Samooh MahaPooja - 2015, Vasna Road Mandal, Vadodara

On Date: 11 July 2015
Activity: Cultural Care

The devotees of Vasana Mandal, Vadodara had arranged a program of group Mahapuja for the youths under the leadership of youth president P.B. Navnitbhai and in the presence of regional saint leader P. Suchetanswami, Mandal’s elders on Saturday, the 11th July 2015 in Rajgokul Party Plot at which, 125 youths had affectionately performed Shodashopchar worship and offered their devotion and had become purified. As per the desire/order from P. Suchetanswami, the youths and the elders of the mandal collectively/unitedly completed all the arrangements of such a big program within only 4 days and exhibited an example of their special Atmiyata.

P. Praneshswami performed, as per the vedocta system/procedure, worship of Sri Thakorjee, Guruhari P.P. Swamiji and the entire bhakta mandal after placing them all on the main place. Simultaneously, all the 125 participants in the Mahpuja also performed all their similar procedures of Thakorjee placed before them on their separate wooden seats with affectionate hearts full of devotion as per the direction/guidance from P. Praneshswami.

From the foreign land P.P.Swamiji had talked to P.B. Sri Navnitbhai at 11.00 pm on the previous night when all the devotees were making arrangements for Mahapuja at Rajgokul Party Plot and had inquired about the arrangements of Mahapuja, youth activity and about welfare/wellbeing of all the devotees and thus, had expressed/exhibited/presented His affection for them.

P. Kothariswami also had remained present there at the time of Mahapuja in spite of his bad health due to his real atmiyata/affinity with the devotees and had talked about the glory of Mahapuja and the faith towards the present God and thus, had given the most valuable food of devotion to all the devotees.

Regional saint leaders P. Suchetanswami, P. Praneshswami, P. Maitryswami and P. Niranjanswami had gifted the portraits of Shri Thakorjee to every participant in the Mahapuja.

After the Mahpuja, nearly 350 devotees had taken consecrated food (meals) before proceeding to their home temples.

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Our Aim

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