Guruhari Swamiji Pragatya Parva - 2015, Kuwait

On Date: 22 May 2015
Activity: Festival




Around 100 devotees celebrated with full devotion, the birthday anniversary of Guruhari P.P. Hariprasadswamiji in the presence of elderly devotees/leaders on Friday, the 22nd May 2015 in Abu Halifa Building in Gulf Street of Kuwait.

The entire surrounding atmosphere was filled with divine devotion by dhoon/bhajans/devotional songs presented by devotees from Music Group in the beginning of the sabha. Then, P.B. Prashantbhai described in detail the real life incidents of the time when He, P.P. Swamiji was in the services of P.P. Yogiji Maharaj.

Then, P.B. Mahendrabhai explained P.P. Swamiji’s favourite life slogan “Koi Atmiya Bane Ke Na Bane…….” And narrated various incidents of His life which showed that the said slogan was found to be totally materialized in His life at every moment and presented a prayer asking for requisite understanding/clarity and the strength of the said slogan so that it materializes in the life of us all present here too. P.B. Ashwinbhai excellently described various incidents showing that an ideal Atmiya Society was created today as a result of unceasing efforts/perseverance by P.P.Swamiji. P.B. Gopalbhai said that, as on today, the real devotion as per P.P. Swamiji’s opinion/desire is to become “Das Na Das” meaning, to act and to live life like a servant in satsang/among satsangis and presented very useful and beautiful guidance as to how to please P.P. Swamiji and obtain/gain His blessings.

The renowned leading personalities like Sri Shaileshbhai Patel (President, Swaminarayan Institute, Kuwait Branch), Sri Gopalbhai Thakkar (Thakkar Restaurant), Sri Bharatbhai Patel (Gokul Restaurant), Sri Bhavinbhai Desai (Manager, N.I.C. Co.), Sri Vipulbhai Patel (Treasurer, Samarpan Gujarati Samaj) etc. also remained present on this occasion.

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Our Aim

O Lord ! Anyone becomes Atmiya or not, Please make me Atmiya !

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