Kirtan Aardhana - 2015, Sabarmati

On Date: 21 June 2015

In order that the flowers of tribute can be offered to Late Sri P.B. Babubhai Prajapati and, so that his family members and the surrounding residents can say a prayer collectively, P.B. Shushilbhai Prajapati had organized a program of worship through Kirtans in a common plot of vast tenements of Sabarmati area of Ahmedabad between 9.00 pm & 11.00 pm in the night on Sunday, the 21st June 2015 in which, around 150 devotees participated.

In the beginning of the Kirtan aradhana, the garlands were offered to Sri Thakorjee and then, the devotee members of the Kirtan Group presented slokas for welcome to God and then, they fully satisfied every member present there by their constant and continuous presentation of sweet and rhythmic devotional songs related/addressed to Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Shrinathji and others which deeply touched the hearts/minds of every religious minded devotee present there and made him move as per the tune of every such kirtan/bhajan presented here.

The kirtan group also presented ancient devotional songs prepared by original saints of Nand hierarchy at the time of Lord Swaminarayan as well as the new devotional songs prepared by the present saints with equal rhythm and sweetness of their style of presenting them and made them all sentimental and affectionate towards God/Lord. During this entire program of 2 hours, it was felt as if everybody present there had totally forgotten the bondages/limits of time and place and had been mesmerized by the Kirtan Bhakti—Prayer/devotion.

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