GuruPoornima - 2015, Rajkot

On Date: 27 July 2015
Activity: Festival




The sisters/ladies of Nirgun Pradesh celebrated the festival of Gurupoornima with the great spirit of devotion on Monday, the 27th July 2015 between evening 4 pm to 6.30 pm in Yogidham Gurukul, Rajkot in the presence of P. Saurabhben, P. Subodhben, P. Snehalben P. Stavanben who all came from Bhakti Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada and the elderly sisters of the local region. Around 300 sisters participated in the celebration and took advantage of the said program with worships and Prasad (sacred food).

In the beginning of the sabha, the sisters of the mandal had presented the welcome verses and the songs of Gurubhakti (Devotion to spiritual master/teacher/guru) followed by welcoming Shri Thakorji and the saintly sisters by offering them the garlands.

In her occasional speech, P. Saurabhben said that, the festival of Gurupoornima is an occasion for devotion towards Guru, she also talked of glory of a Guru and his importance/necessity in one’s life narrating related incidents.

Then, P. Snehalben narrated a very important/valuable/basic principle of relation between a guru and his disciple. She said that, when a disciple has built firm/solid/immovable trust/faith in his guru, his real sadhana (efforts) start and, when the Guru has got full/total confidence in his disciple/sadhak, the sadhana of that sadhak gets accomplished/completed and to support this, she also narrated a few related examples from the life of Guruhari P.P. Swamiji for His devotion towards His Guru P.P. Yogiji Maharaj.

Then, all the attending sisters/ladies performed the pujan of sadhavi sisters coming from Haridham and felt very much satisfied as if having worshiped their own guru and proceeded towards their homes after taking the Mahaprasad.


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