashwat Swami from Haridham and young workers of Rajkot had remained present. Being invited by local saints and devotees the prominent personalities from Junagadh city and aroung 1800 well wishers and devotees from surrounding places also attended the function.


The sabha started with devotional songs  presented by P.B. Dineshbhai Pabani, P.B. jentibhai Vachhani & company who created a fully devotional atmosphere.


P.B. Stavanbhai described and talked of Swamij’s desire from us and advised us for keeping our senses directed towards God and keeping them totally disciplined.


Narrating the incidents of life of bhaktas prepared by P.P. Swamiji, P. Shashwat Swami described and explained the noble inner desire of P.p. Swamiji. Dy. Mayor, P.B. Shri Girishbhai also talked of his special attachment with P.P. Swamiji.


P.B. Shri N.C.Patel revived the memories of ATMIYA PARVA celebrated at Junagadh by Dr. Chikhaliya and occasionally addressed the audience.


By citing the examples as to what and exemplary great society of Atmiyas P.P. Swamiji Has created, P. Guruprasad Swami explained how great and real Atmiya P.P. Swamiji himself is and asked everybody to develop friendliness with regional saint P. Suyog Swami.


In the end, all watched a presentation on “ Divine Atmiya Touch by Swamiji ”. And, everybody present there was cordially invited by all the saints to attend ATMIYA YUVA MAHOTSAV of 2015 with their families and friends without fail. Shri Maheshbhai Vekariya and Shri Bharatbhai Savaliya were also lucky enough to contribute their services in the SHAKOTSAV.


After taking benefit of speeches from leaders all got one more benefit of very tasty and spicy vegetable of Brinjals prepared by P. Hariprakash Swami exactly in the same way as Lord Swaminarayan did, along with Hotch-potch, Kadhi, Loafs etc and were fully satisfied.

Dy. Mayor Shri Girishbhai, Shri N.C. Patel Saheb ( vice chancellor, Junagadh agriculture University ), Shri Sanjay Koradiya, Shri Dr. Chikhaliya Saheb, Shri Nileshbhai Dhulesiya, Shri Vinubhai Amipara also remained present during the entire SHAKOTSAV.

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