Atmiya Aam Utsav - 2015, Vadodara

On Date: 14 June 2015
Activity: Festival




Summer is a season of King of Fruits “The Mango” and, during this special season, the devotees prepare various types of items from mango to offer to their beloved God/Lord and thus satisfy their desire/wish. Accordingly, the devotees from Bhagatji Pradesh also had arranged a cordial celebration of “Atmiya Aam (Mango) Festival” at Atmiya Study Center, Rajmahel Road, Vadodara between 6.00 pm & 9.00 pm in the evening on Sunday, the 14th June 2015.

As soon as the program of “Atmiya Aam-Mango Festival” was announced, as many as 60 families rushed to register their names in the program to offer their own/home prepared items to Thakorjee. The organizers also had taken proper care to see that not a single item was repeated or made double or was duplicated in the program and accordingly, had given different items to be prepared by each family. Even the devotees, on the other hand, had referred to Internet and several other related sources to know/find out about preparing special/entirely new items from mango.

As a result of this, 60 varieties of items prepared from mango were presented/offered to Thakorjee in the form of “Annakut”. In this entire arrangement, P. Sarveshwarben, P. Sumanben, P. Suyogiben, P. Satyasankalpaben and other sadhvi sisters who specially came from Bhakti Ashram, Haridham, Sokhada had provided their most valuable direction/guidance. The youths had taken the responsibility of light and stage decoration. The devotees had presented/offered Annakut to Thakorjee by singing the songs related to “Thal” in the presence of regional saint leaders P. Suchetanswami and P. Anupamswami. At least 650 devotees took the benefit of this opportunity of taking special sight/darshan of Thakorjee on this occasion.

The variety of mango items like aamroti, aampak (mistan-sweet), mango mint kheer, the vegetable prepared of mango-stone, aam-bhajiya (raw/unripe mango), aam-samosa (with mango chatni), aam sandwich, aam brushetto (Italian item), mango juice, mango milk shake, aam rice, aam kadhi, aam kaju, aam mukhvas etc. were prepared and presented before the Thakorjee in “Annakut”

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ApÐdue Apd DÐkh“p Apep¡S>““u Ål¡fps ’sp„ S> cNsÆ âv$¡i“p Apif¡ 60 S>¡V$gp ‘qfhpfp¡A¡ îuW$pL$p¡fÆ“¡ ^fhp“u hp“NuAp¡ b“phhp dpV¡$ ‘p¡s-‘p¡sp“p “pd gMphu v$u^p„ lsp„. Apep¡S>L$p¡A¡ A¡L ‘Z hp“Nu ‘y“fphs}s “ ’pe s¡ fus¡ v$f¡L$ ‘qfhpf“¡ AgN-AgN$ hp“Nu b“phhp“u k¡hp kp¢‘u lsu. cL$sp¡A¡ ‘Z ‘p¡sp“u c[¼s Av$p L$fhp BÞV$f“¡V$ s’p AgN-AgN õÓp¡sdp„’u hp“NuAp¡“u f¡ku‘u iuMu “hu“ hp“NuAp¡ b“phu lsu.

ApÐdue Apd DÐkhdp„ îuW$pL$p¡fÆ s’p õhpduîu“u d|rs® kdn L¡$fudp„’u b“ph¡g 60 S>¡V$gu rhrh^ hp“NuAp¡“p¡ fk’pm AßL|$V$ õhê$‘¡ Np¡W$hhpdp„ Apìep¡ lsp¡. kdN° Np¡W$hZudp„ c[¼s Apîd“p kpÝhu bl¡“p¡ ‘|. kh£ðfb¡“, ‘|. kyd“b¡“, ‘|. kyep¡Nu“b¡“, ‘|. kÐek„L$ë‘b¡“ s’p AÞe kpÂhu bl¡“p¡A¡ dpN®v$i®“ Apàey„ lsy„. eyhL$p¡A¡ õV¡$S> iZNpf s’p gpBV$]N“u S>hpbv$pfu r“cphu lsu. âpv$¡riL$ k„she® ‘|. kyQ¡s“õhpdu s’p ‘|. A“y‘dõhpdu“u lpS>fudp„ cL$sp¡A¡ ’pm“p ‘v$p¡ NpB“¡ îu W$pL$p¡fÆ“¡ AßL|$V$ ^fpìep¡ lsp¡. Ap Ahkf¡ Apif¡ 650 S>¡V$gp cL$sp¡A¡ v$i®““p¡ glphp¡ gu^p¡ lsp¡.

ApÐdue Apd dlp¡Ðkhdp„ îuW$pL$p¡fÆ kdn Apd fp¡V$u, Apd ‘pL$ (rdô$p“), d¢Np¡ duÞV$ Muf, L¡$fu Np¡V$gu“y„ ipL$, Apd cÆep (L$pQu L¡$fu), Apd kdp¡kp (d¢Np¡ QV$Zu kp’¡), Apd k¡ÞX$huQ, Apd b°yi¡V$p¡ (BV$pgue“ hp“Nu), d¢Np¡ S>eyk, d¢Np¡ duëL$ i¡BL$, Apd fpBk, Apd L$Y$u, Apd L$pSy>, Apd dyMhpk S>¡hu dy¿e hp“NuAp¡ ^fphhpdp„ Aphu lsu.


Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !

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