Volunteer's Shibir - 2015, Zadeshwar

On Date: 04 July 2015




A convention of families of satsangis was organized in Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir, Bharuch on Saturday, the 4th July 2015 in the presence of P. Sarvamangalswami, P. Harisharanswami, P. Mahatmyajivanswami, P. Santacharanswami and the regional elderly persons like P.B. khandubhai, P.B. Jagdishbhai and P.B. Bapu in which, around 650 devotees had participated.

In the beginning of the sabha, after the presentation of Kirtan-bhakti, P.B. Milindbhai said in his speech that, at present, P.P. Swamiji’s desire/mission/planning/activities, is mostly, the service to the youths and to build/erect/create centers in every pradesh/state/cities and, he also explained/guided as to how we can become useful/helpful in this mission and he also prayed to God/Lord/Thakorjee for giving us all the enough/right strength and then, the Thakorjee and all the saints were welcomed by garlanding them all.

After this, the regional saint leader P. Harisharanswami very nicely narrated/described the incidents of Lord Swaminarayan’s relation-opportunity time and dasatva/selflessness of Gunatit personalities and their nobility, and advised/guided all to follow this path by keeping all their works as our goal and to develop habits of meditating/thinking of them and to do prayer/bhajan to enable them to bestow upon us their mercy to guide/take us to real “Dasatva”

Then, everybody watched through a projector, the most beautiful and touching prayer kept at the lotus feet of P.P.Swamiji by the devotees of/from the New Jersey Mandal at the time of building the new temple and then, P.P. Swamiji’s divine speech was relayed.

At the end of the sabha, P. Sarvamangalswami described the various inspirational incidents of several devotees who lived their entire life with full/supreme faith (Nishtha) at the time/in the presence of Lord Swaminarayan and of those who are living such/the same life even today also, with the same high degree/level of similar faith (Nishtha) and said that, if we also want/desire to develop such Nishtha (faith), we also may be required to pass through the same/similar state/circumstances/situations but, if we take, at the time of such period, a shelter of some real spiritual leader, we can, even under such situations/time, maintain/enjoy our usual pleasure/happiness and pass through these times easily. He also described and presented a lovely picture of real/true atmiyata prevailing among the members/devotees of German Mandal as a result of unceasing/constant and continuous efforts and hard work done by P.P. Swamiji behind them in creating/establishing there a real Atmiya and Suhrad family/a society.

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Our Aim

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